Last Update:  07/23/2005

     As with any vessel in service to the Empire, Imperial Klingon Vessel ghop qeylIs and other Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS vessels (if built) will undergo a number of upgrades and modifications over its service life.  Some of these changes in the future are expected to include:

Debate continues over modifying the Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS variant to expand its atmospheric entry ability to include planetary landings (the Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS Mark III).  This action could possibly be restricted to planets of lesser gravitational strength.  Studies continue on how to approach the situation follow two paths of development:

Install a landing strut in the bow and allow the aft section to rest on the warp nacelles.  Resting the aft hull on the nacelles would require significant reinforcement of the nacelles and nacelle pylons because of the stress they would have to endure.

Install landing struts in the aft section as well.  Installation of aft struts would require significant redesign of the aft fuselage and wing structure to accommodate the struts and their deployment/retraction mechanisms.

Computer cores will receive upgrades in hardware and software as they are developed.

Improvement of the phasing cloak to permit continuous operation of the phasing system for longer periods of time.

Improvement of the phaser cannon emitter to be able to sustain longer fire bursts and lengthen its life span.  Development continues on developing an improved aiming ability for the emitter, fixing the forward-only firing limitation of the initial design.

Upgrades and replacement of science labs with newer equipment as they are developed.

Development of improved models of B'rel Scouts designed for operation aboard Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS warships.  It is hoped to be able to improve their combat-worthiness, making them more useful assets in battle situations.