The Mempa Alliance

Original material by: Andrew Gulbrandsen

Additional material by: John Beyers

Supplemented by: Paul Stacy

The Beginning: House Reshtarc

The Reshtarc were once one of the oldest of the Great Imperial Klingon Houses. For almost four hundred years they had been a crucial factor in Imperial policy making. Following the Praxis disaster, the House entered one of the few dormant periods in their illustrious history. The peace-seeking factions within the Empire banned together long enough to prevent the Reshtarc and their few remaining allies from damaging the Federation Peace process.

Following the battle at the Khitomer outpost and subsequent signing of the Khitomer Accords with the Federation, the Reshtarc withdrew from the political forum completely. The Line was seldom sought for political advice, or for anything else for that matter. The Line had not fallen; by design they withdrew, biding their time for a more advantageous return.

The Reshtarc reemergence as a Great House began in the year 2365. The Line Lord's eldest son, K'Paal (19th Lord, 7th Dynasty), who had been serving in the Imperial Navy, was assigned to the IKV T'Ong in 2290. The T'Ong was a sleeper vessel which was found in Federation territory by the USS Enterprise-D in the year 2365, some 75 years later. The remaining crew of the T'Ong was sent for retraining and general reintroduction into the modern Klingon society.

K’Paal managed within one year’s time to conquer, kill or dispose of all Reshtarc that he deemed “undesireable”, and claim the linelordship for himself with the intent of restoring the line to prominence.

Reshtarc power became prominent during the Klingon Civil War. K'Paal used his power to aid Gowron and the loyalist forces against the Romulan-aided Duras family. Klingon records are sketchy or have been deliberately deleted as to when Reshtarc holdings were returned to K'Paal and his line. The current argument in historical and Klingon cultural circles is that the Reshtarc titles and properties were never actually taken away.

Federation intelligence sources believe that a bargain was struck between the peace faction in the Empire and the war faction, which included the Reshtarc prior to the Khitomer Accords. The deal that was struck allowed the Reshtarc and allied houses to retain all titles and territories in return for their silence in the peace process.

The Civil War gave the Reshtarc the power and prestige necessary to break the constraints from such an agreement. The Reshtarc regime believed it was firmly in control of its destiny.

The Reshtarc were known for their fierce opposition to non-Imperial entities. They have strongly opposed alliances with both the Romulan Star Empire and United Federation of Planets. The line has often been behind many plots to either destroy or undermine the Federation/Klingon Alliance. They were somewhat successful in 2371 when they discovered and subsequently captured several Federation spies operating in Klingon territory. The spies were attempting to send information to the Cardassian government on the future Klingon invasion.

The Reshtarc were also known to harbor a pure hatred for non-Imperial entities within the Empire itself. These hatreds had been put aside, however, in favor of the traditional enemies of the Empire. The ensuing collapse of the Federation and Klingon Alliance had also renewed Reshtarc industry.

Reshtarc Combined Arms Limited was working in conjunction with Lorenssith Ship Works and the Ghol'jub Line to produce a massive military force, unparalleled since the height of the Empire's Outward Expansion Policy. The combined output of these three houses amounted to roughly 80% of Imperial armaments production. Intelligence reports that this conglomeration had produced twenty-five vessels per month for Imperial use.

The Reshtarc had also taken a positive upswing in the political arena within the Empire. They had many members in various fleet positions as well as the current Head of the House being promoted to a Squadron command position.

The general feeling within the Federation is that the Reshtarc revival will collapse after the Klingon approach to the Federation for a peaceful solution to the dilemma between these former allies after the Federation-opposed Klingon invasion of Cardassian territory. So far such an event has not manifested itself.

The new leadership was much more belligerent than the old leadership in its dealings with internal disputes. A possible scenario might have involved Reshtarc and allied forces leading an insurrection if new peace initiatives are attempted.

The Reshtarc Line had once again proven itself to be a leader and Imperial watchdog for the Empire.

But a second golden age for the Reshtarc was not to last for long.


Sacrifice & Conspiracy: K’Paal and Marrik

K'Paal epetai-Reshtarc, 19th lord, Seventh Dynasty was highly regarded among the Reshtarc, and reestablished the House as a formidable power within the Empire. In 2371 he ordered the realignment of Reshtarc industries under a new aegis, Reshtarc Combined Arms Ltd.

He also continued the family tradition of challenging the High Council. Furthermore, in 2371, he sent forces to aid in ridding House Lorenssith of its Fusions. K'Paal was instrumental in ratifying the Mempa Treaty, an alliance between the Ghol'jub, Lorenssith and Reshtarc Houses.

Lord K'Paal was considered to be a temperamental and sometimes volatile leader who took any attack on the House personally. He had gone to great lengths to bring an end to the Khitomer Accords with the Federation. This goal was achieved in late 2371 when Federation spies were captured in Klingon space. Gowron agreed to invade Cardassia in late 2371 and withdrew from the Khitomer Accords when the Federation did not support the invasion.

In 2372, six months after the invasion, Lord K'Paal ordered the Reva 4 rebellion put down. Lorenssith, Ghol'jub and Reshtarc forces under K'Paal killed over 500,000 Cardassian and Eldrun dissidents.

Lord K'Paal had made a reputation for himself by disagreeing with both Kahless and Gowron on the point of the Federation association. However, certain events had somewhat shorn up Gowron's relationship with the Reshtarcs.

In 2373 there were sweeping changes within the line. Lord K'Paal had gone mad with powerlust, seeing traitors and assassins everywhere, he began executing loyal Reshtarc officers, most of them from the Marine ranks, which were slowly gaining in power. These allegations of treason were not limited to the lower ranks. They went up to Colonel Marrik, the leader of the House Marine Forces and referred to as the “Father of the Modern Imperial Marines”. This outrage of dishonor forced Marrik to gather his allies, who also felt the need to remove K'Paal before greater injustices could be done, and launch a coup.

Marrik and his forces, most notably former boqdu' navy Captain Korvette, Marine Senior Officers M'Tov, M'Pak, may'qel, and several navy squadron commanders. They gathered their troops and fleets to began an attack. The most notable battles occurred in the Kodus System and a clandestine raid which lent to the capture of K'Paal and installation of Marrik as Linelord.

K'Paal was kept from execution by the High Council, and was tried by a council of warriors and discommendated for his crimes. He was reportedly killed sometime later in a shuttle accident.

Marrik epetai-Reshtarc, 20th Lord, Seventh Dynasty assumed command of the Reshtarcs following the bloody revolt. He led the Reshtarc through the troubling times of the Lorenssith Revolt and the Dominion War. His fast action in placing troops in and around the H’renn System, thus preventing the Lorenssith revolt from spreading, was noted by the Emperor and the High Council, who granted him a new Negh’var Battleship as a reward. Emperor Kahless rewarded Marrik with the title of Lord Protector of the Mempa Sector, and presented him with a new Negh’Var Class Battleship, the IKV Marrik’s Mauler.

During the Dominion War, Lord Marrik placed an enormous strain on the Mempa Sectors resources, sending large amounts of weapons, ships and troops to the front.

In 2375 reports of vessels with K’Paal’s personal symbol began attacking Imperial Shipping on the Imperial Fringes.

Shortly after the wars end, Lord Marrik’s troops invaded the Rodarat System. The system was mineral rich, yet weakly defended, and held by a line without honor. The Reshtarc Naval and Marine Forces quickly conquered the system, and expelled the enemy line. Soon the neighboring systems counterattacked. They were defeated, and the house also acquired the Ankor System as a result. High Council support was full for the invasion, and no voices of dissention were heard.

Early in 2376, the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force (REF) left its homebase in the Irriani Expanse without orders or even communication with Mempa Sector Command.

Attacks by ships bearing K’Paal’s symbol intensified in 2376, with several small clashes between his ships and those of the Empire. Lord Marrik ignored these reports, claiming that K’Paal was dead and that this was the works of pirates hoping to spread fear with claims of K’Paal’s rise from the dead in search of revenge.

The Truth: Operation Smokescreen

But K’Paal was not dead. He entire fall from grace and subsequent disappearance had been a ploy by Chancellor Gowron. K’Paal was petitioned to perform a most dangerous mission. To infiltrate the remaining assassin tongs, and destroy them from within. Most likely a suicide mission, and one that would cost K’Paal his lordship of the Reshtarc. A sacrifice that would cost him more than he was aware.

In 2373 the Reshtarc formulated a plan to replace K’Paal with another as linelord. They chose Marrik, commander of the Reshtarc Marines and K’Paal’s cha’dich.

As it was later learned, Marrik and K’Paal were brothers. K’Baal (17th Lord, 7th Dyanasty), while serving as Captain of the IKV Breaker, met and fell in love with a Hurric female named Lara. Their affair was short lived however, when Lara was called back to the Hurric homeworld by her father, Lord MaS’rik epetai-Hurric.

Unknown to K’Baal, who was distracted by his own grab for the lordship of the Reshtarc, Lara was pregnant, and gave birth to his son Marrik. Lara died of complications during childbirth and, although her father constantly demanded to know the name of the father, she never betrayed her love for K’Baal.

K’Baal was saddened by the news of Lara’s death, but he was never informed of the manner of her death, or that she bore him a son. Marrik was to be raised as a ward of the Hurric Linelord.

Within the following year, K’Baal was Linelord of the Reshtarc, and mated to Denara, who bore him two sons, the eldest of whom was K’Paal.

Whether coincidence or fate, both Marrik and K’Paal were assigned to the sleeper ship, IKV Tong. One raised a Hurric Marine Officer and one a Reshtarc Naval Officer, they never had circumstance to meet.

After the sleeper mission ended, fate entered the scene once again. K’Paal became the Reshtarc Linelord, and found a friend in an aggressive marine leader, Marrik. Eventually the similarities in their genetic codes became obvious, and the common link was K’Baal. Who does one choose to replace the son of K’Baal as linelord, another son of K’Baal!

The stage set, Marrik and K’Paal began Operation Smokescreen, with the help of several other lords, notably General MalaH epetai-Gholjub. The operation staged a mock revolution, with Marrik eventually deposing K’Paal, and K’Paal being discommendated, finally staging his own death.

The Reshtarc did not fail to use this to their own favor, however. The ships and troops supposedly destroyed in the faked battles of Operation Smokescreen soon struck across the Imperial borders and into the Triangle, catching the defending Dominion Troops by surprise and capturing the Grell and Hardor systems. This unplanned attack angered Chancellor Gowron, who vowed to never allow K’Paal to return to the Empire, should he even survive his mission.


Missions End: The Day of Celebration

When Chancellor Martok came to power, he was visited by K’Paal in the guise of Colonel Goss, the commander of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. K’Paal told Martok of the entire mission, and that it was Gowron’s personal hatred of him that kept him a fugitive in hiding.

Chancellor Martok contacted Lord Marrik, who confirmed K’Paal’s story. Martok publicly cleared K’Paal and hailed him as hero.

A grand celebration was to be held in honor of K’Paal’s return on Behacor Prime. A lavish banquet for any and all Reshtarc that could attend, and a formal military parade for which the Reshtarc were famous, was held.

Sometime during the review of the troops, Marrik and K’Paal were made aware that a ship appeared in orbit near Behacor’s primary star, bearing Pallara Insignia and transmitting a message. Marrik ordered it to be destroyed. The message was from House Limmrii.

The End: Behacors’ Last Day

Revelry was taking place on Behacor Prime. The Pallara Battleship IKV Deadly Blade decloaked in the Behacor System, while simultaneously the IKV Doom Bringer decloaked in the Kel System. Both ships were claiming to be under the control of Limmrii Pirates. They issued a challenge, but when the defending vessels attacked, the Pallara ships gave only moderate resistance, and were soon destroyed.

The suns of both systems began to act erratically. It took less than 15 minutes for the stars to go supernova, expanding in an explosion of raw energy that enveloped the Behacor System, with all its Reshtarc population, the Mempa Shipyards, the Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility, and Behacor Prime, the Throneworld of the Reshtarc Line. The Kel System’s primary star explosion destroyed the homeworld of the Reshtarc’s kuve race, the Kelranni. The neighboring systems did not escape unscathed either. The shock wave that emanated from two supernovas caused destruction across the Mempa Sector.

Both ships fired what is now believed to be a prototype of the Genesis torpedo into the primary stars of both systems. Where these weapons were created, or how the Pallara terrorists came to possess them, is speculative at best. Rumors abound that Pallara Arms worked on copies of stolen plans for years, finally managing to create a usable weapon in secret.

How the two ships managed to penetrate so far into the Mempa Sector undetected is unknown. It has been speculated that the Limmrii had agents at work in the Mempa Sector for years.

In less than a half hour, over four hundred years of Reshtarc History was nearly destroyed, and the survivors scrambled to cut themselves off a piece of the pie.


The Aftermath: The Alliance

Infighting ensued across the Mempa Sector. Ships and troops allied themselves with any number of would-be linelords. Four months of secret deals, outside alliances and outright slaughter ended with six houses in firm control of more or less equal portions of the former Reshtarc holdings.

Lord Marrik had previously rearranged the Reshtarc Naval Forces into more or less equal fleets, following the 6-6-6 rule of six battle cruisers, six heavy cruisers and six scouts. This was done to keep the navy, who were initially upset with a marine Linelord in what was traditionally a navy line. The individual fleets lacked the firepower to rebel against their lord, and after his death, the individual fleet commanders lacked the power to take the throne, avoiding numerous unnecessary battles.

The Leaders of these six houses agreed to meet at neutral ground. The chosen location was Starfortress K’ryton. These six warriors, four naval officers and two marine officers, amassed total control of the Mempa Sector and had stabilized their territories. They met and hammered out an agreement forming the Mempa Alliance. The treaty proposed that they work together to maintain stability and security within the Mempa Sector and holdings without, continue commerce and trade within the sector, and combine to provide a mutual war and political effort and doctrine within the Empire.

They chose Thought Admiral Keras zantai-Reshtarc to represent the Alliance at the High Council, claiming the spot formally held by the Reshtarc Line.


A New Beginning: Mempa Arms Ltd.

With the destruction of the Mempa Shipyards and the Behacor Orbital Fabrication Facility, the Alliance lost 15% of its weapons production facilities and almost 80% of its shipbuilding facilities.

The Alliance, to combine the disparate and separated industrial assets of the former ReCAL, formed Mempa Arms Ltd. Organized and led from the Mempa Council. Each lord has a specific quota based according to his holding’s assets and production facilities capabilities.

Currently the weapons production centers are split between Houses Keras, Her’Toq, K’Paal, K’t’lok and Marrik. These weapons plants produce 65% of all Imperial Weapons. Two major shipyards under construction at the time of the attack were completed one year later. They are located at Reska Noral and Sestus II. Once completed, after design revisions were made during construction to further enlarge them after the loss of the Mempa facilities, the shipyard’s capabilities surpass the Mempa Shipyards.

Heavy industry, however, had not suffered as much from the growing pains of the Alliance. Focused outside the destroyed systems for the last several decades, it flourishes throughout the Mempa Sector with recent expansion to replace those facilities located within the destroyed areas of Mempa.

The thirty-six major worlds and forty-seven moons that make up the West Central Core of the Alliance holdings provide valuable resources. A powerful chain of dilithium mines and refinement plants are sprinkled throughout these core systems.

Another twenty-seven worlds and nineteen moons make up smaller holdings which border on Federation and Romulan space. Huluk 9, located near Romulan space, provides the Empire with a rich source of duranium and radonium-5, a prime metal for use in the new ablative armors. Consortiums made up of metallurgists from the Mempa Alliance factions are exploring many sources of rare metals and minerals for Imperial use, both within existing Reshtarc territory and areas now being explored.

Thought Admiral Keras oversees Mempa Arms Ltd. from Starfortress K’ryton, and from the Battleship IKV Marrik’s Mauler. His responsibilities include the overall defense of the Mempa Sector and insuring that all current Imperial weapons contracts are completed by Mempa Arms Ltd. The Alliance Council determined that he will hold this position until his death or until the other five house lords deem him unworthy to represent them.


The Less Things Change…: Byzantine Politics.

If anyone believed that the Reshtarc would change after its apparent destruction, they were wrong. Like a wounded animal that is too stubborn to die, the houses of the former Reshtarc Line continue to survive and prosper.

Politics, like many things from the old house, thrive as well. Thought Admiral Keras does not lead the Alliance in the way of the old Reshtarc Linelords. He does not have total authoritarian control. The Alliance is not a dictatorship. It is in fact a confederacy of lords, each with their own vision for the future, and a grand design on Keras’ position.

The only thing keeping the Alliance from falling apart is the fact the each lord knows that if he should attempt to secede from the Alliance, the others will band together, destroying his house and taking his holdings for themselves. Mutual mistrust and a common threat of retaliation form the tying bonds of the Mempa Alliance.



The Houses of the Mempa Alliance

The House of Keras: The Powerbroker.

Thought Admiral Keras came out of retirement at behest of his followers shortly after the terrorist attack. His leadership skills and starship combat tactics allowed him to take control of an entire quarter of the Mempa Sector.

The Thought Admiral soon saw that the Reshtarc as an entity would be destroyed if the warring sides could not come to terms. He proposed a meeting with the surviving five warlords to be held at neutral ground, Space Station K’ryton.

He spoke with the other warriors and convinced them to work together to keep possession of the Mempa Sector within the confines of the remaining House Reshtarc. They saw his wisdom and elected him to represent the Mempa Alliance at the Imperial High Council.

Starfortress K’ryton, in orbit over Belial III, is the headquarters for House Keras, as well as the meeting and control center for the Mempa Alliance. The House controls the single largest fleet in the Alliance and can field two Legions of Marines. The house also controls the Belial Gunnery range, weapons plants at Archius Major, Archius Minor and Celdun VII, and heavy industry in the Celdun System.

Keras is the most respected and capable leader within the Alliance. He has always garnered much respect within the Reshtarc Line, but was considered an outsider and remained separated from the ‘royalty’ on the Throne World. It was that very separation that convinced many to back him after the fall of the old Reshtarc.




The House of Her’toq: The Outsiders.

The most despised house of the Alliance is that of Grand Admiral Her’Toq zantai-Reshtarc. He is well renowned throughout the Empire as a tyrant. It is well documented that throughout his career he has put down no less than fifteen separate mutinies on his various commands. Despite this, he remains the most successful naval commander in Reshtarc History.

He has spent the majority of his career fighting near the Kinshaya wormhole and later on the Kinshaya border. There he wreaked havoc on both the enemy and his own troops.

House Her’toq fields the best-trained naval contingent of the Mempa Alliance. His ship commanders have a reputation for being just as much a tyrant as their lord.

The House is based at Starfortress Reska, located in the Reska System. It controls the newly built Reska Noral Shipyards, a weapons plant at Kalamar and heavy industry in the Nimorg System. They also control a Starfortress in the Kalamar System.

Grand Admiral Her’toq has constantly disagreed with Thought Admiral Keras, and repeatedly demands that he should lead the Alliance to anyone that will hear it.

Her’toq is hated by all the other house lords. His foul temper, dour disposition and unwillingness to work with the others, places a disruptive force within the alliance. The only reason he even agreed to the initial meeting with Thought Admiral Keras was that his forces were being assailed on all sides. Despite the façade of apparent victory he maintained, his forces were seriously depleted and under equipped, and on the verge of defeat.

The House of K’t’lok: The Insanity.

If any one house represents the arrogance of the former Reshtarc Line, and the insanity of K’Paal, it is the House of Admiral K’t’lok zantai-Reshtarc. Their cult-like devotion to their leader is radical to say the least. The Admiral has gone so far as to say that Kahless speaks through him!

The House is headquartered at Berdak Primus, within the Starfortress Monastery of K’t’lok. The House spews out a constant litany on the racial superiority of the Imperial, and the destruction of the fusion. They broadcast daily from the Berdak System throughout the Mempa Sector, and although the messages were at first taken as the ramblings of a madman, many within the sector are beginning to take the preaching seriously. Small groups of cultists have formed within all the houses of the Alliance.

K’t’lok and his followers control the weapons factories at Fortans III and Berdak Secundus, and can field an sizeable fleet. The ground forces of the House however are considered to be laughable by the two marine houses of the Alliance. The neo-religious zeal of the marines leads them to follow simple combat strategies, usually a headlong charge into the enemy. They are considered archaic and undependable, although fearless in the face of the enemy.

Admiral K’t’lok is truly a madman, as are his followers. His rise to power after the fall took everyone by surprise. The last command he held was as Commandant of the Rura Penthe Penal Colony, but he was dismissed for obvious reasons. K’t’lok leads the house like a religious cult, with himself as messiah. His inner circle runs the day to day operations of his house. The five klingons at the top all hold the rank of “Priest”, while the ship captains of his naval forces and marine leaders are called “Crusaders”. The Inner Circle spreads K’t’lok’s words throughout the Mempa Sector. He views all the other house lords as devils sent by Fekhlr to persecute him and test his resolve.


The House of K’Baal: The Builders.

Admiral K’joH zantai-Reshtarc leads this house, as he was the close friend and confidant of Lord K’Paal, as well as a co-conspirator during Operation Smokescreen. He was away from the Mempa Sector, overseeing the moving of House K’Paal, back into the Mempa Sector from its self-imposed exile, when the terrorist attack began. He has continued to keep the name of his close friend as his houses’ name in honor and tribute to a fallen comrade.

House K’Baal controls a well-supplied fleet and marine force. It also runs the weapons plants at Sestus Minor and Kelrik, and the Sestus Shipyard and Starfortress DoroH at Sestus II. The shipyards were already under construction before the meeting that formed the alliance.

The house has made the vow that the Sestus Shipyards will surpass even the might of the Mempa Shipyards within two years, a pledge it does not make lightly. The house still contains a large number of technicians and scientists, more than any other house, and possesses the materials to succeed.

K’joH was well regarded within the old house, and at one point was the commanding officer of the Reshtarc Flagship, IKV Stormbringer, and later the commander of the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force (REF) . As the senior surviving officer of K’Paal’s inner circle, he was chosen to lead the house that brought six lords to the Iron Throne: K’Baal, Korek, K’NoraK, K’Veth, K’Paal and Marrik. His support comes primarily from the old REF Fleet that he has commanded for the last three years. He is a more than capable leader when push comes to shove, but his career has suffered from the appearance that he was merely K’Paal’s shadow.


The House of MaS’ich: Marine Juggernaut.

Led by Brigadier MaS’ich zantai-Reshtarc, this house is the most powerful marine force within the Alliance. Following the death of Lord Marrik, most of the senior marine commander’s threw their lot in with MaS’ich, along with many ship commanders who knew him to be a strong leader, and one of the last of the old Reshtarc leaders. His forces secured the majority of former Reshtarc holdings within the Vosta Sector, which he leads with an iron hand, much in the traditional way of the Reshtarc.

Based at Strikebase Warblade on Kodus III, House MaS’ich controls weapon production plants on the planets of Lisper’s World and Rodarat II, heavy industry in the Neranda System, and a large refining plant on the heavily polluted world of Keraxis. The House Fleet is based out of Starfortress MaS’togh, located in the Balas System. The House Marine force contains some of the most feared and respected units to survive the fall of the Reshtarc. Most notably is the power armor-equipped Shadow Legion. In all, the house controls four legions of marines.

House MaS’ich also maintains the responsibility for operating the Mempa Warrior Academy on Belial and the Vosta Marine Fighter Academy on Kodus II.

MaS’ich has garnered the majority of his support from his association with the inner circle of the Reshtarc Line. He has held a wide range of positions within the old House Marines, and is one of the last remaining boq’du (Line Advisor) of the Reshtarc. He is, however, the only house lord of the Alliance that still holds a position within the Klingon Defense Force, a split of loyalties as far as the others are concerned.


The House of Toragar: The Wildcard.

Brigadier Toragar leads the smallest house within the Alliance. It really only controls the Ankor System.

A longtime rival to Brigadier MaS’ich, he tended to attract a number of marine leaders and ship commanders who were much wilder than those of the old highly disciplined Reshtarc. Although the house can only field a small number of ships and troops, the fact that they are all condensed within the Ankor System make it the most heavily defended single system within the Alliance.

The house controls heavy industry, numerous duranium mines, and a massive refining base within the Ankor System.

Toragar was once the childhood friend of MaS’ich, and is mated with his sister. They have come to blows over the years, and have maintained a rivalry that dates back to their time together at the academy. Toragar is one of the more outspoken house lords, and he constantly accuses the others of scheming to destroy his house.

The House of Honor: The Dreamers.

Not so much a house but rather a loose confederacy of semi-independent and privateer Reshtarc. They claim to be the only true Reshtarc Line, and that the others are pretenders to the throne. They posses no power within the Alliance, and choose to remain outside its Byzantine politics.

They form a rough collection of some ten ships and a few regiments of marines. They remain in control of two important bases though, Strikebase Glory and the ruins of Praxis. The continued mining of Praxis provides the House with monies for goods and services to keep their ships and marines repaired and supplied.

A large council of ship captains and marine regimental commanders’ runs the house, and they continue to dream of a day when the Reshtarc will be returned to their former glory.


Planets – Bases

Starfortress K’ryton: First built in 2371, in conjunction with Clan Lorenssith and House Ghol’jub, it served as a joint military command and repair base for the Mempa Pact. The pact was dissolved in 2373, however, and the Starfortress was moved to the Irriani Expanse to serve as the homeport for the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force.

The REF went renegade in early 2376 and the base was abandoned until later that year when it was used as the meeting place for the six remaining houses and saw the creation of the Mempa Alliance.

It currently resides in the Belial Sector and served as both the headquarters of House Keras and the Mempa Alliance. When K’orvette became the leader of the Reshtarc, it was retained as the seat of power while a new capital is built on Belail Three.

Starfortress Reska: This base was established in 2174 as a forward base for the invasion of the Romulan Star Empire. The bases location was once in the Arbellus cluster, a belt of asteroids. It was moved to the Reska System to protect and to provide a base of operations for the Reska Shipyards, and to serve as the headquarters for House Her’Toq.

The Starfortress is equipped with ten J-72a planetary defense disruptors and multiple torpedo launchers, and is protected by a squadron of ships that belonged to the former House Her‘Toq.

Strikebase Vengeance & Strikebase Glory: These bases sit in what is now known as the H'Rask Sector, a newly acquired and as yet undeveloped system.

Strikebase Vengeance was constructed in 2372 at the behest of Colonel Marrik sutai-Reshtarc, who was at the time was the Commander of the Reshtarc Marines, and also the Legion Marine Force Leader for the Imperial 4th Legion. Colonel Marrik needed a base for his Imperial Forces in the vicinity of the Triangle. A large addition was made to the existing Strikebase Glory, and given over on lease to the Imperial Marines.

Strikebase Glory was constructed in 2119 and is located near the Federation border and the area of space known as The Triangle. Located on the Reshtarc world of Balas/Iceblade. The base is a series of massive bunkers and planetary defense disruptors.

The outpost was once used as the forward staging base for the Reshtarc Marine's 2nd Legion, which is currently the Reshtarc Independent Legion. The base also has two orbital repair facilities, which are manned by the Imperial Navy.

Both bases combined feature 40 J-72a Planetary Disruptors and 10 photon cannons.

The Naval repair facilities were upgraded in 2374 to handle the new Negh’Var battleships as well as the Vor'Cha attack cruisers. J-72a Planetary Defense cannons have been added to augment the J-68 surface batteries and four Kang class Orbital defense drones have been put into place. Currently the base adds support to Fourth Legion Operations in this sector.

After the dissolution of the Reshtarc, the base became the headquarters for House Marrik. Although the house existed in name only, the base served as a safe haven for all Reshtarc unwilling to choose sides or join the Alliance. The ships of many Reshtarc Privateers call this base home yet today. After the passing of the Mempa Alliance era and the beginning of the K’orvette leadership, the base was realigned into a training facility with plans in the works for future development.

Starfortress Kalamar: Built following the Kinshaya War, originally called Starfortress 72, it was located close to the Kinshaya Wormhole. It was captured by the followers of House Her’Toq in 2376 and moved to the Kalamar System to provide a stable control base for the operations and defense of the weapons production plants of the Kalamar System.

Starfortress Monastery K’t’lok: The headquarters of House K’t’lok is as strange in appearance as the House itself. The fortress has been remodeled to appear as the Monastery of Kahless on Boreth. It serves as the command center of the House Fleet and Marines, and issues a daily sermon throughout the Mempa Sector. The base, as well as the house, remain a source of concern for the rest of the Reshtarc, but K‘orvette has initiated a program of bringing the members of K‘t‘lok back into the family mainstream.

Starfortress Dorog: Once bordering Cardassian space, this base was the home of Raider Squadron Two. This base was a major supply depot for vessels traveling to and from occupied Cardassian space. SF Dorog’s construction commenced in 2325 and was completed in 2328.

The base was moved to the Sestus System in 2376 and serves as the headquarters for House K’Baal, and the command center for the Sestus Shipyards.

Starfortress MaS’togh: Located in the Rodarat System, this base was once the home of Fusion House Korobar, until an invasion by Reshtarc forces in 2376 drove them from the system. After the fall of the Reshtarc, House MaS’ich took control of the base and currently use it as the headquarters for its Naval forces. After the attack on the MaS’ich compound by Kintaro it remained a major Naval base for the family.

Strikebase Warblade: This base is the largest marine base within the Empire. It can house three legions of marines conformably, and in an emergency can hold twice that number.

The base has seen its share of conflict. It has been attacked on four separate occasions. Twice it was successfully defended against attacks by the Drexa in 2351 and 2355, again it was attacked in 2366 by forces of the Juriss, which were repelled. The last attack occurred in 2373 during Marrik’s Insurrection. Lord Marrik himself led the attack that took the base and secured the system for the rebels to use as a jump off point for an invasion of the Mempa Sector. This also marked the first time that an enemy force had conquered the base.

After the death of Lord Marrik, the base garrison backed the only remaining senior marine leader and House MaS’ich. It was renamed Strikebase Warblade after House MaS’ich took control, and serves as the headquarters of House MaS’ich. The loss of MaS’ich created some turmoil among those present here but the end of the family civil war that ensued when K’orvette came to power helped rally them into reorganizing. This reorganization continues and pledges to do its part to help the family rebuild.

Irrani Expanse: Located in the Mempa sector, the Irrani Expanse is a vast nebula. The Expanse has been the sight of several battles in Reshtarc and Klingon history. Starship sensors are unable to penetrate its outer cortex, however vessels inside the nebula can use their sensors in a limited fashion.

The Irrani Expanse is vigilantly guarded by Reshtarc patrol vessels, and new sensor technology is tested here. The expanse occupies roughly one quarter of the Mempa Sector.

Mempa Warrior Academy: Located at Belial 3, this school features the finest Marine Officer training available in the Empire. It was built in 2372 by Lord Marrik to create a solid officer corps to lead the newly expanding Reshtarc Marine Force.

Currently the Belial sector is controlled by House Keras, but the operation of the Academy is performed by House MaS’ich. The Academy is considered neutral territory and is open to any Marine within the Empire.

The academy will be in fair-weather view of the new capital city of the Reshtarc, being built under the direction of the new Line lord K’orvette.

Kodus Fighter Academy: Created on the planet Kodus 3 in 2374, this school is designed to provide basic and advanced pilot training to all Aerospace and Ground Support Fighters. Lord Marrik saw the need for Navy and Marine pilots receive their training side by side, and it is considered one of the most challenging schools within the Empire.

Located next to Strikebase Warblade, it continues to operate as neutral territory, controlled by House MaS’ich, and is open to all Navy and Marine pilots within the Empire.

Starfortress 70: Little to nothing is known of this base. Lord Marrik created it as the staging and training base for the Blood Order, a highly elite Marine strike force. As well as marine’s base it was intended to provide a secure area to test and evaluate new and alien technology.

The commander of this base was kept secret to the highest levels of the Reshtarc, and its secrets died with the line. The fate of this base, its technologies and the Blood Order, are currently unknown.


YEAR Historical Event or Activity


K'Paal overthrows K'Veth in a Bloody Coup in which 3,000 Reshtarc supporters of K'Veth are killed.


Gowron invades Cardassia, believing its government has been usurped by the Founders of the Gamma Quadrant.


The Klingon Empire withdrawals from the Khitomer Accords with the Federation, ending twenty years of peace. The Reva 4 uprising is put down by the Warblade squadron under the command of K'Paal. The Mempa alliance is signed, Houses Reshtarc, Ghol'jub, and Lorenssith ally. Later, Cardassia joins the Dominion and Empire resigns Khitomer Alliance with the Federation.

Dominion War Begins.

Jahzil Conflict: K'Paal joH orders Reshtarc Forces against Jahzil and Kinshaya forces near Kinshaya Wormhole.


Marrik’s Insurrection: K'Paal goes mad, begins to execute loyal officers, and disobeys Imperial Commands. Marrik is ordered by High Council to overthrow K'Paal. After a long fight Marrik becomes the 20th Linelord of the Reshtarc.

K’Paal, shortly after his discommendation, is killed in a freak shuttle accident.

Dominion War casualties mount. Empire declares emergency ship production. Reshtarc Expeditionary Force, under command of Capt.K'joH sutai-Reshtarc, take's the Grell and Hardor Systems from the IKS during the Triangle Campaign.


Sweeping changes occur within the line. A number of new boq'du are named and several officers in key positions are replaced, as Marrik joH solidifies his hold on the line.

Imperial Decree. The Emperor orders all ship production be dedicated to the Empire for the next two years.

Lorenssith Civil War. Due to a civil war raging in the Hrenn System, Marrik joH sends troops to garrison the surrounding systems in an effort to contain the Lorenssith. Marrik also makes the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force available to the Empire, should it be needed.

Kairos epetai-Lorenssith asks Marrik joH to abstain for the combat and give the Lorenssith time to solve their own problems. Marrik joH grants one month, but sends troops to protect Reshtarc Holdings in a strictly defensive posture. Lorenssith eventually removed from Mempa Alliance and Starbase Kryton moved back into Mempa Sector.

Imperial Recognition. Marrik joH is officially recognized by both the Emperor Kahless and the High Council as the Linelord of the Reshtarc. Marrik joH is also granted the title of Lord Protector of the Mempa Sector. Lord Marrik is the first Linelord to be officially recognized in this capacity by the Emperor.

Marrik joH retires from military service to oversee Reshtarc interests full time. His former commands, the IMV Genestealer and the position of Legion Marine Force Leader for the 4th Legion, are passed to his hand picked successor, Colonel MaS'ich sutai-Reshtarc.

Mempa Pact dissolved by Marrik joH, after Gholjub females begin mating with fusions at behest of Gholjub Linelord MalaH.


The Imperial 8th Division "Disciples of Annihilation", a Reshtarc led marine force, enters the Triangle again and captures a rogue planet. The mission features several key Reshtarc including Col. MaS'ich, wrestling champion Dn'tah and Major M'Tov.

Dominion War. Marrik joH sends the 5th and 10th Legions to the Cardassian Border to join in the fighting against the Dominion.

IMV Genestealer stolen by two wayward Reshtarc Marines, WO.Morrok and Sgt.Meq'Tok. The ship was the former command of Marrik joH, and under current command of Colonel MaS'ich. Although damaging the ship severely, the two managed to disrupt Dominion shipping in the Triangle and save General Martok’s life.


Dominion War Ends. The war ends and Gowron is killed. General Martok is named Chancellor.

Reshtarc Attack. The mighty warfleet of the Reshtarc attacks and conquers the Rodarat and Ankor systems. Lord Marrik receives backing of high council members. A linewar with the Drexa nearly erupts, Chancellor Martok intercedes, and both sides withdraw.

Reshtarc Expeditionary Force disbanded.


K’Paal Returns to Behacor Prime, his name cleared by Chancellor Martok. A great celebration commences.

Mercenary House Limmrii launches its suicide attack against the Mempa Sector. They launch a variant of the Genesis Torpedo into the primary stars of the Behacor and Kel Systems, causing the stars to go supernova. Both systems and several neighboring systems were completely destroyed. Lord Marrik & Lord K’Paal are killed as death tolls topped 1 billion dead.

Civil War. Conflict spreads throughout the remains of the Reshtarc Line. Numerous houses claim leadership of the line but none can claim the forefront.

Mempa Alliance is formed. The six remaining houses gather their territories and troops and agree to work together for mutual benefit. Thought Admiral Keras is chosen to act as speaker for the alliance and to take Lord Marrik’s place on the High Council.




Type Name Location Size Notes

House Keras Marines

Legion Feh'klrs Fist Belial System

Cavalry Alliance Lancers 3500 Cavalry L'Eght Beast

Inf. Regiment 1st Mempa 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 2nd Mempa 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 3rd Mempa 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 4th Mempa 3000 Infantry

Kelranni Rgt. Krestex 5000 Heavy Assault

Ecm,Eccm 1st ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Squadron Lone Wolves 200 24 B'rel TAC

Engineers 1st Engineer Bat. 500

Legion War Mongers Cathis System

Garrison 5th Mempa 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 6th Mempa 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 7th Mempa 3000 Infantry

Garrison 8th Mempa 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 1st Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Anti-Air Bat. 1st Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm 2nd ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 2nd Engineer Bat. 500

C N B 1st C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological

Misc Marine Garrisons

Archius Garrison 9th Mempa 3000 Infantry

Hesperus Garrison 10th Mempa 3000 Infantry

House Her’Toq Marines

Legion War Targs Starfortress Kalamar

Garrison 1st Targs 3500 Assault Infantry

Air Cav 2nd Targs 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Inf. Regiment 3rd Targs 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 4th Targs 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 5th Targs 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 6th Targs 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp Targ Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Engineers Targ Engineer Bat. 500

Legion Glory Hounds Starfortress Reska

Garrison 1st Hounds 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 2nd Hounds 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 3rd Hounds 3000 Infantry

Garrison 4th Hounds 3000 Infantry

Garrison 5th Hounds 3000 Infantry

Garrison 6th Hounds 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp Hound Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Anti-Air Bat. Hounds Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm Hounds ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers Hounds Engineer Bat. 500

C N B Hounds C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological

House K’t’lok Marines

Legion Defenders of the Race Starfortress Monastery K’t’lok

Garrison 1st K’t’lok 3500 Assault Infantry

Air Cav 2nd K’t’lok 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Inf. Regiment 3rd K’t’lok 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 4th K’t’lok 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 5th K’t’lok 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 6th K’t’lok 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp K’t’lok Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Engineers K’t’lok Engineer Bat. 500


House K’Baal Marines

Legion Black Legion Starfortress Doros

Inf. Regiment 1st Imperial 3500 Assault Infantry

Air Cav 2nd Imperial 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Inf. Regiment 3rd Imperial 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 4th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 5th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 6th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 1st Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Engineers 1st Imperial Engineer Bat. 500

Legion Dark Emperors Sestus System

Armd. Reg Fire Eaters 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 7th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 8th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 9th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 10th Imperial 3000 Infantry

Squadron Hell Birds 200 24 B'rel TAC

Anti-Air Bat. Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 2nd Imperial Engineer Bat. 500



House MaS’ich Marines

Shadow Legion Strikebase Warblade

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 1 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 2 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 3 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 4 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 5 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 6 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 7 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 8 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 9 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 10 5000 Power Assault Armor

Legion 1 Doom Lords Strikebase Warblade

Inf. Regiment 1st Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 2nd Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 3rd Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 4th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Armd. Reg Slashers 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Tac Air Grp 1st Vosta Tac Air Group 650 72 Dagger Tac

Squadron Wild Cards 200 24 B'rel TAC

Ecm,Eccm 1st Vosta ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 1st Vosta Engineer Bat. 500

C N B Vosta C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological

Legion 2 World Eaters Lispers System

Armd. Reg K'Nesks Armor 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 5th Vosta 3500 Assault Infantry

Inf. Regiment 6th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 7th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 8th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 9th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Squadron 1st Vosta Ground Support 200 24 Dagger TAC

Tac Air Grp 2nd Vosta Tac Air Group 650 72 Dagger Tac

T.D. Bat. 1st Vosta Tank Destroyer 500 28 F'Las Tank Destroyers

Engineers 1st Vosta Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 3 World Burners Rodarat System

Air Cav 10th Vosta 4000 Air Assault Inf.

Inf. Regiment 11th Vosta 3000 Assault Infantry

Armd. Reg Masters of Pain 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg Steel Skin 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 12th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 13th Vosta 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 3rd Vosta Tac Air Group 650 72 Dagger Tac

Engineers 2nd Vosta Engineer Bat. 500

Misc Marine Units

Balas Garrison 14th Vosta 3500 Infantry

Morska Garrison 15th Vosta 3500 Infantry


House Toragar Marines

Legion 1 Black Talon Legion

Armd. Reg Black Talon Armor 1 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg Black Talon Armor 2 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 1 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 2 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 3 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 4 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 5 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 6 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 7 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment Black Talon 8 3000 Infantry

Squadron 1st Ankor Ground Support 200 24 Dagger TAC

Squadron 2nd Ankor Ground Support 200 24 Dagger TAC

Squadron 3rd Ankor Ground Support 200 24 Dagger Tac

Squadron 4th Ankor Ground Support 200 24 B'rel TAC

T.D. Bat. Mobile Death 500 28 F'Las Tank Destroyers

Anti-Air Bat. Ankor Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm 1st Ankor ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Ecm,Eccm 2nd Ankor ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 2nd Ankor Engineer Bat. 500

Engineers 2nd Amkor Engineer Bat. 500

C N B Ankor C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological



Independent Legion Emperor’s Children Strikebase Vengeance / Strikebase Glory

Armd. Batt. Marrik’s Maulers 6000 350 K’Raken MBT’s

Aircav Mtov’s Manglers 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Aircav mayqel’s Marauders 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Aircav 9th Reshtarc 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Aircav 10th Reshtarc 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Kelranni Rgt. Wild Hunt 5000 Air Assault Regiment

Heavy Regiment 1st. Night Guard 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 2nd. Night Guard 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 3rd. Night Guard 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 4th. Night Guard 3000 Power Assault Armor

Independent Units

Blood Order 1st SOF Starfortress 70 1000 Special Operations Force

Garrison 57th Reshtarc Praxis 3500 Infantry

Garrison 59th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Cavalry L'Eght Beast

Garrison 60th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 61st Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Garrison 62nd Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 63rd Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 64th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 65th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 66th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 67th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Assault Infantry



Mempa Alliance Naval Units

Vessel Type Vessel Name Vessel Type

House Keras Fleet

Negh'Var IKV Marrik’s Mauler Battleship

Vor'cha-S IKV Devastator Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Boiling Blood Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Hellion Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Endless Game Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Heart of Glory Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Sword of Empire Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Kelranni Terror Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Klingon’s Talons Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Blood Oath Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Cold Death Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Kevar Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV First Kill Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV K'vek's Oath Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Jazihl Crusher Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IKV Bloodthirster Scout

B'rel IKV Da'hk Scout

B'rel IKV Emperor’s Hand Scout

B'rel IKV Fallen Warrior Scout

B'rel IKV Glorious Reach Scout

B'rel IKV Grishnar Scout

B'rel IKV Hand of Doom Scout

B'rel IKV Harsh Terms Scout

B'rel IKV Kruge's Glory Scout

B'rel IKV Kvang Scout

B'rel IKV Last Impression Scout

B'rel IKV Pa'hK Scout


House Hertoq Fleet

Vor'cha-S IKV Cold Blade Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Deathurge Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Black Adder Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Desolation Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Emperor's Fist Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Killer Instinct Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Last Breath Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Vigilant Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Admiral K'Revik Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Dooms Ascent Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Blood Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Praxis Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Fang Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IKV Silent Killer Scout

B'rel IKV Silernt Stalker Scout

B'rel IKV Storm Shadow Scout

B'rel IKV Swift Storm Scout

B'rel IKV Warhammer Scout

B'rel IKV Wraith Scout

House K’Baal Fleet

Vor'cha-S IKV Stormbringer Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Feh'klr's Rage Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Kaslek's Fury Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Iron Heart Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Plague Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Revenge Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Hecta Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Assassin Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Avenger Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Black Fist Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Slayer Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Mournblade Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV K'Dar Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IKV Defiant Guardian Scout

B'rel IKV Challenger Scout

B'rel IKV Cavalier Scout

B'rel IKV Crusader Scout

B'rel IKV Wind Dagger Scout

B'rel IKV Venom Dagger Scout

House K’t’lok Fleet

Vor'cha-S IKV K'Maal's Secret Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Dark Heart Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Cleaver Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Bloody Axe Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Revenger Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Nokia Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Sentinel Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV River of Blood Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Sister's Vengeance Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Reshtarc Honor Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Revolution Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Ripper Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IKV Archeron Scout

B'rel IKV Dominator Scout

B'rel IKV Slayer Scout

B'rel IKV War Dog Scout

House MaS’ich Fleet

Vor'cha-S IKV Genestealer II Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Yellow Talon Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Black Fang Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Keltic’s Legacy Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IKV Aggressor Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IKV First Kill Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Belial 3 Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Blood Seeker Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV K'irpec Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Domination Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Fire Blade Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Kespek's Tears Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Shining Dagger Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IKV Animal Scout

B'rel IKV Sudden Death Scout

B'rel IKV Dance of Death Scout

B'rel IKV Killers Might Scout

B'rel IKV Slasher Scout

B'rel IKV Genestealer Scout



House Toragar Fleet

K'Vort IKV World Eater Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV For Honor’s Sake Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Grashnak Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Hunter Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IKV Swift Sword Scout

B'rel IKV Smasher Scout

B'rel IKV Past Glory Scout

B'rel IKV Raging Storm Scout

B'rel IKV Reshtarc Vigilance Scout






Mempa Alliance Planetary Holdings

Planet Name System Name Sector Class Moons/Notes

House Keras

Cathis Cathis system Mempa M 6 moons

Pallis IV Pallis system Mempa M Dilithium

Pallis III Pallis system Mempa J 3 moons

Pallis II Pallis system Mempa I

Pallis Pallis system Mempa K 7 moons

Belial III Belial system Mempa M Marine Training Base

Belial II Belial system Mempa A Starfortress K’ryton

Belial Belial system Mempa C 1 moon

Belial Quasar Belial Ceti Mempa Quasar

Archius Major Archius system Mempa M Weapons Production

Archius Minor Archius system Mempa M Weapons Production

Khelan Khelan system Mempa M 8 moons/Dilithium

Hesperus Hesperus system Mempa M Heavy Metals

Celdun VII Celdun system Mempa M 5 moons/Weapons Production

Celdun VI Celdun system Mempa H 3 moons

Celdun V Celdun system Mempa I 1 moon

Celdun IV Celdun system Mempa H 4 moons

Celdun III Celdun system Mempa A

Celdun II Celdun system Mempa M Heavy Industry

Celdun Celdun system Mempa B 3 moons


House Her’Toq

Nimorg Nimorg system Mempa M 2 moons/Starfortress Nimorg

Nimorg Theta Nimorg system Mempa M 1 moon/Heavy Industry

Nimorg Alpha Nimorg system Mempa G

Tau Theta Tau system Mempa H 3 moons

Tau Nakron Tau system Mempa L

Kalamar Kalamar system Mempa M 12 moons/Weapons Production

Kalamar Sirus Kalamar system Mempa G

Kalamar Omicron Kalamar system Mempa I

Irrani Expanse Mempa system Mempa

Arbellus Cluster Arbellus system Mempa

Ruan II Ruan system Mempa M 3 moons/Heavy Industry

Ruan Ruan system Mempa C

Resaka Noral Resaka system Mempa M Shipyards/Starfortress Reska

Resaka Epsilon Resaka system Mempa B 3 moons

House K’t’lok

Fortrans VI Fortrans system Mempa M 2 moons

Fortrans V Fortrans system Mempa C 2 moons

Fortrans IV Fortrans system Mempa D

Fortrans III Fortrans system Mempa H 4 moons/Weapons Production

Fortrans II Fortrans system Mempa M Heavy Metals

Fortrans Fortrans system Mempa L

Berdak Secundus Berdak system Mempa M 1 moon/Weapons Production

Berdak Primus Berdak system Mempa M Starfortress K’t’lok

Berdak Trius Berdak system Mempa M

Sovibor Sovibor system Mempa M

Sovibor III Sovibor system Mempa H 7 moons

Sovibor II Sovibor system Mempa L

House K’Baal

Tantalus VI Tantalus system Mempa M 1 moon

Tantalus V Tantalus system Mempa C

Tantalus IV Tantalus system Mempa D 2 moons

Tantalus III Tantalus system Mempa H

Tantalus II Tantalus system Mempa M 2 moons/Heavy Metals

Tantalus Tantalus system Mempa L

Sestus II Sestus system Mempa M Shipyards/Starfortress Dorog

Sestus Minor Sestus system Mempa M 4 moons/Weapons Production

Setus Sestus system Mempa M 9 moons

Krelik Krelik system Mempa M 1 moon/Weapons Production

Krelik III Krelik system Mempa H

Krelik II Krelik system Mempa L

Grell I Grell system Mocta M 1 moon

Grell II Grell system Mocta C

Grell III Grell system Mocta D 2 moons/ Heavy Industry

Hardor Major Hardor system Mocta M 12 moons

Hardor Minor Hardor system Mocta C

House MaS’ich

Balas Balas system Vosta M Starfortress MaS’togh

Balas Cor Balas system Vosta L

Lisper’s World Neranda system Vosta M 1 moon/Weapons Production

Neranda IV Neranda system Vosta H

Neranda Minor Neranda system Vosta G 12 moons

Neranda Major Neranda system Vosta M Heavy industry

Morska Morska system Vosta M 5 moons

Kodus Kodus system Vosta M 2 moons/Heavy Metals

Kodus II Kodus system Vosta L

Kodus III Kodus system Vosta M 6 moons/Marine Base

Keraxis Keraxis system Vosta L 3 Moons/Refining Base

Rodarat Prime Rodarat system Vosta M 4 Moons/Heavy Metals

Rodarat II Rodarat system Vosta G 2 Moons

Rodarat III Rodarat system Vosta M 1 Moon/Weapons Production

Kersus Kersus system Mempa G 2 Moons

Miners Home Kersus system Mempa M 1 Moon

House Toragar

Ankor I Ankor system Vosta B 6 Moons/Dilithium

Ankor II Ankor system Vosta B 2 Moons/Dilithium

Ankor Secundus Ankor system Vosta M Refining Base

Ankor Primus Ankor system Vosta M 7 Moons/Heavy Industry

Ankor V Ankor system Vosta I

Neutral/Unaffiliated Territories

H'Roth I H'Roth system Guntak 1 moon/Heavy Metals

Icedblade H'Roth system Guntak Asteroid Belt/Marine Base/Repair Yard

H'Roth V H'Roth system Guntak 4 moons

H'Roth VI H'Roth system Guntak 2 moons

H'Roth VII H'Roth system Guntak

Praxis Qo'noS system Qo'noS Moon/Dilithium

Hellion Expanse Hecta system Nebula

Unknown Space Unknown Unknown Starfortress 70