Last Update:  07/23/2005

Six holodeck areas have been incorporated into this vessel.  They are used primarily for training purposes but can also be utilized for recreational activities.  Klingons generally consider these activities to be the same.  Many combat training programs were installed at the time of construction.  User-developed modifications to existing programs as well as original programs continue to increase the already large library of programs available to choose from.  There was significant opposition initially to holodecks because of the large recreational focus in those of the Federation.  After some time passed, their value as a training tool convinced those opposed to them that they do have a place in the warships of the Klingon Empire.  A significant benefit of the holodeck system is that the space it requires is much less than the standard training facilities designed into Vor'Cha vessels, as well as other Empire vessels.  This has allowed the space otherwise used for training areas to be reallocated for other purposes.

The holodecks are clustered together into the area occupied by the training facilities of the standard Vor'Cha.  Five of them are available to all crewmembers and embarked Marine personnel.  The sixth holodeck is reserved exclusively for officers and VIPs in priority of rank and station aboard ship.

Policies and procedures for holodeck utilization (subject to change based on vessel operating conditions) are as follows:

Holodeck 1

Officer/VIP Usage

Holodeck 2

Largest holodeck (used for large ceremonies; used by Marines for simulations with large numbers  of personnel; normally partitioned for execution of multiple simulations)

Holodeck 3

Smallest holodeck (primarily used for individual scenarios)

Holodeck 4

General Usage

Holodeck 5

General Usage

Holodeck 6

Primary holodeck for Marine forces

Another benefit is that the area(s) of upcoming combat operations can be reproduced with a higher degree of accuracy to improve the quality of training without constructing mockups or having to work with an existing environment that may not be entirely accurate or appropriate.  Also, simple reprogramming of the system can make any number of modifications to the scenario.  When large numbers of personnel aboard are involved in a training mission, the holodecks can be networked together so that two or more holodecks can be utilized for the same exercise.

If the holodeck system is unavailable for use, or if a larger part (or all) of the Marine contingent is to participate in the exercise, the vessel will proceed to a suitable location for training in a real environment.  Often a Starfortress or Marine Strike Base, though most any planet will be potentially suitable for training activity.

Holodecks are also used to reproduce scenes for various Rites (Induction, Ascension, etc.) as well as dueling arenas for honor challenges.  From time to time concerns arise over whether "safety protocols" are active during such events as honor duels.  A practice has been put into effect that seems to be agreeable to all crew members:  after using the holodeck to generate the required environment and equipment, engineering personnel are called in to disconnect that holodeck's power supply for the duration of the event.  All objects made by the holodeck systems are created by replicator technology, therefore they continue to exist when the power is disconnected.  After the event has taken place, the holodeck will be restored to normal operation.