Last Update:  07/23/2005

Due to the unique nature of the newest threat force to the Empire, the Changelings of the Gamma Quadrant, extensive upgrading of the internal security systems was undertaken during vessel construction.  Extra containment field emitters in corridors, service passageways, and access panels have been installed (also usable by Damage Control personnel if needed).

Inside of each room, lab, storage locker and other area is at least one wall-mounted phaser emitter.  They are normally set to stun so that intruders may be captured alive, but can be set to kill with the authorization of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, or Chief of Security.  A similar system has also been installed in the Main and Auxiliary Bridges (normally set to automatically fire on non-Klingon lifeforms upon activation).  These units normally operate off the ship's power distribution grid but are also equipped with a battery backup system that will allow for approximately 20 volleys (depending on what power level they have been configured for).

Brig cells are fitted with stasis field generators to keep Changelings taken captive unable to alter their form.  The brig cells can also be enclosed in force fields to prevent Changelings from leaving the brig facility.

Stasis field generators have been installed throughout the vessel in the event of boarding by Changelings or other shape-shifting entities.  These operate from either the main power distribution system or 100-hour internal battery power if main power is lost.  Should the charge be used up before power can be restored, power cells can be attached to the units to provide power.  They will provide ship-wide coverage in the event of the discovery of Changelings aboard the vessel.  These fields are intended to inhibit their shape-shifting capabilities, reducing their effectiveness in an attempted boarding of the ship.


There are four "substations" for security personnel scattered throughout the ship (one in the Forward Weapon Module, two along the main fuselage, and one below the dorsal sensor/Type Seven torpedo module) in addition to the central office.  These act as supplements to the main security station located forward of the primary Marine barracks.  The substations are equipped with a quantity of energy, projectile and blade weapons for use in the event of hostilities within the crew or from enemy boarding parties.  They are also equipped with holding cells for short-term use (normally around three hours before transferring or releasing those being detained).

The main brig area is located adjacent to the primary security office.  Also adjacent to the central office is the agonizer booth/interrogation chamber.  Monitoring devices are installed to keep aware of prisoner activity.  The images can also be distributed throughout the ship's data distribution network to the ship's Inspirational Theaters and personal quarters for viewing by the crew.  The central security office can override the operation of the substations with the authorization of the Commanding Officer and Chief of Security (both authorizations are required).

Security also manages the weapon armories (both blade and energy/projectile types) and assists in guarding the weapons of the Marine complement.  Great care is taken to prevent weapon discharges among the Marine equipment as well as fighters/shuttles/B'rel scouts (particularly the heavier weapons which could do great damage aboard the vessel if fired.)