Last Update:  07/23/2005

ACA - actuator conductor assembly
ACF - atmospheric containment forcefield
AF (Astral Factor) - unit of measure of long distances (the distance from Qo'noS to the Primary Star)
A/G - accelerator/generator
AGP - axially granulated polymer
ah - unit of measure of gravitational strength (1ah is equal to the strength of the gravitational field of Qo'noS.)
APFM - asymmetrical peristaltic field manipulation
ARI - antimatter reactant infuser
cam - unit of measure of distance (about two Federation standard meters)
CCF - continuous cycle fractioner
CDFG - cloaking device field generator
DAC - driver actuation convolutor
DACS - deflector array control system
DCAS - dilithium crystal alignment support
DCS - dynamic compression segments
delli - thousandth (dellikelrik - one thousandth of a kelrik)
DETH - Directional Exhaust Thrust Housing
EA/T/TS - enemy assessment/tracking/targeting system
EM - electromagnetic
EPA - electroplasma assemblage
FMTL - frequency modulation transmitter link
gc - gellicam
gelli - hundredth (gellicam - one hundredth of a cam)
HRF - hull reinforcement field
IBE - ionizing beam emitter
ICH - impulse counteraction housing
IDB - impact dampening bolsters
IPS - impulse propulsion system
ISF - inertial stabilization field
kc - kellicam
kelli - thousand (kellicam - one thousand cams)
kelrik - measure of subspace field stress
M/ACM - matter/antimatter counteraction module
M/ARH - matter/antimatter repercussion housing
MCNIS - main computer network interface system
MDST - main deuterium storage tank
MFG/C - magnetic field generator/collector
MHDS - magnetohydrodynamic system
MI/C - matter inlet/conditioner
MJL - micron junction link
MRI - matter reactant infuser
MTT - Marine troop transporter
nano - billionth (nanokelrik - one billionth of a kelrik)
OTT - optimal transitory threshold
PDC - power distribution channel
PDM - plasma division manifold
PIE - primary impulse engine
PIM - plasma infuser module
QCRD - quantum charge reversal device
ReCAL - Reshtarc Combined Arms Limited
SIE - secondary impulse engine
SL - speed of light
S/TDP - Space/Time Deformation Propulsion
SSCM - subspace signal carrier module
vam - measure of weight (one-half of one standard gram)
watt - measure of power
WFAN - warp field actuation nacelles