The Imperial Klingon Vessel Hand of Kahless is a SW Florida-based science fiction/fantasy fan club.  While many venues of sci-fi and fantasy are welcome, we are organized around the structure of a Klingon warship as depicted in the Star Trek television episodes/movies/novels/etc.


We engage in activities both of fan interest, such as conventions, as well as those of community interest and support.


IKV Hand of Kahless is a chapter of the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors Fourth Fleet, a grouping of clubs dedicated to the promotion, portrayal and preservation of Klingon fandom.


Commanding Officer and Webmaster:  Admiral K'orvette zantai Reshtarc


The IKV Hand of Kahless is a dues-free organization...we leave dues to the Ferengi!

However, that does not mean everyone gets a free ride...there is an expectation of payment.  That payment takes the form of participating in the group and making it a proud part of the Klingon Empire!  All warriors of the Empire are expected to do their part to continue its growth throughout the galaxy and beyond!


Meetings of the IKV Hand of Kahless take two forms:  Online and In-Person.  The form chosen each month is determined by the business to be conducted at that meeting.  Meetings are normally conducted on the first Sunday of each Earth month.  The in-person meetings take place at the Books-a-Million store in Ft. Myers near the Page Field Airport on Route 41.  Clicking on the map image will allow you to request directions to the bookstore if you require them.


A map of 5007 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions


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