Last Update:  07/23/2005

While there are food replicator units located in all personnel and guest quarters, most members of the crew prefer to utilize the common messhall facilities.  Most agree that the foods produced by the replicators, while palatable, does not compare to the quality of a well-prepared meal of real food.

There are two messhall facilities aboard ghop qeylIs, both located on Deck 14 amidships.  These are for all vessel officers and crew, as well as Marine, Diplomatic and Cleric personnel embarked aboard ghop qeylIs.  They are located fore and aft of the galley area.  A third messhall exists on Deck 13 above the galley for use exclusively by officers.  Each messhall is equipped with six replicator stations for use by the officers and crew.  Each room can seat approximately 170 personnel at any time.  During the night duty shift, each messhall will be closed for approximately one hour for cleaning and maintenance work.  Personnel found guilty of regulation violations will often be assigned to these duties as part of their punishment.

Crewmembers wishing to consume real foodstuffs as part of their meal can get them from the galley.  Each month, every crewmember is allotted access to a preset amount of foodstuffs from the galley's storage freezers and food lockers.  In effect, each crewmember has a "food account".  The amount they are able to receive is based on their rank and time in service.  This amount may be reduced as part of a punishment or increased as a reward.  When ordering real foodstuffs, a retina or fingerprint scan will be used to verify their identity.  A record of the amount remaining on their "account" is maintained at all times.  On average, the amount of foodstuffs kept frozen or in stasis units will last for about five months before all has been consumed.  When possible, inventories will be replenished when docked at a Starfortress or other facility.  If in orbit around a class-M planet and vessel operations permit, hunting expeditions may be sent out to catch animals to replenish the galley inventory.

Messhall facilities may be reserved for use by groups for various purposes (celebrations among members of an Imperial House stationed aboard ghop qeylIs, personnel within a department of the vessel, etc.)  Arrangements must be made with the head of the Auxiliary Services department at least 60 hours in advance of the event.  Extra allotments of real foodstuffs may be allotted for such events depending on the amount of food in the inventory at the time.

The two messhalls also serve the function of the vessel's bar.  Standard alcoholic beverages can be supplied by the replicator systems within the messhalls which also supply food items.  The galley staff may provide custom-made drinks if their duties permit.  Custom-made beverages are generally made in the dedicated bar located aft of Scout Bay One on Deck Eight.  It is manned by volunteers from the personnel embarked aboard ghop qeylIs.  The room can accommodate approximately 70 personnel at a time.  While most ingredients can be produced by the replicators for custom-made selections, a small storage locker is available for storing items that cannot be replicated with a satisfactory level of accuracy.