Last Update:  07/23/2005

This guide is an introduction to a variation of the Vor'Cha-class Attack Cruiser, Imperial Klingon Vessel ghop qeylIs (Imperial Registry BC007).  Since it was commissioned it has been in service to the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors (KLAW).  This is intended to acquaint new personnel assigned to IKV ghop qeylIs with the vessel.

The modifications made to the standard Vor'Cha design resulted in a new variant of the Vor'Cha design, the Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS.  This vessel represents experience with the original design and incorporates recommended changes, resulting in the Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS Mark II.  Many of the systems installed in this vessel were originally tested aboard IKV DaH'HoS (Imperial Registry BC011).  The systems aboard this vessel represent the result of the testing operations that took place up through the time of the loss of IKV DaH'HoS shortly after the Great Cardassian Expedition of 2371 commanded by Lord Gowron and General Martok.

In light of many events in the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants in recent years, the Klingon High Council has ordered an Empire-wide modernization effort in all areas of Imperial Military forces. This is to defend the territory and interests of the Empire against various new Threat forces (such as the Borg of the Delta Quadrant and the Dominion of the Gamma Quadrant).

In addition, the collapse of the Khitomer Accords with the United Federation of Planets during the Cardassia invasion resulted in an increase in tensions along the Empire/United Federation of Planets border.  The engagements with Starfleet vessels that occurred along the border showed a need to modernize our forces along that border, and throughout the Empire as a whole.  The restoration of relations with the Federation two years after the Cardassian invasion does not eliminate the need for improvement of Imperial forces since there are still many enemies for us to deal with.  The rejuvenated Cardassian military, aided by their admittance into the Dominion of the Gamma Quadrant, represents to many the greatest threat the Empire has faced in decades.  The shape-shifting ability of the Founders makes them virtually impossible to locate.  The artificially created ferocity of the Jem'Hadar soldiers makes them among the most formidable soldiers we have ever engaged in battle, somewhat comparable to the Kinshaya.  Older ships that are still serviceable, both in reserve/storage fleets and in private service to various Houses, are receiving these modern systems being built into new ships as resources permit.

Renewed effort has also been put into the creation of new types of weapons.  While some of these new weapons are still in the design and development stages, others are now ready for installation aboard ships for field trials.  Some readers may scoff at the use of a number of technologies generally associated with the Federation and Starfleet in this vessel.  It should be noted that the original Vor'Cha-DaH'HoS evolved during the latter years of the first period of peace resulting from the Khitomer Accords and its technology exchange programs between the Empire and the Federation.

The High Council was initially inclined to discontinue use of technologies received from the Federation after the collapse of the Khitomer Accords following the Klingon invasion of the Cardassian Empire.  Their opinions were swayed by arguments that those technologies viewed as desirable should be retained regardless of the state of Empire/Federation relations.  Problems were starting to appear in some ship's systems that had heavy Federation influence (phasers, holodecks, etc.) as a result of the discontinued trade between the Empire and Federation due to a lack of replacement parts and technical support.  Empire engineers had not yet developed a sufficient support infrastructure to be self-sustaining in the maintenance and development of technologies received from the Federation.

The restoration of the Khitomer Accords that resulted from the admittance of the Cardassian Union into the Dominion has restored the support network that had existed with the Federation and brought ghop qeylIs back to full operational capacity.  (It should be noted that the reduction in functionality experienced was considered to be within acceptable parameters and did not have a noticeable effect on the combat-worthiness of ghop qeylIs.)  They fit well into the philosophy of "flexible response" this particular vessel type embodies.  Many of these new systems were built into one warship, IKV DaH'HoS, for testing and evaluation.  Some systems were found to need revisions and changes after problems were discovered.  The DaH'HoS itself had to be destroyed by its crew to prevent an attempted infiltration of the Empire by Changelings from the Dominion of the Gamma Quadrant who had boarded the vessel.  All ship logs were saved and sent to KLAW High Command for analysis.

This document will make all new personnel familiar with this vessel.