Last Update:  05/07/2005


Officer and crew quarters are organized in the general manner of other current and previous vessels in Imperial service. Traditionally, all quarters are furnished in a manner that many other races would label as "spartan".  Some personalization of quarters is allowed (increasing with rank and position aboard ship) and often occurs.  All personnel are provided with a storage safe in their quarters accessed by retina and palm scan.  They are also accessible by security personnel.

Marine officers and enlisted personnel not in hypothermia storage assigned to the vessel, as well as Klingon Diplomatic Corps staff embarked aboard the vessel, occupy quarters aboard ghop qeylIs identical to those of their Naval-rank counterparts (based on rank grade of each branch of Empire service).  The senior cleric aboard the vessel occupies quarters equivalent to a senior officer, while those under him occupy quarters equivalent to junior officers.

Quarters are broken down as follows:

The quarters of the ship's Commanding Officer are, to the outside observer, the closest to "luxurious" of any aboard the vessel.  The Commanding Officer's quarters are divided into two rooms.  The first room those coming to the Commanding Officer's quarters on business usually see is the Commanding Officer's main office.  (The bridge's Ready Room being the secondary office.  The terms "Main" and "Secondary" here are chosen arbitrarily; the usage habits of the individual Commanding Officer will determine which is which).  Senior officer meetings are often held in this room, as are meetings with visitors and others as the Commanding Officer desires.  A large table with multiple chairs is provided.  A small replicator provides food and drink.

Adjacent to this room is the Commanding Officer's personal area.  This part is furnished with sanitary facilities and a sleeping rack.  Nearby is a full-length closet next to an entrance door leading to a corridor.  A table with four chairs is also present.  Another replicator is provided in the personal area.  Hung on the wall opposite the entrance to the Commanding Officer's office is the banner of his House (Reshtarc in the case of Captain K'orvette) and a banner of IKV ghop qeylIs.  Surrounding these banners are various weapons and other items personally owned by Captain K'orvette secured to the wall or floor.  This collection is comprised of various blade types as well as projectile/energy devices.  Other personal objects and "souvenirs" are also displayed.  Among the most prized weapons in this collection are:

The last bat'leth made in the design of the original Sword of Kahless before the Imperial Council declared 200 years after Emperor Kahless left for Sto'vo'kor that no more may be made of identical metal composition and physical dimensions.  This was ordered due to problems at the time of individuals trying to claim reproductions as being the genuine Sword of Kahless.

One of the few remaining examples of the original hand crank-powered Terran "Gatling Gun".

An Andorian "chaka" dagger captured by Imperial forces in the Four Years War of the last century.

A disruptor whip found in the remains of a Ferengi Marauder destroyed for delivering substandard merchandise to the Engineering department of the Imperial Klingon Star Academy.

Two Kinshaya battle clubs.  The first was captured in the first major fleet battle with a Kinshaya attack squadron over a century ago.  The second was taken in battle while ghop qeylIs operated as part of Task Force WARBLADE.

A Jem'Hadar eyepiece viewer captured from a Jem'Hadar fighter engaged in battle while on patrol of the Cardassian border.  This unit is not functional due to programming erasure by disruptor fire during boarding by Marine "Death Team" personnel.  A second device, fully functional, has been reprogrammed for use by Captain K'orvette.  It is used regularly while he is on duty.  A small control box strapped onto the left arm operates it.  It can also interface with the ship's computer through a controller on the command chair installed for it and controlled through the chair's computer access panels.  An audio system has been added to the device to permit it to be used as a communication device.

These exhibits are located so that all visitors will not be able to miss seeing them as they enter.  They have come into Captain K'orvette's possession either as items seized in combat or as gifts from various sources.  Located just in front of the weapon display is a desk with a computer terminal.  In addition to the terminal is a communication panel with a direct connection to the quarters of the Captain's yeoman quarters located down the corridor from the meeting room entrance.  There is also a cabinet whose contents are a closely guarded secret of the Captain.

Both rooms are equipped with a number of computer display panels on the walls and tables displaying the ship's status at all times.  These displays can be utilized during meetings by control panels built into the conference table or the touch-interface of the panels themselves.  All computer panels are capable of generating three-dimensional holographic displays.

Because Captain K'orvette zantai Reshtarc has duties related to his role as the Line Lord for House Reshtarc in addition to those of the vessel, additional communication capability and computer display units have been installed in the Commanding Officer's quarters.  Daily reports are received containing updates to the status of House Reshtarc.

The quarters of the Executive Officer are virtually identical to those of the Commanding Officer except for a reduction in size of each room by approximately 15%.  The Executive's office is also furnished with a large table with chairs due to the nature of the Executive Officer position being more involved directly with the ship's crew.  This office often sees more use than that of the Commanding Officer because of this.  The personal area also features the banners of the Executive's House and IKV ghop qeylIs as well as many personal items.

  The quarters of the Marine Force Leader are identical in the size of each segment to the vessel's Executive Officer.  The personal area features the banners of the Marine Force Leader's House and Marine Force complement embarked aboard IKV ghop qeylIs.  Marine Task Force Leader may'qel Reshtarc commands not only the Marine contingent of IKV ghop qeylIs but also all of Marine Task Force 941 and tuq Reshtarc's First Special Operations Warfare unit. Because of this, extra communications capability has been installed in these quarters to maintain adequate contact with these entities.

These quarters also follow the two-room pattern of the Commanding and Executive Officers, through each is reduced in size approximately 25% from that of the Commanding Officer.  These quarters are usually reserved for the heads of each department aboard the vessel.  A small number of these quarters is kept vacant for use by VIPs and other guests who will be remaining aboard for more than a day.  Computer panels in the office area generally are configured for status reports related to that officer's department.

  The senior cleric aboard the vessel often utilize the larger portion of the quarters for small ceremonies and other events of a private nature where only a few persons would participate.  There is also usually a collection of sacred texts and other spiritual material utilized by the cleric staff.  Banners of the vessel as well as the cleric's Order are usually present.

  For visitor quarters, the computer panels often display ship's status reports as detailed as their security clearance allows unless specifically configured differently (overseen by Security and Command personnel).  A space on the wall opposite the entrance area is provided for the visitor's House or service banner if they wish to make use of it.

The Junior Officer level is the first level (from the top) that features quarters shared by multiple personnel.  Junior officer accommodations are generally shared between two or three individuals.  While there is a small variation in size from room to room, they are generally about 60% of the size of the Commanding Officer's two rooms combined.  Replicator and sanitary facilities are shared by all occupants of these quarters.  A curtain (transparent to security monitoring sensors) is provided around the sleeping rack to provide some measure of privacy between occupants.  Computer access is usually limited to desktop terminals and hand-held PADDs.  A table with chairs is provided for the occupants.

Five to ten personnel occupy each compartment in this type of quarters.  Accommodations otherwise resemble those of junior officers.  Two-level bunk beds are used in these quarters with closet facilities for occupant use.

Ten to twenty personnel occupy each compartment in this type of quarters.  Accommodations otherwise resemble those of senior enlisted personnel.  Two and three-level bunks are used in these quarters.

On occasions where the vessel is conducting Academy cadet cruises, any empty enlisted quarters will be used by Cadets of highest ranking.  The remainder of the cadets will be bunked in the cargo bays.