Last Update:  07/23/2005

This is the part where I thank people for helping in the development of this work.

I would like to thank:

The folks at Paramount and Pocket Books for presenting the Enterprise and Deep Space Nine/USS Defiant Technical Manual, which granted the fan community some badly needed "official" technobabble information to allow myself (and many others) to embark on crazy projects like this.

Joe Forzano (K'jev Reshtarc), developer of some initial Vor'Cha material for IKV Stormbringer, which I borrowed from and built upon for IKV ghop qeylIs.

Dennis Orosz (may'qel Reshtarc) for much of the material related to Marine Task Force 941.

Andrew Gulbrandsen (Marrik Reshtarc) for the work he did on his KLAW Marines webpage for the Marine hardware included here.

The membership of USS Khai Tam, the Tallahassee, Florida chapter of STARFLEET, for their ideas that created the Qapla' class Strike Cruiser.

Numerous webpages on the Internet that gave me ideas for material presented in this document.

FASA and Last Unicorn Games, Inc., for material they developed for their Star Trek roleplaying games.