Last Update:  07/23/2005

An important aspect of the life of all Klingons is their spirituality (not to be confused with religion; Klingons generally do not practice religion as many other races do).  Ancient Imperial High Council edicts ordered the installation of at least one shrine aboard all Imperial aquatic warships for use by all officers and crew.

This policy was extended to spacefaring vessels as they were developed.  The shrine is usually maintained by a cleric or priest and any assistants they have.  If there is none aboard, the task is assigned to a crewmember of the Commanding Officer's choice.  Aboard vessels positioned in remote areas, these shrines (and Inspirational Theaters which are also supervised by the cleric) take on greater importance due to the lack of access to monasteries and other spiritual centers operated in the Klingon Empire.  Over the centuries, these clerics have assumed greater responsibility for the continued education of new generations of Klingons.  Aboard ships, they work to reenforce the teachings crewmembers received as children and help to expand their spiritual horizons.  They also perform a function in observing and maintaining the political education and loyalty of the officers and crew of Imperial vessels and stations.

Contained within the shrine are a selection of weapons accessible to the ship's officers and crew.  These are often used in honor duels aboard ship and various Rites.  Eight painsticks are kept in this room on a charger rack for use in various ceremonies.

IKV ghop qeylIs is no exception to this practice.  To one side of the room, hung on the wall, is the primary banner of the Imperial Klingon Vessel ghop qeylIs.  This banner is generally displayed at off-ship gatherings where ghop qeylIs is represented.  Next to it is a banner of the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors.  Above them is a banner of the Klingon Empire.  Below them is a banner of the Commanding Officer's House and one of the House of the shrine's caretaker or the Order of which the cleric is a member.


Another function of this room is to display the ship's honors and spoils of battle.  The following are some of the contents of this display:

IKV DaH'HoS Memorial
This area contains items from IKV DaH'HoS, the pioneer vessel of this Vor'Cha variant.  These were brought aboard by the survivors of the DaH'HoS who transferred to ghop qeylIs to remind the crew of the need for continued vigilance against the enemies of the Empire.  Included are:

A fragment of the ship's banner

A vial of ash from the remains of one of the invading Changelings

Cardassian Corpse (in stasis)
A Cardassian Gul commanding a squadron of Galor-class cruisers engaged and destroyed by ghop qeylIs during the Klingon occupation of Cardassian territory in 2373.

Jem'Hadar Corpse (in stasis)

A soldier recovered from a Jem'Hadar warship engaged in battle along the Klingon-Cardassian border.

Kinshaya Corpse (in stasis)
A body recovered from a Kinshaya warship engaged in battle as part of Task Force WARBLADE.  Because the Kinshaya are known to possess a significant amount of physical resiliency (even the ability to survive in space without life support for long periods of time), the limbs of the entity were severed and several internal organs removed before being put on display.

Vorta Corpse (in stasis)
Captured leading two Jem'Hadar fighters and a Cardassian cruiser into Imperial space.  After watching the last five of his Jem'Hadar charges die in the ghop qeylIs dueling circle, he died himself and was put on display.


Listed here is the record of missions and combat of Imperial Klingon Vessel ghop qeylIs since its introduction to service in 2372.  As a new vessel to active service, the record is relatively small at this time.  The war with the Dominion, plus on-going rivalries with the Romulans, Kinshaya, Jahzil and other forces, will offer many opportunities to add to this list in the future.


Two orbiting and numerous planet-based facilities in the Orias System were engaged in battle, destroying much of the assets of what remained of the Obsidian Order after their failed attack on the Dominion in the previous year.  One orbiting shipyard used to service the Order's fleet (created against the laws of the Cardassian Empire) was decimated; the remains then pushed via tractor beam into the atmosphere of Orias Four.  Two Keldin-class cruisers defending the system were engaged; one destroyed while the other fled the area with moderate damage. Attacked and boarded station Civok Nor.  Seized control of facility for occupation by Klingon forces as a forward base of operations.  Later defended station from two attempts by Cardassian forces to retake it.


Two Starfleet starships destroyed one month after the deadline for the Federation withdraw from the Archanis system.

Five transport vessels, including two delivering industrial replicators and other supplies to the Cardassian Empire, were engaged and destroyed.

Attacked and destroyed two outpost stations along the Klingon/Federation border.

Placed several Imperial Intelligence operatives on border worlds for infiltration deeper into Federation space.


Klingon Empire:

Two months spent on post-commissioning workups.

Served as a launching platform in the evaluation of three types of experimental torpedo devices.

Evaluated two types of Klingon-developed phaser emitters.

Hosted a detachment of Imperial Klingon Star Academy students for a two-month cadet cruise.


Two squadrons of Cardassian cruisers engaged and destroyed one month before they joined the Dominion.  Captured Squadron Commander and body placed into ship's shrine.

During withdrawal from Cardassian space on orders from High Council following their entry into the Dominion, conducted hit-and-run attacks on several facilities and vessels.

Utilizing the aid of other warships, ghop qeylIs towed the former Cardassian station Civok Nor (which had become a heavily armed supply post) back into Klingon space.

This station was further modified into what would become Battlefortress Nor.


Responded to distress call from a Klingon outpost near Cardassian space under attack by Jem'Hadar forces during the first known joint Cardassian-Dominion operation.  Four Jem'Hadar fighters destroyed and one fled with damage.  Small contingent of ground forces found in the remains of the station; one captured and put into ship's shrine.  The outpost was ultimately lost after enemy reinforcements arrived in the area.

Engaged a squadron of Jem'Hadar fighters escorting a Cardassian Galor-class cruiser.  Vorta overseer of Jem'Hadar forces added to ship's shrine after five surviving Jem'Hadar soldiers were put into the dueling arena for use by Naval Security and Marine Troopers for combat practice.


Hosted a Starfleet delegation meeting with Klingon military and Diplomatic Corps representatives to establish operating policies for joint missions at the start of hostilities with the Cardassian/Dominion forces.



Participated in offensive against Kinshaya space by Task Force WARBLADE.  Captured one Kinshaya soldier for addition to ship's shrine.

Klingon Empire:

Participated in Imperial blockade of Reshtarc space during the civil war within tuq Reshtarc.  Several members of ghop qeylIs from tuq Reshtarc were granted Leaves of Absence (including vessel Commanding Officer and Marine Force Leader) to participate in the conflict.  The blockade of Reshtarc space was instituted by the High Council to prevent the conflict from expanding in scope into a wider conflict.

Hosted a detachment of Imperial Klingon Star Academy students for a two-month cadet cruise.

Evaluated an experimental deflector shielding system designed to protect vessels/installations from Dominion weapons.

Continuing evaluation of experimental Phase Transporter system.

"Loaned" to tuq Reshtarc for one month by the Klingon High Council to assist in establishing a defensive perimeter around the Morsid System.  This was done as a reward for its contribution to the war effort against the Dominion.  ghop qeylIs periodically passes through areas adjacent to the Morsid system as part of its normal patrol duties of Imperial space.

NOTE:  Rumors of ghop qeylIs aiding in the establishment of a space station alleged to be located within the Morsid system have been repeatedly denied.  tuq Reshtarc continues to deny the rumors of a secret research facility existing within the Morsid System.

Romulan Empire:

Assisted in deploying cloaked sensor buoys along Romulan border to observe activity within Romulan space while they were allied with the Dominion.


Orion raider intercepted and boarded by Marines of Task Force 941 leaving IKS-held territory.  Cardassian weapons seized and vessel taken into custody.  Vessel towed to Klingon territory and crew handed over to Imperial Security personnel for interrogation.