Reshtarc Handbook

Original material by: John Beyers

Additional material by: Andrew Gulbrandsen

Supplemented by: Paul Stacy



The Reshtarc Family

Current leader: joHwI K’orvette zantai-Reshtarc

Homeworld: Behacor Prime (historic home until its destruction in 2376);

Replacement construction of Great Hall on Belail III in progress

Location: Belail System

Holdings: 50+ habitable worlds

Line numbers: estimated at over six million

Political power: 10/10

Fleet: 30 Vessels in Imperial service

210 Line ships

Merchant Fleet:

Armed Merchantmen

Fleet Support Vessels:

K'Jev Class Antimatter Tankers

K'joH Class Ship Tenders

Ka'oS Class Dilithium Supply Vessels

Marrik Class Weapons Vessels

K'Tala Class Medical Frigates


Reshtarc Industries:

75% of Imperial offensive and defensive weaponry

10% of Imperial ship producing capacity

Major Installations:

Belial 3 Gunnery Range

Frontier Outposts 25, 26, 27 and 28

Naval Repair Station K'ryton

Kodus Fighter School

House Troops:


12 Legions (Divisions)

Line Alliances:

House Solazarn


Line Briefing (The End of the Glory Days):

The Reshtarc are one of the oldest of the Great Imperial Klingon Houses. For almost four hundred years they have been a crucial factor in Imperial policy making. Following the Praxis disaster, the House entered one of the few dormant periods in their illustrious history. The peace seeking factions banded together long enough to prevent the Reshtarc and their few remaining allies from damaging the Federation Peace process.

Following the battle at the Khitomer outpost and subsequent signing of the Khitomer Accords, the Reshtarc withdrew from the political forum completely. The Line was seldom sought for political advice, or for anything else for that matter. The Line had not fallen; by design they withdrew, biding their time for a more advantageous return.

The Reshtarc reemergence as a Great House began in the year 2365. The Line Lord's eldest son, K'Paal(19th Lord, 7th Dynasty), who had been serving in the Imperial Navy, was assigned to the IKV T'Ong in 2290. The T'Ong was a sleeper vessel which was found in Federation territory by the Enterprise-D in the year 2365, some 75 years later. The remaining crew of the T'Ong was sent for retraining and general reintroduction into the modern Klingon society.

Certain forces wishing to see a change in fundamental Klingon policy regarding the Federation saw to it that K'Paal and his chief advisor K'joH were placed in the fleet with K'Paal getting his own command. The two Klingons had their reeducation cut short by these allies. The effects of this action were felt almost immediately throughout the Empire, as K'Paal and K'joH gained immediate support from many disenchanted Klingon warriors.

Reshtarc power became prominent during the Klingon Civil War. K'Paal used his power to aid Gowron and the loyalist forces against the Duras family. Klingon records are sketchy or have been deliberately deleted as to when Reshtarc holdings were returned to K'Paal and his line. The current argument in historical and Klingon cultural circles is that the Reshtarc titles and properties were never taken away.

Federation intelligence sources believe that a bargain was struck between the peace faction in the Empire and the war faction, which included the Reshtarc prior to the Khitomer Accords. The deal that was struck allowed the Reshtarc and allied houses to retain all titles and territories in return for their silence in the peace process.

The Civil War gave the Reshtarc the power and prestige necessary to break the constraints from such an agreement. The current Reshtarc regime is now firmly in control of their destiny and that of the lines.

The Reshtarc are known for their fierce opposition to non-Imperial entities. They have strongly opposed alliances with both the Romulan Star Empire and United Federation of Planets. The line has often been behind many plots to either destroy or undermine the Federation/Klingon Alliance. They were somewhat successful in 2371 when they discovered and subsequently captured several Federation spies operating in Klingon territory. The spies were attempting to send information to the Cardassian Government on the future Klingon invasion.

The Reshtarc are also known to harbor a pure hatred for non-Imperial entities within the Empire itself. Currently these hatreds have been put aside in favor of the traditional enemies of the Empire. The ensuing collapse of the Federation and Klingon Alliance also renewed Reshtarc industry.

The reconstituted Reshtarc Combined Arms Limited worked in conjunction with Lorenssith Works and the Ghol'jub Line to produce a massive military force, unparalleled since the height of the Empire's Outward Expansion Policy. Up to and including the period of the Dominion war, the combined output of these three houses amounted to roughly 63% of Imperial armaments production. Intelligence reported that this conglomeration was producing twenty-five vessels per month for Imperial use.

This rate of Imperial Fleet expansion before the Dominion war placed the active fleet at over five hundred vessels. The most recent Imperial Fleet estimate was about two hundred and sixty-five vessels. This figure does not include House or reserve fleets.

The Reshtarc took a positive upswing in the political arena within the Empire. They had many members in various fleet positions as well as the then Head of the House being promoted to a Squadron command position.

The general feeling within the Federation was that the Reshtarc revival will collapse once the Klingons approach the Federation for a peaceful solution to the dilemma between these former allies.

The Federation has also found evidence from Cardassian sources that K'Paal ordered his squadron to liquidate roughly 500,000 Cardassian and Eldrun people on the Klingon occupied planet of Reva 4 in Klingon occupied Cardassian space.

The massacre was in response to the assassination of the Drexa governor and resulting rebellion of Cardassian and Eldrun dissidents opposed to the Klingon occupation. A joint governorship was awarded to the Reshtarc, Lorenssith, and Ghol'jub lines. Reva 4 suffered under an oppressive martial law and judicial system reminiscent of a barbarous system.

The relationship between the Jurris and Reshtarc was exploitable. It was believed that the Jurris and their allies could be convinced to put political pressure on the Empire to end the power of the Reshtarc line and destroy the alliance between the Lorenssith, Ghol'jub and Reshtarc.

There was also reason to believe that a growing gulf between Gowron and the Reshtarc may also be exploited. The Reshtarc began to grumble for a true Emperor. While there was uncertainty over whether they meant Kahless or K'Paal had himself in mind is unknown. What is known is that the Reshtarc showed displeasure at Gowron's bungled attempt at obtaining total victory during the Cardassian offensive.

There exists much speculation as to how much the Greater Houses dictated to Gowron the need to hold on to several of the Cardassian worlds. The past history of the Reshtarc line showed no instance where rebellion was started by the line.

The newer leaders were much more belligerent than the old leadership in its dealings with internal disputes. A possible scenario could involve Reshtarc and allied forces leading an insurrection if new peace initiatives were attempted.

In the time of the Dominion war there were sweeping changes within the line. K'Paal had gone mad with power lust, seeing traitors and assassins everywhere. He began executing loyal Reshtarc Officers, most of them from the Marine Ranks, which were slowly gaining in power. These allegations of treason were not limited to the lower ranks. They went up to Colonel Marrik, the leader of the House Marine Forces. This outrage of dishonor forced Marrik to gather his allies, who also felt the need to remove K'Paal before greater injustices could be done, and launch a coup.

Marrik and his forces, most notably a former boqdu', Captain K’orvette, Marine Senior Officers M'Tov, M'Pak, may'qel and several navy squadron commanders, gathered their troops and fleet and began to launch an attack. The most notable battles occurred in the Kodus System and a clandestine raid which lent to capture K'Paal and install Marrik as Line lord.

K'Paal was kept from execution by the High Council, and was tried by a council of warriors and discommendated for his crimes. He was reportedly killed sometime later in a shuttle accident.

House Industry:

Since the beginning of House Reshtarc armaments has been their sole business. Following the bloody coup of 2369, K'Paal (19th Lord, 7th Dynasty) ordered a realignment of the family owned Reshtarc Industries.

He organized the multi-faceted operation into one giant corporation protected under the new aegis ReCAL (Reshtarc Combined Arms Limited). In the past each individual operation was run independent of each other. The mining of dilithium and other important metals was called Reshtarc Mines, while the production of weapons was listed as Reshtarc Weapons.

K'Paal immediately ended this practice and forged a stronger, centrally controlled corporation. He also tied the military academies to this corporation by offering hands-on training at the Houses' shipyards in the Mempa Sector, and infused the slowly declining Reshtarc industrial base with new blood and more dynamic leadership. In 2370 he dismissed the former Chief Engineer K'shek and replaced him with friend and ally K'Jev vestai-Reshtarc.

K'Jev was a bold up and coming engineer whose work on several projects distinguished him as one of the Empire's best and brightest. K'Jev immediately set about refining Klingon weapons technology and designing new and better weapons with which the Empire could defend itself.

The J-72 project and the Vor’Cha-S Class Attack Cruiser were the result of a new spirit at ReCAL. K'Paal could now turn his attention to other plans. 2370 also marked the end of the Imperial lease on the use of the Mempa Shipyards, the single largest in the Empire. K'Paal decided against signing a new lease and proposed a limited lease on several of the slips. He further demanded and received a new weapons contract from the Empire.

Armed with the new contract and lease he added six more slips to the yard, bringing the total of ship docks to 46 including two for the new class of Negh'Var Battleships and two for the Kinshaya Fast Attack Cruiser. Currently 10 of the slips are devoted to the construction of Vor’Cha-S Class Attack Cruisers, three for the Armageddon Troop Carrier, five for the K'Vort Heavy Cruiser and five are for the B'rel II class scout. The other 21 are devoted to repair and upgrade facilities for fleet and line vessels.

The Reshtarc control of 75% of offensive/defensive weapons and their control system production gave the family a unique niche within the Klingon Empire. The closet Federation equivalent would have been the Krupp Steel Works from the early 20th century Earth, which provided the country called Germany with a large part of its armaments in three world wars.

The power of the Reshtarc industrial base lent further credence to the theory that the House never lost its holdings. Such a power base in the Empire, once lost, would have been hard to regain. The idea that the Reshtarc Line could have regained so much power in the wake of the Duras defeat is absolutely preposterous.

The central location of the Mempa Sector was another reason for the family's success. The Mempa sector is close to both Qo'noS and is far enough away from borders to allow for easy defense. ReCAL ships all its weapons from this location to the other Houses as well as to other Imperial shipyards.

Tied into the framework of ReCAL was the shipping and merchant fleet. The merchant fleet is comprised of one hundred armed Merchantmen of the Targ and H'egH class. The merchant force also doubles as reserve troop and cargo transports in time of war.

The thirty-six major worlds and forty-seven moons which made up the West Central Core of the Reshtarc holdings also provided valuable resources during the build-up and prosecution of the Dominion war. A powerful chain of dilithium mine and refinement plants are sprinkled throughout these core systems.

Another twenty-seven worlds and nineteen moons made up smaller holdings which border on Federation and Romulan space. Huluk 9, which is located near Romulan space, provides the Empire with a rich source of duranium and radonium-5, a prime metal for use in the new ablative armors.

A consortium made up of metallurgists from the Reshtarc and Ghol'jub lines are exploring many sources of rare metals and minerals for Imperial use. The state of ReCAL was also been augmented by an industrial joining with the allied houses of Lorenssith and the Ghol'jub. This alliance with one of the major shipbuilders and a powerful mining and metallurgy House providing the three major Houses stability in a time when stability was needed.

The Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility was the headquarters for most of ReCAL's research and development. Here the very first Vor’Cha-S Class Cruiser was built. The original name was changed from the Dissident Aggressor to the Stormbringer. The facility is also where many of the improved weaponry were designed and built.

The growth and expansion of the Reshtarc industrial base remained to be seen. The loss of these facilities in war would hamstring the Empire so the family has seen fit to station a powerful fleet within striking distance of any of its key locations. The Imperial navy also provides five ships whose soul purpose is to defend the shipyards and Behacor Prime.

Little has changed since the fall of K'Paal. In more recent times, joHwI' Marrik has added three further slips at Mempa Shipyards for construction of the new T-15 Armageddon Class Assault Carrier and two slips for the Kinshaya Class Fast Attack Cruiser. There are also five more slips for building and servicing the Armageddon being built within the Kodus System, and two further in the H'Rask System. This will expand the troopships' construction rate to meet current Imperial demand. Marrik has also reinstated ReCAL’s Imperial Weapons Contracts.

Reshtarc Fleet Capabilities:

The Reshtarc provided the Empire with a powerful force of ships of various designs. The wartime strength of this fleet was 190 ships of the line. The Reshtarc deployed 40 of its vessels for service in the Imperial Klingon Navy while the other 150 are used for line purposes.

The Reshtarc rotated their vessels every six months. Reshtarc doctrine allowed for constant refits to most of its existing fleet. The vessels were generally kept in service for at least ten years before being sold, scrapped or mothballed with the Reserve fleet.

The current median age of most Reshtarc vessels is ten years old with most having the most up to date technology available. The most numerous of the Reshtarc fleet is the B'rel scouts.

The oldest are the K't'inga Class cruisers which were all but replaced by the Vor’Cha-S Class at the end of the Dominion war. Once the K't'inga has been phased out, the last of the K't'ermny Class of destroyers will be next. The Reshtarc are currently designing a new class of vessel. This class will be a fast attack cruiser with long range mission and quick strike applications.

The average captain’s age is thirty-two in the Imperial Navy, while it is twenty-six in the Reshtarc fleet. The current theory is that the coup of 2370 purged many of the captains who were resistant to change. The younger leadership, while lacking in battle experience, was forced into an accelerated training program.

The program involved an intensive schedule of gunnery and maneuver drills as well as independent leadership courses (piracy). The program was two-fold first; it gave the officers of the fleet training in combat operations. Second, it provided the Reshtarc with a younger, more active officer pool.

The Reshtarc are known as merciless enemies in battle if Cardassian and Romulan sources can be trusted. They show very little remorse in killing and are known to destroy non-combatants and unarmed merchant ships.

During the Klingon Fleets' stay at Deep Space 9, several Reshtarc vessels were involved in the destruction of a Bajoran freighter. The freighter was carrying spare parts and technical personnel for a Federation outpost along the Cardassian border.

Further examples of Reshtarc atrocities can be sighted, such as the Reva 4 massacre. Admiral K'Paal sutai-Reshtarc (19th Lord, 7th Dynasty) ordered his fleet to bombard the planet as well as execute Cardassian and Eldrun freedom fighters. While the Reshtarc are not alone in the blame for the massacre, the Line Lord was the man behind it.

The Reshtarc provided a large manpower pool, which served throughout the fleet in various capacities. Since no family can posses enough ships for the whole of the line, many of the lines personnel serve on ships other than those owned by the Reshtarc.

The current doctrine within the Empire is one of growth and expansion of its Navy. The Reshtarc are also expanding their personal force as well, not that they are alone in this policy. Nearly 80% of House forces are kept for protection while only 20% serve in the Imperial Navy.

House Legions:

The Reshtarc line provided the non-aligned worlds it controls with a large defense force. The Reshtarc Marine force is formed around twelve Legions, and many independent garrisoned Regiments.

Several Reshtarc Marine Regiments served with the Empire. They provided strength in Imperial ground operations on the countless worlds in which the Empire has been engaged. The most famous of these Reshtarc Forces is the Belial 2 Reshtarc Lancers. The Lancers currently on duty at Reva 4 ride the fierce L'Eght beasts. The L'Eght beasts, native to Behacor Prime, are vicious creatures in their own right. The mounted Klingons are a powerful sight with their heavy helms and twelve foot disruptor lances. These troops are used in areas where transporter beam interference is bad or shuttles cannot reach.

Marrik's Maulers were the personal Armored Regiment of Colonel Marrik prior to his promotion to command over the Houses Marine Forces, a duty he shared with an Imperial Marine position.

Colonel Marrik personally oversaw the ground operations during the Reva 4 massacre. He went so far as to order the "Reshtarc Lancers" to charge a crowd of starving Cardassian and Eldrun people. The result was a massive charge involving 2,000 Lancers firing and trampling a crowd of 6,000. The carnage which resulted was appalling: over 3,500 killed or wounded. The results were deemed successful by both K'Paal (19th Lord, 7th Dynasty) and Marrik joH.

Currently, a small force of Reshtarc Marines serve on Imperial vessels while the rest serve within the Reshtarc Fleet. Reshtarc troops are provided with the best weapons available to Imperial Marines.

The armored forces use the K'Raken Heavy M.B.T. and the assault troops are equipped with the Warhammer Assault Battle Armor. The armor is equipped with a shoulder mounted F-8 Disruptor and a hand mounted plasma gun. The armor also incorporates a highly-classified technology within each suit able to perform site-to-site transport. The armor is space-worthy and shielded, able to take a phaser blast at the sixteenth setting.

The Marine force is fully backed by ground support squadrons composed of modified B'rel Scouts which employ the Phalanx Disruptor, which is able to target multiple targets as well as place heavy plasma bombs with pinpoint accuracy.

These squadrons also employ the Dagger close support vehicle: a modified form of the Imperial Fighter of the same name. These craft, unlike their counterparts, are armed with Merkalite rockets and four medium disruptors. They can also be modified to carry fuel air explosives in a pod underneath each wing strut.

Reshtarc Marines also count on the firepower of the Navy to provide any needed heavy ground support. The Marines and Navy use a system of gunnery spotting which gives the support at the precise location needed.

Unlike the Navy, the Reshtarc Marine forces survived the 2370 coup relatively intact. Being a Naval House, the Reshtarc do not have the tradition of the Hurric Marine. They are a formidable force due to the amount of heavy weaponry, which is 25% more than the average Klingon Legion. Furthermore they have a better relationship with the Naval elements in the House, which makes for more successful operations.

joHwI' Marrik personally saw to the needs of his forces and established an Officer's Academy on Belial 2, and a Fighter Academy on Kodus III. Both of these institutions live on today.

The History of the Reshtarc Marine Force.

During the time of Linelord K'Baal epetai-Reshtarc, the Marines of the Reshtarc Line were an impressive and much feared fighting force. Their training, equipment and tenacity were at the highest levels imaginable. The Leadership was also superior, and cooperation and moral between the Marines and the House Navy was at an all time high, due in much part to K'Baal's recognition that combined arms operations are much more successful, than two independent forces in competition. K'Baal's younger brother, Mellik, kept a high esprit de corps among his troops, and even the mighty Hurric Marines recognized the Reshtarc Marines as an excellent fighting force, even to the point of forming a friendly rivalry with the greater line's troops.

All this however, changed after the disappearance of K'Baal and Mellik, who led the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force into the Kinshaya Wormhole, never to return.

Korek, youngest of K'Baal's son's, took the Reshtarc throne after the High Council proclaimed K'Baal dead. Even K'Baal's eldest son, K'Paal, had disappeared on some classified mission, and was claimed lost. The High Council demanded a new Linelord for the Empire’s most powerful line. Korek took power in 2299, and became the 26th Lord of the Line.

Under Lord Korek, a decorated naval officer, the Reshtarc Navy was rebuilt, to cover the losses incurred by the REF. The Marines, however, remained under strength. In 2320, Korek's son, M'gerth, was given command of all house troops. He was a petty dictator, who fancied himself the new line lord. His self-serving actions and commands did not escape the senior generals and commanders of the Marines, who soon plotted M'gerth's death. M'gerth acted quickly when he learned of the threat, hiring an entire assassins tong to eliminate the entire Marine General Staff and those officers that he could not count on as being loyal solely to himself.

In one night M'gerth managed to eliminate every combat experienced officer in the House Marines. What was left to take their place were self serving "career officers" who were more concerned with advancement than leading troops to glory in combat. There were mass grumblings from the rank and file. Their disapproval at having to follow such officers led to several executions among the non-commissioned officers, resulting in a massive decline in morale and combat efficiency, as well as driving many of the surviving junior officers and NCOs from house service, and back into the Imperial Marines.

The Reshtarc Marines were soon to be tested in battle however. During the Battle of Grac and the 90 Day War against the Cardassians, the House Marines took crippling losses, and were finally driven from the field of battle in disgrace. These two defeats were enough to cause Lord Korek to order the death of his own son, and vow to keep the House Marines as a reserve force, to keep them from ever embarrassing the Line again.

Over the decades the conditions within the Line Troops did not change. If anything, it became worse. The Reshtarc Marines were reduced to a peasant infantry, with little formal training, and equipment often years out of date. No longer a viable assault force, the House became dependent on Kelranni as an attack force, much to the further embarrassment of the house troopers.

When K'Paal overthrew Lord K'Veth in 2370, he was disgusted at the state of despair and degeneration that had befallen a highly motivated ground force that was once led by his uncle Mellik to victory after victory. This situation was only further proven when the Flagship of the Reshtarc Line, the IKV Stormbringer, had an entire marine contingent, completely composed of Hurric Troops. Determined to turn the situation around, K'Paal turned to his close friend and ally, Marrik sutai-Hurric. He wanted the Hurric and his personal followers to retrain the remains of the Reshtarc Marine Force.

Marrik, after researching what remained of the troops, gave K'Paal a list of things that needed to be changed:

A total disbandment of current units. Reforming them into viable fighting units.

A complete retraining of all Reshtarc Marines.

A command and rank bonus, to attract those Reshtarc serving in the Imperial Marines, back into house service.

The necessary resources to re-equip all line troops with modern weaponry and vehicles.

A Reshtarc Marine Officers School to be opened.

Modern Infantry Training facilities.

Schools for service MOS training to rebuild the entire Marine Support structure.

Mass recruitment of marines from within the line, to bring numbers up to past standards.

The re-establishment of Reshtarc Marine Traditions, as well as the adoption of several Hurric traditions to rebuild the moral of the troops.

K'Paal took these points to heart, and asked Marrik to recruit the necessary number of Hurric trainers he would need to complete the operation. Soon House Marrik of the Hurric Line began the long process of reorganization and retraining of the Reshtarc Marine Force.

Meanwhile, the Hurric, fearing Marrik's close alliance with the empire’s most powerful family, began to censure him and his followers. Eventually leading to the Hurric asking Marrik to leave before a line war ensued. This forced Marrik, and those that stood with him, to seek out K'Paal epetai-Reshtarc, who absorbed all of Marrik‘s Hurric into the Reshtarc Line.

Posting Marrik to Commander of the Reshtarc Marine Force, and holding him, as a Reshtarc, personally responsible for the Line Ground Forces, K'Paal brought the alliance with his friend to an all new level, much to the disgust of the Hurric, who broke off all diplomatic ties with the Reshtarc.

The finial completion of training lasted just over one year, when two of the first units to be completed, the cavalry unit Reshtarc Lancers and the armor unit Marrik’s Maulers, were to take part in the Invasion of Cardassia in late 2372, under the command of Marrik himself. Both units won several victories in combat, including the capture of the planet Reva IV, alongside the marines of the Lines Lorenssith and Ghol'jub. It was during the occupation of Reva IV that the determination and ruthlessness of the Reshtarc Fleet was once more felt in the Empire. A food riot had broken out in the capital city. K'Paal ordered Marrik, whose combat force was camped just outside the city, to disperse the crowds and enforce martial law on the populace. Marrik ordered the Lancers and Maulers to use their explosive tipped lances, and the Mauler’s armored vehicles, and charge headlong into the throngs. This tactic worked only too well, many rioters learned to never doubt the extreme lengths the Reshtarc Marines would use to ensure total victory, as the death toll reached into the thousands.

When news of the combat victories and the smashing of the riot reached the Reshtarc Troops at home, a resurgence of honor and respect was felt by all the Line Marines. A new age for the Marines was born, and woe to any that doubted them again.

Since their reformation, the Reshtarc Marine Force fought numerous battles against the Cardassians and Dominion, as well as the Marines of the IKS. Although in some battles the casualties have been high, the Reshtarc had yet to taste defeat again, often going to suicidal lengths to achieve victory.

In 2373, Lord K'Paal, becoming mentally unstable, grew wary of the growing power and influence of his Marine Leader and his allies within the line, and ordered the executions of several key leaders within the Reshtarc Marine Force. This action caused a great anger among the ground forces, who feared the past repeating itself. Eventually, a revolt by the house marines assisted by house naval forces ensued, leading to the overthrow of K'Paal and the installation of the Marine Force Commander, Lord Marrik, as Linelord. The Reshtarc Marine Force would not allow itself to be returned to the shameful status it had recently recovered from.

Lord Marrik kept the peace between the Marines and Navy of the Line, and worked to return the mutual respect and cooperation of the services that existed during the time of K'Baal. If anything, the Marines are now in ascendance in the Line, many serve as the crew of the Line Flagship, and held more positions of power within the line than at any other time in the nearly four-hundred year history of the Reshtarc line.

Currently, the Reshtarc Marine Force has re-established itself as one of the premiere fighting forces in the Empire, and the galaxy itself.

Reshtarc Kuve: Kelranni:

The Kelranni are a race of bi-pedal Humanoids from the Kelran system. The Kelran system was annexed by House Reshtarc following a five year war (2076-2081). The Kelranni have proven themselves loyal to House Reshtarc since that time. The Kelranni provide the Reshtarc with troops, teachers and other tasks.

The Kelranni have sworn a oath of obedience as a race to the Reshtarc. This provides the House with an utterly loyal race of Kuve whose sole purpose is to serve the family as a breed of warriors.

Setting the stage- (The 2076 Invasion)

The Reshtarc had discovered the existence of the Kelranni early in 2073, neither was preoccupied with the other until late in 2075. The Klingon ore freighter 132 was attacked by Kelranni from Alpha Kel when the ship inadvertently crossed into the Kel system.

The freighter belonged to house Reshtarc and were delivering a load of unremarkable ores to Behacor Prime. The Reshtarc responded immediately with an attack on a Kelranni Cruiser. The Kelranni ship suffered a hull breech and quickly fled the area.

The Kelranni responded swiftly and mounted a attack on a Reshtarc convoy, destroying four merchantmen and two Destroyers. The Reshtarc Line Lord convened a military council, calling all his battle lords to Behacor Prime.

K'Maal was determined to crush the Kelranni and take their worlds for the Empire, in particular his own line. K'Maal selected Admiral K'rer zantai Reshtarc to take overall command of the Invasion with Admiral Kleg zantai Reshtarc commanding the Naval forces and General K'Nesk zantai Reshtarc commanding the Marine forces.

K'rer's plan called for three squadrons for the invasion with a fourth in reserve, as well as a ground force which included: 1 legion, 9 regiments, 4 companies and Tac Air group. This force was earmarked to seize the Kel system. The Kel system was made up of five inhabited worlds and seven moons. The worlds were rich in minerals and the Kelranni possessed good technology, thus making the conquering of their system very important.

Intelligence on the Kelranni was lacking since the race had very little to do with outsiders. Their combat skills were reckoned to be poor. This was due in part to the defeat of the Kelranni cruiser in 2075. The Reshtarc convoy which had been attacked and mauled by a Kelranni battle fleet was viewed as insufficient evidence of their abilities to wage war.

K'rer believed the Kelranni had only 20 warships capable of fighting and beating a Klingon vessel. K'rer and many Klingon experts were mistaken. The Kelranni possessed forty warships, ten of which were new. Furthermore, the Kelranni had over five legions of troops, one for each tribe and a large number of brigades and support units. The Kelranni physically were superior to Klingons in strength and were excellent tacticians. Furthermore, like Klingons, they were fearless without being foolhardy.

The Kelranni were also preparing for war with the Empire, they made plans to deal with any impending invasion. The Kelranni decided that the Empire’s first strike would be aimed at Kel 4 and the Kelanis tribe. The Kelranni gathered three legions here as well as the bulk of their navy. The forces were gathered slowly and the buildup was hidden behind a facade of quiet peace. Neither side attacked the other, fearing that surprise would be jeopardized. Admiral K'rer finally gave the order and the Reshtarc forces launched their attack. The Klingon Task force was lead by an assault squadron made up of the following ships: IKC Black Fist (HC), IKC Assassin (HC), IKC Solemn Rage (AC), IKD Pestilence (DE). This force was supported by two Escort squadrons made up of five Destroyers (Revenge, Plague, Final Rage, Slow Death, and the Warriors Glory.) as well as three scouts (Storm Shadow, Last Impression, and the Raging Storm.)

B'rer had also prepared a fourth squadron which was to act as a reserve squadron in case the enemy was prepared. The fourth squadron packed a powerful punch and would be committed almost immediately. This did not change the fact that the Reshtarc forces were outnumbered two to one at Kel 4.

The only redeeming aspect to the initial attack was the Reshtarc landings, which were successful even though the Kelranni controlled the space around Kel 4. The Klingon squadrons engaged the Kelranni forces initially outside the orbital zone of Kel 4. The Kelranni commander had deployed most of ships on the far side of the planet and a group of eight vessels initially opposed the landing.

The Reshtarc Cruisers Assassin and Pestilence were damaged and the Destroyers Final Rage, Warriors Glory, and the Slow Death were destroyed. The Reshtarc were able to inflict casualties on the Kelranni Naval units. The Kelranni lost three cruisers and two scout class ships. B'rer ordered K'Nesk to land his forces while the Naval forces pursued the retreating Kelranni.

K'Nesk's landing went off without a hitch and he landed the bulk of his troops and equipment before the Kelranni legions fell upon forces. The Kelranni had three legions about 36,000 men and 12 regiments (42,000) against a Klingon force numbering about 43,500. The Klingons were outnumbered two to one. The Kelranni did not possess the Tactical Air support that the Klingons had. This allowed K'Nesk to launch a powerful offensive after about six weeks of static warfare.

The Naval battles soon turned against the Reshtarc when a third of the Reshtarc forces were destroyed in a battle near Kel 3. The Kelranni pushed the Reshtarc navy back and were able to bring their Naval forces directly against K'Nesk's marine forces on Kel 4. K'rer, possessing only seven ships, could do little to help K'Nesk.

K'Maal, seeing the trap his troops were in, ordered a force of thirty additional ships to Kelranni space. He also added another two legions and ten more brigades to the battle. Admiral K'rer was relieved of his command and overall command passed to Admiral Kleg who was able to drive the Kelranni from around Kel 3. This allowed K'Nesk and his additional forces to seize the planet.

The Kelranni were able to save a sizable number of troops about 26,000 and redeployed them on Kel 2 and Kel 3. The Kelranni navy had suffered 15 vessels lost to the Reshtarcs, 12 by the end of the first year of fighting. The ground losses were 50,000 Kelranni killed, captured and wounded, to about 46,000 Klingon dead. The war was a stalemate in terms of losses, however the Reshtarc had successfully captured Kel 4.

The second year settled down to static warfare as the Reshtarc sought to seize Alpha Kel. The Kelranni navy was successful in fighting delaying actions in and around alpha Kel. The Kelranni even managed a limited offensive aimed at retaking Kel 4. Admiral Kleg was unable to break the static war and was soon replaced by the young Klingon Admiral K'grath.

K'grath launched several short but sharp skirmishes all along the Kelranni defense line in the hopes of discovering a weakness. K'grath was successful and found the Kelranni weakest near Kel 2. Immediately he poured the bulk of his forces into breach made by the Navy.

Early in 2078 Kel 2 fell to the forces of K'Nesk and K'grath. The Kelranni had been able to replace some of their naval losses were down to 26 warships, while the Reshtarc commanded 35 ships in seven squadrons. K'grath and K'Nesk turned to Kel 2 and prepared to capture that world with it's high-grade ores important in weapons production.

The Kelranni launched a surprise offensive geared at knocking the Reshtarc offensive timetable off. They were more successful then they realized initially. K'grath's command ship, the IKC Deathurge, was destroyed and all hands were lost, including the Admiral. The Klingons also lost two transports carrying the 8th and 9th Brigades. The Kelranni losses were two corvettes.

The Reshtarc forces responded several weeks later with an offensive aimed at hounding and destroying the Kelranni Navy. The Reshtarc ground forces dug in on Kel 3 & 4 building up planetary defenses. The Kelranni Navy was hounded for a year and in three separate skirmishes was finally cornered and defeated.

The Kelranni still possessed some Naval strength, enough to make the Reshtarc respect them. The Kelranni did not possess enough naval assets to defeat the Reshtarc forces arrayed against them. The Kelranni did possess powerful ground forces and a equally powerful will to resist.

Admiral K'Azinn, who commanded the Reshtarc forces following K'grath's death, suffered a massive heart attack. joHwI' K'Maal responded by giving command of all forces in the Kelranni Military District to General K'Nesk. This marked the first time that a Marine commander had overall command of a joint operation.

The Reshtarc were prepared to finish the war this year. K'Nesk had earned the grudging respect of the Kelranni. He had also learned to respect the Kelranni for their fighting prowess. K'Nesk respected the Kelranni for their views and began to develop a fervent hope of making them Kuve for House Reshtarc.

2080 saw K'Nesk launching a two pronged attack against two of the remaining three Kelranni worlds. K'Nesk sent the largest force of 15 ships and two legions plus support units to Alpha Kel. A smaller force comprised of nine ships and one legion attacked Kel 2. The other 11 warships formed a defensive force protecting the Klingon bases on Kel 3 and 4.

The battle for Kel 2 lasted six months with the Third Reshtarc Legion "World Eaters", garnering the glory for that victory. The surface battle for Alpha Kel lasted almost a year when the two legions the 1st "Blood Thirsters" and the 7th "Sons of K'Vek" finally ended all resistance. The Klingons and Kelranni spent the remainder of the year regrouping and resting for the final battle.

In 2081 K'Maal joined the battle from the bridge of the newly completed IKC Stormbringer. He would join in the attack upon Beta Kel, the last of the Kelranni worlds. K'Maal until now had been embroiled in two other wars along Reshtarc borders. K'Maal lead the invasion force and they engaged the remnants of the Kelranni battle fleet.

K'Nesk landed his troops once the Kelranni Navy had been brushed aside. The battles which were fought on the surface of Beta Kel were bloody and long. K'Nesk and his forces three Legions of Reshtarc troops plus four brigades including the Famed Reshtarc Cavalry Brigades, fought battle after battle culminating at the battle of the Zinch Plains.

This battle lasted two days and ended with the Reshtarc in control of the plains and approaches to the city of Zinch. This was the last capital of the Kelranni people. K'Nesk sent Captain K'Nev as representative of the Empire. The last tribe, the Kel, had refused to surrender like the others. K'Nesk gave K'Nev direct and explicit orders destroy the other four tribes and spare the Kel.

This was done as a warning as well as to bring the Kel tribe into the Reshtarc sphere of influence. K'Nev and K'Nesk both understood the Kelranni. They had spared the last tribe and shown it great honor according to the Kelranni way. K'Nev took over as Military Commander Kelranni Military District in 2081 and served in that position until 2082 when he left for other pursuits.

The Five Tribes of the Kelranni

Kel- The Kel are the only surviving tribe of the space faring race known as the Kelranni. The Kel tribe made their home originally on Beta Kel but have since occupied all five Kelranni worlds. The Kel were physically stronger than Kelanis, Kelith, Kelran, and Kelor tribes. The Kel tribe are called the Kelranni by most Klingons and non-Kel. Kel are the oldest of all five tribes and it is now known that all the tribes of the Kelranni migrated from Beta Kel.

The Kel form a important part of Reshtarc society as well as the military. There are currently fifteen regiments of Kelranni troops and one assault legion. The Reshtarc have also supplied the Kel with fourteen older warships and at least one Vor'Cha "S".

Kelanis- The Kelanis were found on the Kelranni world of Kel 4. They were the first tribe to be wiped out by the Reshtarc. Kelanis tribesman formed the bulk of the Navy personnel and were good ship builders. The Kelanis were the first Kelranni Tribe to leave Beta Kel. Kelanis were responsible for attacking the Klingon Freighter 132 and starting the Kelranni war. The Kelanis were completely eradicated by Captain K'Nev in early 2081.

Kelith- The Kelith made their homes on Alpha Kel. They were the smallest of the Five Tribes. The Kelith were known as planners and filled the majority of Kelranni command positions. The Kelith were also great scientists as well. Kelith soldiers fought bravely, most notably the regiment of troops which had escaped from Kel 4 and fought throughout the five year campaign. The Kelith suffered the same fate as the Kelanis.

Kelrith- The fourth tribe of the Kelranni. Kelrith were smaller than the other tribes and much darker due to the close proximity to the system’s sun and high gravity of Kel 2. Kelrith often filled labor and agricultural positions within the Kel hierarchy. Kelrith waged a fierce guerilla war against the Reshtarc during the occupation of Kel 2. The Kelrith were wiped following the total defeat of the Kelranni race.

Kelor- The Kelor fought in both aspects of the war. In space as naval personnel and on the ground with existing ground forces. The Kelor were highly valued as scientists. The Kelor suffered same fate as their brethren.



Race- Kelranni

Type- Kuve (Humanoid)

Height: 3 meters to 3.3 meters

Weight: 500+ pounds

Home system: Kelran system (5 habitable planets)

Society: Space faring Advanced/ Militaristic

Physical Description-

Kelranni are a reptilian-like race. They are over three meters in height and extremely large in mass. They have a set of gill-like growths attached to the corner of their faces. These gills are no longer used but point to the Kelranni as being descended from the sea. A set of horns jut from the sides just above the gills. These horns grow longer with age and can reach up to a foot in length. The Kelranni have a set of ears just behind the gills and below the horns. Their eyes are generally purple or red in color with no discernible iris.

Kelranni are covered in scales ranging from a deep purple in color to a dark black. Their upper body and heads tend to be darker in color than the other portions of their bodies. The chest plates are a row of interlocking segments much like serpents and are white in color to a dusty beige. Females tend to be lighter in color and much smaller then their male counterparts.

Kelranni are physically stronger than Klingons, possessing at least the strength of ten Klin warriors. They also posses autonomic reflexes which allows them to repeat any type of movement or series of combat moves. Kelranni warriors are highly sought after as weapons trainers and teachers to younger Klin. Kelranni are known to be a thoroughly loyal race and show a particular loyalty to House Reshtarc which defeated them.


Kelranni are a tribal society based around an elder called a "GleH". The GleH is responsible for running the clan which can number from as few as twenty to thousands. The warlike Kelranni select their leaders in a similar fashion to the Klingons.

The Kelranni society is highly stratified and hierarchal in nature. One is born and thereafter must earn his or her way up through the ranks by combat and deeds done. This creates a constantly shifting base among the tribe and no GleH is safe from the warriors below him. Thus the warrior who is second in the tribe by the time of the "Clan meet" can challenge his GleH to combat after listing his achievements.

The Kelranni have their own government and elect the overall representatives from the GleH's at clan meet. These will usually be the strongest and most intelligent of all the gathered leaders. The GleH's will appoint 100 of their brethren to the Kelranni Assembly. The one hundred will then vote one of their members the Supreme Lord of the Kelranni Assembly.

The Kelranni Assembly and the Supreme Lord answer to the Reshtarc Governor. The Kelranni Assembly is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure among the four inhabited Kelranni worlds in the Kel system. The Kelranni also posses their own military and are one of only a dozen or so kuve who fight for the Empire in large numbers.

The Kelranni provide House Reshtarc with 10 regiments of Battle troops and one full Kelranni division. Some of the more famous regiments are the Kelranni Raiders, Krestex, Wild Hunt and the Blood Drinkers. The Kelranni Division, called the Terror Troops, was recently mobilized during Operation Ironhand and was transferred to Strike Base Vengeance. The Terror Troop division is expected to join the 8th Imperial Division and the 4th Fleet for the final stages of the subjugation of the Imperial Klingon States.

In 2369/70 K'Paal epetai Reshtarc began to expand the Kelranni from the existing fifteen regiments to twenty regiments plus a full integral division. He also gave the Kelranni the beginnings of a navy. During the period of 2369-2373 he equipped the Kelranni with Five D-7's, eight Bird of Prey Scouts and Vor'Cha "S" class battle cruiser.

All of the ships were staffed with Reshtarc command crews, but the majority of the crew is made up of Kelranni. He also saw to it the Kelranni received their own organic transport net. The infrastructure is in place to create a Kelranni Legion. Marrik continued K'Paal’s policy of increasing Kelranni involvement in House policy.

Marrik, upon obtaining the Line lordship of House Reshtarc, promptly gave the Fifth habitable planet in the Kel system to the Kelranni. He also awarded Beta Kel and the other five planets to elect their own Governors who answer to the Reshtarc appointed System Governor.

The Kelranni military is still outside the Kelranni political sphere and is also outside the Reshtarc Military chain of Command. The Kelranni Imperial Commander, General MaS'ich zantai-Reshtarc (newly promoted after leading two regiments of Kelranni during the Triangle campaign) answered directly to Marrik.

The Kelranni provide a powerful force of troops whose loyalty to the Empire (Line Reshtarc particularly) is unquestioned. They have proven themselves in countless campaigns. Beginning with the Jahzil conflict where Kelranni troops saved the life of Line lord K'VeHk epetai-Reshtarc.

The first full Kelranni Regiment was fielded in battle against the Jahzil during Gamma Eriadon. Company sized units were used throughout the war and with much success. This prompted the Reshtarc to form three regiments.

The first the "Krestex" was formed from existing Kelranni companies and took part in the Gamma Eriadon campaign assaulting Gamma Eriadon B. They struck utter fear into the opposing Jahzil units and soon grew to legendary status. The next two regiments were drawn from existing companies and security detachments. These would later become known as the "Wild Hunt" a recon regiment initially and the Kelranni Raiders a heavy assault regiment.

The three regiments served throughout the Jahzil conflict from 2120-2122 garnering much glory and fame. The Regiments were then used sparingly in other Klingon conflicts. Though they were heavily employed in the war with the Kinshaya. The Kelranni found worthy adversaries for their great strength in the Kinshaya and hand to hand battles between these two adversaries was brutal and very bloody.

The Kelranni were also employed in a limited fashion during the Federation Campaigns of 2218. Though it appears they were never involved in any direct actions against the Federation, though Reshtarc Military logs show Kelranni garrisoned one of the fringe worlds captured during the Klingon advance.

Kelranni were used extensively during the Triangle campaigns, particularly by the Reshtarc Expeditionary Forces in the Grell and Hardor systems. The Jem’Hadar found them to be more than they had bargained for. Dominion intelligence on the Kelranni was sketchy and their use was a complete surprise to the Cardassians and Dominion.

The warrior dominated Kelranni are an aggressive species and their society amplifies these traits. Klingon rituals have also found their place within the Kelranni society. The Kelranni are a male dominated society though females fight as well.

New born tribal members belong to the tribe and not the parents. The young are trained by the best and most skilled in all areas of expertise. This provides the young with a broad range of skills. Kelranni at the age of eleven are expected to take part in battle.

After being blooded the best of the new brood are sent to the Reshtarc military academies further training. These warriors will make up the future regiments or replacements for the current regiments. Tribal life is very stable with most tribes centered around a particular village or city, though many tribes will inhabit larger cities. Tribes carry out their day to day lives similar to almost all other races encountered. The Kelranni posses a remarkable knowledge of space travel and were a warp capable race when they were conquered. Kelranni and Klingon DNA is genetically incompatible.

Reshtarc Kelranni Military Commander-

General MaS'ich zantai-Reshtarc heads the Kelranni military department. MaS'ich came up through the Reshtarc marines and commanded several different regiments during his ascent to one of the most coveted Marine position within the Line. MaS'ich served as one of K'Paal epetai-Reshtarc's military advisors and in 2373 was promoted to command the Kelranni. During operation Iron Hand he commanded two regiments of Kelranni troops. Following the Iron Hand operation he was put in charge of all Kelranni operating within the Triangle. K'Paal promoted him to full Kelranni commander just before K'Paal died in a shuttle accident. MaS'ich's promotion was reaffirmed by Marrik epetai-Reshtarc. The Kelranni commander does not answer to the Reshtarc Marine force commander. He has direct access to the Linelord and is probably the third or fourth most powerful member in the Reshtarc line.

Kelranni Military-

The Kelranni comprise Fifteen Regiments to the Reshtarc's Order of Battle. Five more additional Regiments are being formed with an additional five more Regiments slated to be formed in the next year. This will bring Kelranni Units to a grand total of 30 Regiments of Troops.

Naval Units:

7 D-7 b's

8 B'rel Scouts

1 Vor’Cha "S" Battle Cruiser

Transport (Military)-

Imperial Security Battalions: (Mempa Sector or Reshtarc Holdings)

26 Battalions (Reshtarc Commanded)

Klingon Diplomatic Corp:

6 Battalions (Reshtarc Commanded)


Reshtarc History:

The history of House Reshtarc is rich in heritage and courage. The House was formed in the 2008 under K'vek sutai-Reshtarc, a Naval Captain. K'vek won a important battle against rebel forces near the Imperial City. K'vek, a member of House Rustazh, asked for and received from the Emperor the right to start a House of his own.

K'vek took the name Reshtarc, which translated means "mountain". With the taking of a name K'vek now began to war against those who had sought to destroy his credibility with the Emperor. In the year 2023 he defeated a combined fleet of three Houses. The Houses of B'aj, Revik and his former House Rustazh were destroyed and the remnants absorbed into the Reshtarc.

The Line continued to grow at the expense of many minor houses and eventually won the attention of a major house. The House of Kespek saw in the Reshtarc line a force that could be used against the current Emperor. The Emperor had ordered the House of Kespek to attack the Romulans in what would have been almost certain destruction for the Klingons involved.

Kespek asked the Reshtarc to help in a plot to overthrow the current regime and establish their Line as the Imperial line. In return they promised the Reshtarc several mineral rich systems in the Mempa sector. The current Lord of House Reshtarc, Admiral K'natH, agreed in return that Kespek make the him the Leader of the High Council.

Kespek was trapped. He needed the Reshtarc for support, however he knew that to place the upstart Line in charge of the High Council could place his House in jeopardy. Kespek planned to destroy the line as soon as he became Emperor.

K'natH was warned by a spy of the plan for the Reshtarc. He quickly gathered support from several other Houses and planned a trap for the House of Kespek. The Kespek sponsored coup was successful and the Reshtarc played a important part by keeping loyalist forces occupied long enough for House Kespek forces to breach the Emperors defenses. Kespek assumed the Mantle of Emperor and then turned his attention to repaying the Reshtarc.

Kespek plan involved inviting the Line lord to view the Worlds in the Mempa sector. The Reshtarc vessels would be ambushed by House Kespek forces and other loyal Houses. The ambush was planned to occur near the Irrani Expanse, a vast nebula which sensors could not penetrate.

However a powerful Reshtarc Fleet was dispatched a week earlier to the same zone. The Reshtarc arrived before the Kespek forces and destroyed or captured every vessel. Emperor Kespek leading the touring fleet in his personal D-4 was ecstatic when out the expanse came a vast armada consisting of some thirty-five vessels.

The Emperor's joy turned to fear when he saw the vessels wore the markings of House Reshtarc, Mjeth and Hurric. The battle was quick and decisive. The Reshtarc absorbed what was left of the Kespek and secured their position as a Greater House. K'natH took over as Leader of the High Council in the year 2035.

K'natH ruled the High Council for ten years and is credited with making the Reshtarc Line truly powerful and feared under his guidance the line established itself as a major producer of weaponry for the Empire. K'natH also extended Reshtarc dictatorship to twenty worlds. The Reshtarc were by far the largest of the Imperial Houses.

The year 2045 saw another major event within the Reshtarc Line. The IKV Solemn Rage was investigating mineral resources in the largely uncharted Mempa Sector. The D5 found a system of four planets and six moons. Commander K'Revik vestai-Reshtarc ordered a full scan of all planets. Two were discovered to be M-Class. One was temperate and resembled Terra. The other was much closer to the systems' sun producing a much more tropical climate. K'Revik designated these two worlds as Behacor Minor and Behacor Prime respectively. The other two worlds were designated B1 and B2.

K'Revik took a shuttle and a group of marines to the surface. He found the planet's temperature to be comparable with that of the Homeworld, as well as covered with lush, jungle-like vegetation. The Commander also discovered the fierce L'Eght beasts. These dinosaur-like creatures killed several of the away team before the Klingons could kill them. The planet was also rich in dilithium which was needed by the Empire to fuel their vessels equipped the new anticurve rider (warp) engines.

K'Revik charted the system and returned to the Homeworld with his reports. K'Revik took the report directly to the Epetai of the line, K'natH, and gave him his findings. Since the system lay in space previously marked as Reshtarc, K'natH ordered six vessels to return and begin mining operations and establishing a outpost.

By the year 2053 Behacor Prime had become the Homeworld for the House of Reshtarc. The Line learned that the L'Eght beasts could be trained if captured at a young age. A Reshtarc Rite of Passage was also established which required a young warrior to go out into the wilds a capture a young L'Eght beast to be his mount. This dangerous Rite was made equally perilous by the fact he was equipped with only his sword, a twelve foot lance, and a disruptor with one power cell.

Generally only the strongest survived and they usually required luck. This right is still carried out but usually only by those wishing to become part of the Elite Reshtarc Lancers.

By 2265, the Reshtarc were now the single largest and most politically powerful house in the Empire. They had already encountered the Federation and Romulan Star Empire. The Reshtarc counseled war against non-Klingons and were rewarded with general agreement by the whole of the Empire. The Empire was moderately successful in the two wars which were fought; however not enough to justify the loss of Klingon lives.

In 2277 things came to a crashing halt. The Imperial Houses which had suffered the bulk of the casualties were being challenged by the fusion households. The Reshtarc held the fusions as being little more than "test-tube creations", and in a stunning reversal, three fusion houses reached the High Council. This gave the fusions a political majority for the first time in Empire history.

The Reshtarc were undaunted, although they now had enemies who, if combined, could challenge them. The House Jurriss, Simparri, and Drexa stood against the Reshtarc, Solazarn and Hurric lines. Many other minor houses of mixed lines chose to support the more tolerant fusion lines.

Political stalemate occurred with the Reshtarc and their supporters began losing ground in the fray. The newly elected Chancellor of the Empire, a fusion by the name of Gorkon, had begun to put feelers out to arrange peace with the other races.

The Reshtarc opposed this and were joined by a surprising ally: a fusion by the name of Chang. He was a general who also shared the Reshtarc view on peace with non-Klingons. The divided Empire plotted a way to destroy each others' forces and, on what would have been the eve of a civil war, disaster struck.

The Klingon moon of Praxis was a Reshtarc mining facility and was rich in dilithium. Praxis shared a close orbit with Qo'noS and was a major source of irritation to the peace forces. On the 22nd day of Year of the Targ, 2293, a small detachment of fusions lead by an unknown dissident, exploded a plasma bomb in Mine Shaft Twelve. The resulting chain reaction explosion caused a major catastrophe for the Empire.

Gorkon seized on this explosion and pointed quickly to the powerful arms merchants within the Empire. The result was the Khitomer Accords. However, many things would come to pass before these accords could be signed. General Chang told the powerful Imperial houses and several of the fusion houses that a faction existed within the Federation which shared their view of peace.

Although Chang's assassination of Gorkon was successful, the attempt on the Federation President failed. Peace would prevail but at a cost. The Reshtarc and allies prepared to go to war against the peace factions. Then they stepped away from the brink, realizing that such a war would utterly consume the Empire and leave the Empire open for conquest.

The Reshtarc agreed to remain silent for a time, although any attempt to strip any holdings from the line would cost dearly. One by one the other warlike houses followed suit. The Reshtarc continued to fuel the fires of the imperial forces for years. They opposed many initiatives and continued to attempt to drive a wedge between the Fusion alliance.

The final straw which silenced the Reshtarc occurred at Narendra 3 when a Romulan sneak attack occurred against the Klingon outpost there. The Federation vessel Enterprise-C, NCC-1701-C, answered the Klingon hail for assistance and although the Enterprise-C was destroyed a peace treaty was formerly signed.

The reemergence of the Reshtarc, from what is referred to as the Period of the Sleeping Mountain, came in the year 2365. Five years earlier, before the historic Khitomer Accords were signed, the Empire had released a secret fleet of deep space sleeper vessels which were sent under cloak and were ordered to awaken only after a year of travel. The T'Ong, a K't'inga Class vessel, was the last of several to be launched in the latter part of 2290. The vessel was commanded by K'Temoc, a comrade and supporter of the Line Lord of the Reshtarc House. Aboard the vessel was Kurak Reshtarc, eldest son Lieutenant Junior Grade K'Paal tai-Reshtarc and Ensign K'joH Reshtarc, an adopted member of the line.

According to the ship’s data banks, the vessel was assigned to enter into Romulan space close to the Federation border. A rogue comet passed close and the gravitational pull of the comet forced the T'Ong into Federation space. The T'Ong also suffered from a destructive computer worm program intended to kill the entire crew while still in stasis.

The worm program was supposed to interrupt the cloak feature and to put the crew into a prolonged stasis. The resulting worm program sent the T'Ong drifting into unexplored Federation territory, undiscovered until the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, found it with the help of K’helar and Lieutenant Worf.

K'Paal and K'joH awoke to a different Empire; one in which the Empire was allied with the Federation. The two were sent back to be re-educated and retrained for fleet service. Powerful forces, however, were at work within the Empire. One year into what was supposed to be a four year reeducation program, K'Paal and K'joH were given to the Navy for active duty.

K'Paal, free of Imperial Security and its watchful eye, began to move. The line was weak and lacked direction under the current leadership. K'Paal began to gather a small group of young and loyal supporters.

Rumors say that K'Mpec, fearing the rise of Duras and his line, had brought the young warrior into active duty. He knew that, unlike the other Reshtarc, he was untainted by the Federation peace and could be a powerful tool if used properly.

The Reshtarc Line was almost as powerful as the Duras and K'Mpec had been a friend and ally of K'Paal's brother K'Mek. Whoever was responsible had unleashed a new force of change within the Empire.

2368 brought about the rebellion under the watchful auspices of the Duras sisters. K'Paal and the Reshtarc aligned themselves with the forces of Gowron. The Reshtarc forces helped to keep the balance long enough for the Federation to intervene and uncover the Romulan/Duras connection.

K'Paal's successful campaign, fighting with Kurn's squadrons, lead to his receiving a Captain's Commission and a new Vor'Cha-Class Attack Cruiser. By the year 2970 he was ready. K'Paal lead his Reshtarc followers, now over two thirds of the line, against his cousin and smashed the last of the Old Line declaring himself joH'Wi, or Lord of the Reshtarc.

A madness inflicted Lord K’Paal. His madness spread throughout the line, until it came to rest on the Officers of the Reshtarc Marine Force. K’Paal saw enemies everywhere, especially in Colonel Marrik, commander of the House Marines, and cha’dich to K’Paal. Marrik, urged by the Emperor and the High Council, led a revolution against his former friend, and overthrew the insane line lord, taking the Line under his own leadership.

Lord Marrik has led the Reshtarc through the troubling times of the Lorenssith Revolt and the Dominion War. His fast action in placing troops in and around the H’renn System, thus preventing the Lorenssith Revolt from spreading, was noted by the Emperor and the High Council, who granted him a new Negh’Var Battleship as a reward. During the Dominion War, Lord Marrik placed an enormous strain on the Mempa Sectors resources, sending large amounts of weapons, ships and troops to the front.

Shortly after the wars end, Lord Marrik’s troops invaded the Rodarat System. The System was a mineral rich, yet weakly defended system, held by a line without honor. The Reshtarc Naval and Marine Forces quickly conquered the system, and expelled the enemy line. Soon the neighboring systems counter attacked. They were defeated, and the house also acquired the Ankor System as a result. High Council support was full for the invasion, and no voices of dissention were heard.

The Reshtarc Line has once again proven itself to be a leader and Imperial watchdog for the Empire.

Reshtarc Line Profiles:

Line Lords:

The Reshtarc use a dynastic order which is based upon a direct chain from the previous Lord. The child need not have been born to the previous Line Lord. The Line Lord may adopt a child into the Line as a son, and that son then may be considered for the Epetai of the Line.

The Reshtarc also number their Line Lords, thus K'Maal Reshtarc would be officially titled as K'Maal epetai-Reshtarc, 4th Lord of the Second Dynasty, meaning that he was the fourth Line Lord in order of Ascension and a member of the Second Dynasty or K'natH's Dynasty.

The dynasty sometimes was referred to by the name of the first Line Lord whose blood was different from the previous Lord. A Line Lord of the Fourth Dynasty might be referred to as (using K'AleH as a example): K'AleH zantai-Reshtarc, Ninth Lord of the K'Avaht Dynasty. The K'Avaht dynasty was the fourth in the line of succession.

The title Epetai, even among Line Lords, is usually only used by those who have retired from active military or diplomatic service. Among the Reshtarc, very few Line Lords used the Epetai honorific, preferring to keep their military honorific instead. Epetai status was usually given after the Lord had passed or as a significant honor.

No female has ever served as a ruler in the Reshtarc Line. The Reshtarc, being one of the oldest Imperial lines, tends to follow Klingon cultural standards with zealous fervor.


First Dynasty (K'vek Dynasty): 2008 - 2035

K'vek sutai-Reshtarc, First Lord, First Dynasty: K'vek is the founder of the Reshtarc Line. He was awarded a Line by Emperor TagH. K'vek lead a squadron of pre-warp capable vessels against the Houses B'aj, Revik and his former House Rustazh. K'vek served the Emperor as a trusted advisor and Warrior.

Under K'vek, the Line received many land grants and titles from Emperor TagH. K'vek also proved to be a visionary, for it was due to him that Kelric Reshtarc was allowed to begin his work on early warp physics.

K'vek died without an heir in 2035 during a preliminary warp trial. K'vek was mated to Valkil, formerly of house Solazarn. It was discovered late after their mating ritual that Valkil was barren. K'vek remained faithful to his mate throughout his life, never taking a consort or terminating the relationship.

After the death of K'vek, the Reshtarc used the term K'vek when speaking of a mate. When used as such, the term means: to be loyal and to honor one's mate.

Line Leadership: 2008-2035


Second Dynasty (K'natH Dynasty): 2035 - 2116

K'natH zantai-Reshtarc, Second Lord, Second Dynasty: Admiral K'natH zantai-Reshtarc was adopted into the Reshtarc Line in 2012. He rose quickly through the ranks obtaining the rank of Captain by the age of 32. K'natH quickly proved his worth to K'vek at the battle of Hagh BeK. By 2033, at the age of 53, he became the first Reshtarc Admiral in the Imperial Navy. When K'vek died without an heir in 2035, K'natH, at the behest of Valkil, took the position as the Second Leader of House Reshtarc.

During his 23 years of Reshtarc leadership he brought about many significant changes. K'natH was responsible for gaining the valuable Mempa Sector for the line. He also ordered the construction of the Behacor Prime Orbital Facility as well as the first Reshtarc Outpost on the planet of Behacor Prime.

K'natH was responsible for the death of Emperor Kespek and the destruction of House Kespek. The Reshtarc and allied ships from the Solazarn defeated Kespek at the battle of the Irrani Expanse in 2041. In 2045 he ordered Commander K'Revik vestai-Reshtarc to seize and chart the rest of the Mempa Sector which ultimately lead to the establishment of Behacor Prime as the Throne World for House Reshtarc.

K'natH also became the first Reshtarc to be named Leader of the High Council. He served in that role until his death in 2058. Under K'natH the Council began to focus on the taking of worlds by military conquest.

K'natH had three sons to his mate Barel, formerly of House Prasis. The oldest, Kren, died defending the Behacor Prime Orbital Facility. Kevar, the next in line for the position of Line Lord, died in a Honor Challenge. K'natH never fully recovered from the deaths of two of his sons. K'natH died a warrior’s death when he was stabbed by a member of the High Council. The Old Reshtarc refused to die before he brought his murderer to the Black Fleet with him.

Line Leadership: 2035-2058

Krolt vestai-Reshtarc, Third Lord, Second Dynasty: Krolt was the third son of K'natH and only a Lieutenant Commander when he assumed control of House Reshtarc. Krolt ruled the line for four years. Under his leadership, brief as it was, the Reshtarc Military machine continued its growth. Krolt continued his father’s policies on expansion.

Krolt also planned and executed vengeance against House Mortak for the destruction of the original Behacor Prime Orbital Facility. Furthermore he ordered the construction of a new larger space station. Unfortunately Krolt was killed by a L'Eght beast while on a hunt for a young mount. Krolt was known as a evenhanded and fair ruler. Krolt laid the foundation for the growth of Reshtarc Industries in 2061.

Krolt was consorted to Mareth of House Reshtad. Krolt had one son K'Maal and two daughters, Grexa and MaG'Wi. K'Maal born in 2042.

Line Leadership: 2059 - 2063


K'Maal tai Reshtarc, Fourth Lord, Second Dynasty : K'Maal was twenty-one when he ascended to the title of Lord of the Line. K'Maal was known as the "Tyrant of Mempa". He ruled the line with a iron hand, and under his leadership the house began to develop its intolerant and arrogant attitude. K'Maal even refused to visit Emperor Kargen when he was commanded.

K'Maal challenged the Emperor on several occasions. Each time he was successful in weathering the storm. Under K'Maal, the Reshtarc added five important worlds to the steadily growing Reshtarc territories. These five worlds belonged to a race of beings called the Kelranni. K'Maal personally lead the invasion from the bridge of the IKV Stormbringer. The Reshtarc Fleet, composed of thirty-five D-5's, crushed the Kelranni in a five year war which lasted from 2076-2081.

The Kelranni worlds were rich in technology and natural resources. The Kelranni were taken as kuve and incorporated into the Reshtarc state. The Kelranni, a warrior race from Beta Kel, became willing warriors and would be employed in future conflicts. In 2097 K'Maal relinquished the throne to his only adopted son, K'Nesk, who gave his father a vessel to go out and meet his death like a warrior.

Line Leadership: 2063 - 2097


K'Nesk zantai-Reshtarc, Fifth Lord, Second Dynasty: K'Nesk, unlike his father, was a Imperial Marine. He rose to the rank of General and spent most of his time on Qo'noS or in the field. K'Nesk was popular with the High Council, unlike his father, who earned their loathing. K'Nesk used his popularity to gain two favorable alliances with House Solazarn and House Kalamar in 2099.

The Kelranni War brought him home in 2076 where he lead the Marine contingent of the invasion force. His brilliant tactical and strategic maneuvers during the Battle of Zinch Plains is still studied at the academies. K'Nesk was also popular with both the Naval and Marine branches of the Family. He used this popularity to forge a close working relationship between the two branches within the line.

K'Nesk provided the needed leadership and diplomatic savvy the Line needed to protect its interests and to continue its expansion. In 2107 he was invited to proceed over the installation of Chancellor K'Temas. He was also awarded the Sword of the Empire. The sword was forged by the master sword smith Kral. The blade was the personal weapon of the Chancellor. Since then all Reshtarc officers carry a blade similar but not as finely crafted nor as perfect.

K'Nesk had saved the Chancellor's life when he was a Navy Ensign and he was a Lieutenant of Marine Hock troops aboard the IKV Cold Death. K'Temas never forgot this a rewarded his friend and ally accordingly. In 2112 K'Nesk helped House Solazarn by sending a relief force to aid in fighting incursions by a race called the Jazihl.

The 10 Years War, as this was called, grew to enormous size as the whole of the Empire was dragged in. Chancellor K'Temas called for total victory or total defeat. In 2116 K'Nesk’s vessel was attacked and destroyed when the hull was breached by a Jazihl missile attack. With the death of K'Nesk the 2nd Dynasty ended in the vacuum of space.

Line Leadership: 2097 - 2116


Third Dynasty ( K'VeHk Dynasty): 2116 - 2135

K'VeHk zantai-Reshtarc, Sixth Lord, Third Dynasty : K'VeHk, a Reshtarc Naval Captain, was recalled to the Throne World of Behacor Prime. The news was not even three weeks old that K'Nesk was dead and a new Leader was needed. Three opponents were vying for control of the line. K'VeHk defeated the three in physical combat under the watchful eyes of the Arbiter of Change.

K'VeHk immediately ordered the Line Vessels of House Reshtarc to join the fleet massing near Gamma Eriadon System. The Klingon Navy had suffered a major defeat previously. The Chancellor was nervous and feared disaster. Grand Admiral B'Ragh zantai-Solazarn would command all available forces, including the Reshtarc House Reserves. A force of over 200 warships was gathered and attacked the Jazihl near the star system.

The result was a great victory for the Klingons and many houses benefited from it. K'VeHk employed the Kelranni of Line Reshtarc to great advantage. In 2020 K'VeHk returned back to Behacor Prime. He plunged his energy into developing and increasing the existing Reshtarc Industrial base which had been strained from the "Ten Years War".

K'VeHk used the relative peace between 2126-2135 to study the teachings of Kahless. I n 2135 he stepped down from the line and chose to join the Clerics of Boreth. K'VeHk neither took a consort nor adopted a child. He did, however, tell the Arbiter of Change that the sword would decide the next Epetai. Toward the end of his reign K'VeHk spoke often of a dream he had of Kahless and a future Reshtarc would encounter one another and bring about change in the Empire. K'VeHk died on Boreth in 2142. The Reshtarc, showing proper respect, performed the Sonchi ceremony.

Line Leadership: 2116 - 2135


Fourth Dynasty (K'Avaht Dynasty): 2135 - 2187

K'Avaht sutai-Reshtarc, Seventh Lord, Fourth Dynasty: K'Avaht was a true warrior in a time when the Empire would require them. The Klingon Empires pace of expansion had doubled following the end of the Ten Years War. This policy brought them in direct conflict with a race known as the Romulans.

K'Avaht claimed leadership of House Reshtarc by killing K'irpec Reshtarc in a sword duel before the ja'chug. This battle was provoked by K'Avaht who was the weaker of the two in terms of Line support. K'Avaht used the death of K'irpec as a exclamation as to who was the fittest to rule.

The line under K'Avaht began to become more aggressive and less tolerant of weak allies. The Reshtarc continued to expand as the Empire did reaching to claim two more systems giving the Reshtarcs twenty-eight M-Class worlds. The Reshtarc Expansion was moving slowly westward. K'Avaht, seeing the effect the alliance with the weakened House Kalamar was having on Reshtarc resources, terminated the alliance in 2137.

In 2138 K'Avaht sent three squadrons of Reshtarc vessels to attack and destroy House Kalamar. The crew was ordered to bring the Line Lord of Kalamar before him. K'Rdagh Kalamar was brought in chains to Behacor Prime and given an ultimatum to hand over his lands and titles to the Reshtarc or die.

K'Rdagh refused and was given a blade. K'Avaht took the Sword of the Empire and in a battle of two skilled opponents which lasted over a hour, slew K'Rdagh. The Reshtarc then seized the holdings and vessels which remained from House Kalamar. K'Avaht, in a moment of mercy to the defeated house, offered line membership to those who wished it.

In a show of honor for their fallen Lord, the defeated members refused. K'Avaht enraged ordered all traces of House Kalamar erased and the entire line wiped out.

High Council Leader K'run was incensed at the callous manner of this Klingon. He ordered K'Avaht to Qo'noS to answer for the destruction of House Kalamar. K'Avaht came to the Homeworld armed and ready for battle. Sixty-three Reshtarc warships supported him. K'Avaht ignored the Klingon law that only one family vessel was allowed into the Qo'noS solar system.

Hearing of the approaching fleet, the Chancellor looked for support among the Houses of the High Council. None stepped forward to support him against the Reshtarc. K'Avaht's message about weakness within the Empire had the effect he had wanted. The Solazarn were the first to greet their allies and K'Avaht immediately came before the Chancellor, his fleet waiting to destroy the Imperial City if he did not return.

What K'Avaht said to K'run is not known. What is known is that K'Avaht left the room with a smile and the Chancellor trembled. The result of this meeting was not immediately apparent to most Lines, but the power of Chancellor K'run was coming to an end.

2165 marked a significant period in Klingon history. A Klingon vessel on patrol near Kalvonos encountered a strange vessel. The Klingon ship hailed the vessel which returned the hail with disruptor fire. The Empire had met the Romulans.

The Four Years War had begun. K'Avaht responded with a typical Klingon attitude. K'Avaht lead four Reshtarc squadrons into battle. For two years K'Avaht would lead these squadrons into battle his Reshtarc squadrons accounting for fifty-six enemy vessels destroyed and twenty-seven captured. In 2167 K'Avaht returned to Behacor Prime suffering from Trazerian Syndrome. K'Avaht chose his son K'vok to lead the Line. K'Avaht was mated to Kehvehr of House Q'avagh.

Line Leadership: 2135 - 2167


K'vok vestai-Reshtarc, Eighth Lord, Fourth Dynasty: K'vok was the older of the two sons of K'Avaht. His reign as Cha'Wi of the Reshtarc was short. K'vok chose to stay on Behacor Prime while he sent Kerloff sutai-Reshtarc to command the four Reshtarc squadrons fighting the Romulans.

While the choice proved to be a good one, K'vok had broke Reshtarc tradition by remaining on Behacor. The decision did not sit well with many members of House Reshtarc.

The growing numbers of Reshtarc who voiced their opinions began to filter back to K'AleH, K'vok's younger brother. K'vok, fearing a coup, dispatched K'AleH to a frontier squadron. K'vok was unable to prevent the coming storm. In 2168 the Black Fang a organized cult of assassins which K'AleH was a part met with the young Captain. The Black Fang persuaded K'AleH to move against K'vok.

In 2169, K'AleH and his assassins attacked K'vok in the throne room on Behacor Prime. The fight which resulted was bloody and over very quickly.

K'vok was killed by K'AleH whose d'k tahg was found thrust into his brother’s chest. K'vok is remembered along with K'veth as the weakest Line Lords of the Reshtarc.

Line Leadership: 2167 -2169


K'AleH sutai-Reshtarc, Ninth Lord, Fourth Dynasty: K'AleH was a powerful leader whose strength was enhanced by his control of the assassin guilds. K'AleH was often called the Assassin Lord. K'AleH's first duty was to organize the two assassin guilds into one Tong with himself as head.

K'AleH became as feared as the Tong. K'AleH used the assassins to kill at least five Line Lords. While this provided the Reshtarc with many allies it also paved the way for K'AleH's death at the hands of a missed target.

In 2170 K'AleH rewarded Kerloff sutai-Reshtarc who lead the Reshtarc forces in the Romulan War with the right to petition the Emperor for his own House. In 2174 K'AleH established a forward base near the Romulan border in preparation for a invasion which never materialized. The base did provide supply and repair facilities for Klingon Raiding vessels returning from patrols inside Romulan space.

In 2175 K'AleH formalized a treaty of support with House Lorenssith, the House which former Reshtarc Kerloff had started. This alliance would last until 2238 when the Lorenssith allowed several Romulan/Klingon fusions into the House.

In 2183 a rift developed between a growing House and the Reshtarc. The House Sho'saI had infringed upon territory which was claimed by House Reshtarc. K'AleH sent the Tong after the House Lord M'qev sutai-Sho'saI the attempt was a shambles. The Chancellor's Imperial Intelligence corps learned of it and the Chancellor K'Geth a Reshtarc opponent warned the Sho'saI.

In 2187 while inspecting the forward base a squadron of Sho'saI vessels attacked K'AleH's ship and in a ferocious volleys of disruptor fire which bracketed the vessel K'AleH was killed. The ship was boarded by the Sho'saI but the captain managed to destroy the vessel earning himself and the crew a honorable death.

The death of K'AleH would be avenged by the equally bloodthirsty Lord K'saHr epetai Reshtarc. The death of K'AleH brought an end to the Fourth Dynasty and began the epic Fifth Dynasty. K'AleH was responsible for several great works including the Iron Palace, Romulan War Victory Arch and many other works of architecture which remind the Reshtarc of their glorious past.

Line Leadership: 2169 - 2187


Fifth Dynasty (K'saHr Dynasty): 2187 - 2212

K'saHr epetai Reshtarc, Tenth lord, Fifth Dynasty: K'saHr was preparing to retire from military life and become Governor of the Reshtarc world of Kodus. The news of the Sho'saI sneak attack and the death of K'AleH convinced K'saHr to challenge for leadership of the House. K'AleH had left no sons to rule the House and this provided K'saHr the golden opportunity to start his own Dynasty.

K'saHr, a retired admiral who had served throughout the four years war as the captain of the Swift Sword had proven himself. He was a rising star in the Reshtarc military and eventually reached the coveted position of Admiral of the Raiding Fleet. He restructured the Fleet which gave him the support of more than two-thirds of the House Fleet.

K'saHr faced no serious challenges to his goal of becoming House Reshtarcs next Cha'Wi. K'saHr first duty as House Lord was to punish the Sho'saI for their act of aggression. Sho'saI was not as weak as they appeared. The killing of K'AleH had garnered them much favor. The Chancellor, Houses Drexa, Simparri, and Jurris agreed to support Sho'saI. Although much of the support was covert arms and troops were provided.

The Sho'saI with their new found allies struck immediately, although this rash act cost them the Simparri and Juriss. The High Council Leader and Drexa reaffirmed their support. The Sho'saI chose to attack the Reshtarc in the Mempa Sector near the Irrani Expanse. K'saHr was aware of the Four Sho'saI squadrons moving toward Behacor Prime. The Reshtarc met the Sho'saI and crushed all four squadrons leaving twelve broken and twisted wrecks. Reshtarc losses were negligible.

K'saHr prepared a counter strike which involved the use of six battle trained squadrons. K'saHr chose three separate Sho'saI sectors and swept the token resistance away. Only two Sho'saI squadrons escaped to regroup near their Throne World. House Drexa, fearing their allies overthrow, shifted six of its untested squadrons to aid in the defense of the Sho'saI capitol.

K'saHr now sprung his trap. Four more raider squadrons had used passage through Lorenssith space and came from behind the massed fleet. Furthermore House Solazarn, feeling that the Drexa had interfered in what was a Reshtarc and Sho'saI affair, sent three squadrons to provide a reserve in case the Reshtarc required them.

The battle of Calibos was a stunning victory and over forty enemy ships were destroyed, captured or damaged. The result of the battle had caused a long simmering feud between the Reshtarc and Drexa to boil over.

In 2193 K'saHr, over the Drexa a protests, was made Leader of the High Council. In 2194 House Reshtarc formerly absorbed the three of the five Sho'saI systems giving the other two to its allies. The Reshtarc now possessed 52 habitable worlds and a powerful fleet to protect their assets.

K'saHr ordered further expansion of the Mempa Project which had begun following the 10 Years War. By 2210 the Mempa Shipyards reached 31 slips and host of repair sheds and other facilities. Behacor Prime Orbital Facility was expanded and a new Heavy Metals Fabrication Facility was erected on Hesperus .

In 2212, following a meeting of the Council of Lords as the lords sat to dinner, K'saHr collapsed due to poisoned food. The poison was traced to a Drexa assassin and spelled further vengeance would be sought. K'saHr left no heir although it was well known who his successor would be.

Line Leadership: 2187 - 2212


Sixth Dynasty (K'Ban Dynasty): 2212 - 2255

K'Ban zantai-Reshtarc, Eleventh Lord, Sixth Dynasty: K'Ban had been the Admiral in charge during the 2nd Battle of the Irrani Expanse and The Battle of Calibos. Upon taking command of the House he reaffirmed his predecessor's commitment to the destruction of House Drexa.

In 2213 he launched a series of surgical strikes geared at destroying Drexa's growing Industrial Base. The weakened Drexa House fleet was ill equipped at preventing the Reshtarc from capturing the Dilithium mines at Kahlen and the Weapons facility on Archius Major. A third strike was prepared for early 2214 but the new High Council Leader Grath intervened.

The status quo which had prevented a Reshtarc or Solazarn Chancellor from gaining power was threatened. The loss of the Drexa would place the current Chancellor in a precarious position. The Grath moved quickly and forced a cessation of hostilities which provided the Drexa with enough time to blunt the third Reshtarc strike. The Reshtarc were not done. They prepared to strike again, once more the Chancellor intervened. Chancellor Grath allowed the Reshtarc to retain the captured systems. The High Council also gave them Praxis, this move was to protect the Empire from civil war.

Hostilities lessened and almost ceased between the two Houses by 2215, although occasional battles were fought between lone ships. The two Houses did not engage in open warfare until 2239 following Chancellor K'rell's death.

During K'Ban's rule a squadron of four Houses was sent into what is now Federation space. The squadron was composed of one vessel from each of the following Houses: Reshtarc, Solazarn, Jurris, and Simparri. Although 2218 is officially credited as the time Klingons and the Federation officially met, the Klingon squadron had already engaged and destroyed or captured several Federation ships.

2218 marked the beginning of the Federation and Klingon war which lasted until 2224. The Klingon forces initially were successful but eventually were fought to a standstill and the lines stabilized over time.

During the war K'Ban provided the Empire with over one hundred vessels including the new D-5 and D-6 cruisers. K'Ban ordered the House on a full war footing in 2220 as the conflagration dragged on. The result was doubling of Reshtarc Industries by 2224 and production was tripled in 2227. By 2229 House Reshtarc was able to recoup its losses in vessels and still produce a sizable amount for the Empire.

Trained crews were a different story as early as 2225 K'Ban ordered that all vessels not currently serving in the Imperial Navy would be rotated out to the Raider Fleet which would operate behind Romulan and Federation Lines as well as in the Triangle. The training schedule allowed the Reshtarc and many Houses to have trained crews who were then dispersed among newer crews by 2233 the fleet was well on its way to recovery.

In 2237 the Empire was struck by a plague which spread rapidly killing or maiming two in every six Imperial Klingons. K'Lias returned from the frontier where he had been training Raiding vessels and took over for his dead father.

Line Leadership: 2212 - 2237


K'Lias sutai-Reshtarc, Twelfth Lord, Sixth Dynasty: K'Lias inherited a line suffering along with the rest of the Empire. The plague had decimated the Military as well as the civilian population. In 2238 the Council ordered the Fusion program started. K'Lias opposed this move. The Chancellor was supported by his allies. The Drexa, Juriss, Subaesh, Dok'marr, Simparri and Pallara stood behind Chancellor Krell.

Standing Opposed were the Solazarn, Hurric, Reshtarc and others. The council voted to start the project, Chancellor Krell imposed a Imperial edict on top of the Councils decision.

In 2239 the Chancellor died from the Plague and the Council was ripped in two. Those who supported the fusions on one side and those who opposed on the other. No new Leader came forward and the Empire began to split into two warring factions. The Imperial Houses still held a powerful majority since they had not suffered as much as the Fusion houses during the Plague.

The plague had forced previously strong Houses to adopt fusions into their ranks to keep power. Drexa had lost 75 - 85% of its line and needed to augment its deteriorating line.

In 2240 K'Lias reduced the amount of Reshtarc vessels being sent to serve in the Imperial Navy to about 20% of the House total. The Reshtarc total for the year 2240 was roughly 225 vessels; of that total 45 were serving the Imperial Navy, 65 were carrying out raider activity and the rest were defending Reshtarc space.

K'Lias also limited raider activity to 150,000 kellicams outside of the Imperial Borders. In 2253 a new threat arose from the inner sector of the Empire, a Klingon vessel studying a wormhole was attacked and heavily damaged by huge black orbs. The vessel, a House Ghol'jub cruiser, sent a distress signal which was received and a Klingon Battle-group was dispatched.

The enemy was a race from the wormhole called Kinshaya and were violent expansionists, much like the Klingons. The Klingon Battle-group of 25 assorted vessels was defeated. The Empire quickly shifted its resources to meet this new threat. In 2254, the war a year old, K'Lias ordered 125 Reshtarc vessels to fight the powerful Kinshaya.

The Imperial Borders with the Federation and Romulan Empire were now predominantly patrolled by fusions. The long Kinshaya War drained the Imperial Houses even further. Many of the open Houses suffered such losses which coupled with the Plague left them completely helpless and the Fusions seized the Lines.

House Drexa, once wholly Imperial and then a open House, became a Closed Fusion House made up of the Human/ Klingon fusions. Simparri and others stayed open but also suffered accordingly. By 2277 many of the original Houses were gone.

K'Lias lead the Reshtarc contingents into many of the battles with the enemy called "Demons" by the Klingons. In 2255 K'Lias lead three Reshtarc squadrons into battle near Andoma 4, the Kinshaya outnumbered the Reshtarc squadron by at least a 3:1 margin.

The squadron was severely mauled by the Kinshaya, although the action delayed the Kinshaya until the Fleet could mass and counterattack. K'Lias stayed behind in his D'6 Cruiser "Stormbringer" to allow two of his heavily damaged ships to escape. The "Stormbringer" continued to fire until it was overwhelmed by the Kinshaya.

K'Lias last order was to ram one of the Kinshaya vessels. The D6 turned and headed toward its final battle. The remnants of the "Stormbringer" were recovered and brought back to Behacor Prime. Pieces of this famous vessel now are placed into every new Reshtarc vessel.

Line Leadership: 2237 - 2255


Seventh Dynasty (K'Lagh Dynasty): 2255 - 2372

K'Lagh zantai-Reshtarc, Thirteenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: K'Lagh lead the House through the remainder of the Kinshaya Wars. Following that bloody conflict the Reshtarc used the heavy losses to many of the prominent Houses to catapult themselves into the leadership of the "Imperial Faction".

K'Lagh used his influence to rebuild the Imperial Fleet and start a major rearmament program for the Empire. The program aptly entitled K'Lagh's Fist was begun in 2259. By 2262 the new D'7 Battle cruisers were being incorporated into the Klingon Fleet. K'Lagh assumed Leadership of the High Council in 2259 which corresponded with the military buildup.

K'Lagh advocated continued war against the Federation and was supported in part by the High Council. K'Lagh, in a attempt to stop a fusion takeover in the Empire, began to funnel the best equipment and men to the closed Imperial Houses.

Open and Closed Fusion Houses like Drexa, Simparri, and others suffered with older equipment. K'Lagh renewed alliances with House Solazarn, Hurric and other "Imperial" Houses. The Fusion Houses also began to band together and to form alliances as well.

The pressure to form these alliances was a direct result of the Treaty of Organia (2267). The Imperial High Council blamed the Fusion element for this setback in Klingon expansion and further fueled the already seething emotions in the Empire. 2267 also marked the signing of the Romulan / Klingon Military Assistance Treaty. Both the Klingon Empire and the Romulans feared the growing strength of the Federation.

K'Lagh was well aware of the slipping of Imperial strength and growing fusion power in the Empire. The strain of the Plague, Federation war and Kinshaya wars has drained imperial power to the point of parity with the Fusions.

In 2279 K'Lagh turned over power of the Line to his adopted son Kullor. K'Lagh was the last of the strong Reshtarc Leaders until 2370. He was also the last Reshtarc to be Leader of the High Council.

Line Leadership: 2255 - 2279


Kullor epetai-Reshtarc, Fourteenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: Kullor, the adopted son of K'Lagh, lead the House for roughly eight years. During Kullor's reign the Reshtarc continued to push for war with the Federation.

The Organians were apparently not going to stop the Federation and Klingons from destroying one another. Other forces were at work to prevent a war however. In 2283 Kullor sealed all Reshtarc territories and defended them at the point of the sword.

In 2285 Gorkon a peace seeking Fusion gained the post of Chancellor and began to seek out peace with the Federation. Kullor, who had abstained from the council session, began to plan for a Komerex-wide civil war which would decide the future of the Empire.

Reshtarc Industries and allied House began to stop all shipments of arms to houses outside of their circle. This violated Klingon Law implemented by Gorkon in 2286. Gorkon lacked significant forces to back this law since many Imperial Houses had withdrawn all their vessels from the Imperial Navy (2285).

The planned revolt was set to begin in 2300 at which time the Imperial Houses would have vastly numerical strength in war material. In late 2286, at the urging of Kullor and others ,the Imperial factions formerly withdrew from the Council of Lords. Gorkon tried in vain to end the growing threat however Imperial response to his pleas was non-existent.

In 2287 Kullor was killed in a warp breech during maneuvers at Belial Three gunnery range. The Imperials believed this to be the result of Gorkon's plotting and further resolved the Imperial Houses to fight and destroy all Fusions in the Empire.

Line Leadership: 2279 - 2287


K'Baal sutai-Reshtarc, Fifteenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: K'Baal would lead the line with deft political maneuvers and foresight in the end it would be K'Baal who would ultimately lay the seeds for the Reshtarc reemergence to power.

K'Baal continued with his fathers plans establishing several new bases for the war faction. Militarily and Economically the Reshtarc and their allies were stronger than they had ever been.

By 2292 Gorkon was well aware of the buildup and its intent and purpose, already the war faction had rendered two of his chief supporters ineffectual the Subaeshi and Pallara. In two major battles in 2291 the War faction had engaged and damaged the two Houses so severely that they were on the Brink of collapse.

In 2293 the war faction was joined by two "Open Houses" the Dok’marr and Juriss. Both were opposed to Gorkon's peace initiative. Then a event happened which would change the Empire forever. Praxis exploded, although the official reason was over-mining of Dilithium the truth was far different.

Fusion peace dissidents placed a plasma bomb in one of many Mining Facilities on Praxis. The resulting explosion caused severe damage to the moon and threatened the Homeworld. Gorkon used this event as a example of too much military expenditure and too little control.

In late 2293, following the events surrounding the Khitomer Accords, K'Baal agreed to begin dismantling the war faction. In return those Houses would be allowed to retain all land and titles.

In 2294 K'Baal and the Reshtarc distanced themselves from Klingon politics watching from the shadows, and waited to see what would develop. ,Earlier, in 2290 the war faction had dispatched several deep attack vessels. The mission of these vessels were to carry out raiding deep inside enemy territory. K'Baal's' oldest son K'Paal, a future leader of the Reshtarc, was aboard one such vessel.

The period of peace allowed the Reshtarc to develop technology and a private fleet in secret. In 2299 K'Baal took a K't'inga class cruiser and five hundred line members and entered the Kinshaya Wormhole. He turned the line over to his son Korek.

Line Leadership: 2287 - 2299


Korek vestai-Reshtarc, Sixteenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: Korek continued expanding Reshtarc self sufficiency. His primary achievement was to develop the existing resources in both agriculture and to restructure the Reshtarc Military.

Korek developed secret political ties with K'Mpec, a young Klingon who was growing in power. Roughly around the Romulan sneak attack at Narendra 3 in 2344, Korek used this as provocation to begin reestablishing Reshtarc influence in many of the minor Houses in the Empire.

In 2345 Korek lead a Reshtarc Raiding squadron in battle against Cardassian forces at Kaldin'Sa he was subsequently killed.

Line Leadership: 2299 - 2345


K'NoraK vestai-Reshtarc, Seventeenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: K'NoraK ruled the line in virtual anonymity although his reign would be twenty years in length. K'NoraK is remembered more for several disastrous events then for his Leadership qualities.

The explosion at Behacor Prime Orbital Facility in 2364 and a unsuccessful revolt on the Reshtarc world of Cathis. K'NoraK was a excellent administrator but lacked much charisma.

K'NoraK was killed by his son K'Veth in 2365 while they ate dinner. K'NoraK implemented several new programs within the Reshtarc family and revived many of the old traditions.

Line Leadership: 2345 - 2365


K'Veth sutai-Reshtarc, Eighteenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: “K'Veth the Despised”, as he is known for his complicity in murdering his father and fragmentation it caused within the House. In 2368 the Duras attempted to seize power. K'Veth responded by ordering the House forces to remain neutral.

This almost cost the Reshtarc the heart of the Reshtarc House, the Mempa Sector. However K'Paal tai Reshtarc challenged his authority and joined in supporting Gowron against the Duras.

K'Paal was rewarded with the support of almost three quarters of the line. 2370 marked the beginning of the Reshtarc internal war which resulted in the end of K'Veth and 3000 of his most loyal followers.

K'Veth was killed when his ship was attacked and destroyed by the "Stormbringer" while trying to reach Romulan space.

Line Leadership: 2365 - 2370


K'Paal epetai-Reshtarc, Nineteenth Lord, Seventh Dynasty: K'Paal was highly regarded among the Reshtarc. K'Paal reestablished the House as a formidable power within the Empire. In 2371 he ordered the realignment of Reshtarc industries under a new aegis Reshtarc Combined Arms.

He also continued the family tradition of challenging the High Council. Furthermore in 2371 he sent forces to aid in ridding House Lorenssith of its Fusions. K'Paal was instrumental in ratifying the Mempa Treaty, an alliance between the Ghol'jub, Lorenssith and Reshtarc.

K'Paal is considered to be a temperamental and sometimes volatile leader who takes any attack on the House personally. K'Paal has gone to great lengths to bring an end to the Khitomer Accords. This goal was achieved in late 2371 when Federation spies were captured in Klingon space. Gowron agreed to invade Cardassia in late 2371 and withdrew from the Khitomer Accords when the Federation did not support the invasion.

In 2372, six months after the invasion, K'Paal ordered the Reva 4 rebellion put down. Lorenssith, Ghol'jub and Reshtarc forces under K'Paal killed over 500,000 Cardassian and Eldrun dissidents.

K'Paal has recently disagreed with both Kahless and Gowron on the point of the Federation. K’Paal adamantly voiced his view that an alliance should not be built with the Federation after hostilities with the Dominion began.

In 2373 there were sweeping changes within the line. Lord K'Paal had gone mad with a lust for power, seeing traitors and assassins everywhere, he began executing loyal Reshtarc officers, most of them from the Marine ranks, which were slowly gaining in power. These allegations of treason were not limited to the lower ranks. They went up to Colonel Marrik, the leader of the House Marine Forces and referred to as the “Father of the Modern Imperial Marines”. This outrage of dishonor forced Marrik to gather his allies, who also felt the need to remove K'Paal before greater injustices could be done, and launch a coup.

Marrik and his forces, most notably former boqdu' navy Captain K’orvette, Marine Senior Officers M'Tov, M'Pak, may'qel, and several navy squadron commanders. They gathered their troops and fleets to began an attack. The most notable battles occurred in the Kodus System and a clandestine raid which lent to the capture of K'Paal and installation of Marrik as Linelord.

K'Paal was kept from execution by the High Council and was tried by a council of warriors and discommendated for his crimes. He was killed sometime later in a shuttle accident.

Line Leadership: 2370-2373.


Eighth Dynasty (Marrik Dynasty): 2373 - 2376

Marrik epetai-Reshtarc, Twentieth Lord, Eighth Dynasty: Marrik assumed command following a bloody revolt by the Line Marine Forces, with their small number of Naval Allies. Marrik and his followers fought and drove off Capt. K’joH and his renegades during a battle in the Kodus System, thus insuring there were no others strong enough to stop his challenge against K'Paal.

Marrik and his forces, most notably a former boqdu', Captain K’orvette, Marine Senior Officers M'Tov, M'Pak, may'qel and several navy squadron commanders, gathered their troops and fleet and began to launch an attack. The most notable battles occurred in the Kodus System and a clandestine raid which lent to capture K'Paal and install Marrik as Line lord.

Marrik has solidified his powerbase with new alliances and allies, supplanting several key officials with more loyal officers and friends. The Mempa Alliance was also completely dissolved, after Lorenssith infighting and Fusion blood entering the Ghol'jub Line. His fast action in placing troops in and around the H’renn System, thus preventing the Lorenssith revolt from spreading, was noted by the Emperor and the High Council, who granted him a new Negh’Var Battleship as a reward. Emperor Kahless rewarded Marrik with the title of Lord Protector of the Mempa Sector, and presented him with a new Negh’Var Class Battleship, the IKV Marrik’s Mauler.

The Dominion War took its toll on the Reshtarc Military Complex. All ship production was diverted to the Empire and extra Legions were dispatched to shore up Imperial Troops on the front line.

Sweeping changes in the Empire left many of the more traditional minded lords in the past, and Marrik initiated plans to lead the Line into a new imperial future, showing his loyalty to the Empire by swearing allegiances to the High Council, with its new leader Martok, and the Emperor.

In 2375 reports of vessels with K’Paal’s personal symbol began attacking Imperial Shipping on the Imperial Fringes.

Shortly after the end of the Dominion War, Lord Marrik’s troops invaded the Rodarat System. The system was mineral rich, yet weakly defended, and held by a line without honor. The Reshtarc Naval and Marine Forces quickly conquered the system, and expelled the enemy line. Soon the neighboring systems counterattacked. They were defeated, and the house also acquired the Ankor System as a result. High Council support was full for the invasion, and no voices of dissention were heard.

Early in 2376, the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force (REF) left its home base in the Irriani Expanse without orders or even communication with Mempa Sector Command.

Attacks by ships bearing K’Paal’s symbol intensified in 2376, with several small clashes between his ships and those of the Empire. Lord Marrik ignored these reports, claiming that K’Paal was dead and that this was the works of pirates hoping to spread fear with claims of K’Paal’s rise from the dead in search of revenge.



The Truth: Operation Smokescreen

K’Paal was not dead. His entire fall from grace and subsequent disappearance had been a ploy by Chancellor Gowron. K’Paal was petitioned to perform a most dangerous mission. To infiltrate the remaining assassin tongs, and destroy them from within. Most likely a suicide mission, and one that would cost K’Paal his lordship of the Reshtarc. A sacrifice that would cost him more than he was aware.

In 2373 the Reshtarc formulated a plan to replace K’Paal with another as line lord. They chose Marrik, commander of the Reshtarc Marines and K’Paal’s cha’dich.

As it was later learned, Marrik and K’Paal were brothers. K’Baal (17th Lord, 7th Dynasty), while serving as Captain of the IKV Breaker, met and fell in love with a Hurric female named Lara. Their affair was short lived however, when Lara was called back to the Hurric home world by her father, Lord MaS’rik epetai-Hurric.

Unknown to K’Baal, who was distracted by his own grab for the lordship of the Reshtarc, Lara was pregnant, and gave birth to his son Marrik. Lara died of complications during childbirth and, although her father constantly demanded to know the name of the father, she never betrayed her love for K’Baal.

K’Baal was saddened by the news of Lara’s death, but he was never informed of the manner of her death, or that she bore him a son. Marrik was to be raised as a ward of the Hurric Linelord.

Within the following year, K’Baal was Linelord of the Reshtarc, and mated to Denara, who bore him two sons, the eldest of whom was K’Paal.

Whether coincidence or fate, both Marrik and K’Paal were assigned to the sleeper ship, IKV Tong. One raised a Hurric Marine Officer and one a Reshtarc Naval Officer, they never had circumstance to meet.

After the sleeper mission ended, fate entered the scene once again. K’Paal became the Reshtarc Linelord, and found a friend in an aggressive marine leader Marrik. Eventually the similarities in their genetic codes became obvious, and the common link was K’Baal. Who does one choose to replace the son of K’Baal as line lord, another son of K’Baal!

The stage set, Marrik and K’Paal began Operation Smokescreen, with the help of several other lords, notably General MalaH epetai-Ghol’jub. The operation staged a mock revolution, with Marrik eventually deposing K’Paal, and K’Paal being discommendated, finally staging his own death.

The Reshtarc did not fail to use this to their own favor, however. The ships and troops supposedly destroyed in the faked battles of Operation Smokescreen soon struck across the Imperial borders and into the Triangle, catching the defending Dominion Troops by surprise and capturing the Grell and Hardor systems. This unplanned attack angered Chancellor Gowron, who vowed to never allow K’Paal to return to the Empire, should he even survive his mission.


Missions End: The Day of Celebration

When Chancellor Martok came to power, he was visited by K’Paal in the guise of Colonel Goss, the commander of the Emperor’s Royal Guard. K’Paal told Martok of the entire mission, and that it was Gowron’s personal hatred of him that kept him a fugitive in hiding.

Chancellor Martok contacted Lord Marrik, who confirmed K’Paal’s story. Martok publicly cleared K’Paal and hailed him as hero.

A grand celebration was to be held in honor of K’Paal’s return on Behacor Prime. A lavish banquet for any and all Reshtarc that could attend, and a formal military parade for which the Reshtarc were famous, was held.

Sometime during the review of the troops, Marrik and K’Paal were made aware that a ship appeared in orbit near Behacor’s primary star, bearing Pallara Insignia and transmitting a message. Marrik ordered it to be destroyed. The message was from House Limmrii.

The End: Behacor’s’ Last Day

Revelry was taking place on Behacor Prime. The Pallara Battleship IKV Deadly Blade decloaked in the Behacor System, while simultaneously the IKV Doom Bringer decloaked in the Kel System. Both ships were claiming to be under the control of Limmrii Pirates. They issued a challenge, but when the defending vessels attacked, the Pallara ships gave only moderate resistance, and were soon destroyed.

The suns of both systems began to act erratically. It took less than 15 minutes for the stars to go supernova, expanding in an explosion of raw energy that enveloped the Behacor System, with all its Reshtarc population, the Mempa Shipyards, the Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility, and Behacor Prime, the Throne world of the Reshtarc Line. The Kel System’s primary star explosion destroyed the home world of the Reshtarc’s kuve race, the Kelranni. The neighboring systems did not escape unscathed either. The shock wave that emanated from the two supernovas caused destruction across the Mempa Sector.

Both ships fired what is now believed to be a prototype of the Genesis torpedo into the primary stars of both systems. Where these weapons were created, or how the Pallara terrorists came to possess them, is speculative at best. Rumors abound that Pallara Arms worked on copies of stolen plans for years, finally managing to create a usable weapon in secret.

How the two ships managed to penetrate so far into the Mempa Sector undetected is unknown. It has been speculated that the Limmrii had agents at work in the Mempa Sector for years.

In less than a half hour, over four hundred years of Reshtarc History was nearly destroyed, and the survivors scrambled to cut themselves off a piece of the pie.

Line Leadership: 2373-2376


Ninth Dynasty (Alliance Dynasty): 2376 - 2381

Keras epetai-Reshtarc, No Officially Designated Lord, Ninth Dynasty

The Aftermath: The Alliance

Infighting ensued across the Mempa Sector. Ships and troops allied themselves with any number of would-be line lords. Four months of secret deals, outside alliances and outright slaughter ended with six houses in firm control of more or less equal portions of the former Reshtarc holdings.

Lord Marrik had previously rearranged the Reshtarc Naval Forces into more or less equal fleets, following the 6-6-6 rule of six battle cruisers, six heavy cruisers and six scouts. This was done to keep the navy, who were initially upset with a marine Linelord in what was traditionally a navy line. The individual fleets lacked the firepower to rebel against their lord, and after his death, the individual fleet commanders lacked the power to take the throne, avoiding numerous unnecessary battles.

The Leaders of these six houses agreed to meet at neutral ground. The chosen location was Starfortress K’ryton. These six warriors, four naval officers and two marine officers, amassed total control of the Mempa Sector and had stabilized their territories. They met and hammered out an agreement forming the Mempa Alliance. The treaty proposed that they work together to maintain stability and security within the Mempa Sector and holdings without, continue commerce and trade within the sector, and combine to provide a mutual war and political effort and doctrine within the Empire.

They chose Thought Admiral Keras zantai-Reshtarc to represent the Alliance at the High Council, claiming the spot formally held by the Reshtarc Line.


A New Beginning: Mempa Arms Ltd.

With the destruction of the Mempa Shipyards and the Behacor Orbital Fabrication Facility, the Alliance lost 15% of its weapons production facilities and almost 80% of its shipbuilding facilities.

The Alliance, to combine the disparate and separated industrial assets of the former ReCAL, formed Mempa Arms Ltd. Organized and led from the Mempa Council. Each lord has a specific quota based according to his holding’s assets and production facilities capabilities.

Currently the weapons production centers are split between Houses Keras, Her’Toq, K’Paal, K’t’lok and Marrik. These weapons plants produce 65% of all Imperial Weapons. Two major shipyards under construction at the time of the attack were completed one year later. They are located at Reska Noral and Sestus II. Once completed, after design revisions were made during construction to further enlarge them after the loss of the Mempa facilities, the shipyard’s capabilities surpass the Mempa Shipyards.

Heavy industry, however, had not suffered as much from the growing pains of the Alliance. Focused outside the destroyed systems for the last several decades, it flourishes throughout the Mempa Sector with recent expansion to replace those facilities located within the destroyed areas of Mempa.

The thirty-six major worlds and forty-seven moons that make up the West Central Core of the Alliance holdings provide valuable resources. A powerful chain of dilithium mines and refinement plants are sprinkled throughout these core systems.

Another twenty-seven worlds and nineteen moons make up smaller holdings which border on Federation and Romulan space. Huluk 9, located near Romulan space, provides the Empire with a rich source of duranium and radonium-5, a prime metal for use in the new ablative armors. Consortiums made up of metallurgists from the Mempa Alliance factions are exploring many sources of rare metals and minerals for Imperial use, both within existing Reshtarc territory and areas now being explored.

Thought Admiral Keras oversees Mempa Arms Ltd. from Starfortress K’ryton, and from the Battleship IKV Marrik’s Mauler. His responsibilities include the overall defense of the Mempa Sector and insuring that all current Imperial weapons contracts are completed by Mempa Arms Ltd. The Alliance Council determined that he will hold this position until his death or until the other five house lords deem him unworthy to represent them.


The Less Things Change…: Byzantine Politics.

If anyone believed that the Reshtarc would change after its apparent destruction, they were wrong. Like a wounded animal that is too stubborn to die, the houses of the former Reshtarc Line continue to survive and prosper.

Politics, like many things from the old house, thrive as well. Thought Admiral Keras does not lead the Alliance in the way of the old Reshtarc Line lords. He does not have total authoritarian control. The Alliance is not a dictatorship. It is in fact a confederacy of lords, each with their own vision for the future, and a grand design on Keras’ position.

The only thing keeping the Alliance from falling apart is the fact the each lord knows that if he should attempt to secede from the Alliance, the others will band together, destroying his house and taking his holdings for themselves. Mutual mistrust and a common threat of retaliation form the tying bonds of the Mempa Alliance.



The Houses of the Mempa Alliance

The House of Keras: The Powerbroker.

Thought Admiral Keras came out of retirement at behest of his followers shortly after the terrorist attack. His leadership skills and starship combat tactics allowed him to take control of an entire quarter of the Mempa Sector.

The Thought Admiral soon saw that the Reshtarc as an entity would be destroyed if the warring sides could not come to terms. He proposed a meeting with the surviving five warlords to be held at neutral ground, Space Station K’ryton.

He spoke with the other warriors and convinced them to work together to keep possession of the Mempa Sector within the confines of the remaining House Reshtarc. They saw his wisdom and elected him to represent the Mempa Alliance at the Imperial High Council.

Starfortress K’ryton, in orbit over Belial III, is the headquarters for House Keras, as well as the meeting and control center for the Mempa Alliance. The House controls the single largest fleet in the Alliance and can field two Legions of Marines. The house also controls the Belial Gunnery range, weapons plants at Archius Major, Archius Minor and Celdun VII, and heavy industry in the Celdun System.

Keras is the most respected and capable leader within the Alliance. He has always garnered much respect within the Reshtarc Line, but was considered an outsider and remained separated from the ‘royalty’ on the Throne World. It was that very separation that convinced many to back him after the fall of the old Reshtarc.




The House of Her’Toq: The Outsiders.

The most despised house of the Alliance is that of Grand Admiral Her’Toq zantai-Reshtarc. He is well renowned throughout the Empire as a tyrant. It is well documented that throughout his career he has put down no less than fifteen separate mutinies on his various commands. Despite this, he remains the most successful naval commander in Reshtarc History.

He has spent the majority of his career fighting near the Kinshaya wormhole and later on the Kinshaya border. There he wreaked havoc on both the enemy and his own troops.

House Her’Toq fields the best-trained naval contingent of the Mempa Alliance. His ship commanders have a reputation for being just as much a tyrant as their lord.

The House is based at Starfortress Reska, located in the Reska System. It controls the newly built Reska Noral Shipyards, a weapons plant at Kalamar and heavy industry in the Nimorg System. They also control a Starfortress in the Kalamar System.

Grand Admiral Her’Toq has constantly disagreed with Thought Admiral Keras, and repeatedly demands that he should lead the Alliance to anyone that will hear it.

Her’Toq is hated by all the other house lords. His foul temper, dour disposition and unwillingness to work with the others, places a disruptive force within the alliance. The only reason he even agreed to the initial meeting with Thought Admiral Keras was that his forces were being assailed on all sides. Despite the façade of apparent victory he maintained, his forces were seriously depleted and under equipped, and on the verge of defeat.

The House of K’t’lok: The Insanity.

If any one house represents the arrogance of the former Reshtarc Line, and the insanity of K’Paal, it is the House of Admiral K’t’lok zantai-Reshtarc. Their cult-like devotion to their leader is radical to say the least. The Admiral has gone so far as to say that Kahless speaks through him!

The House is headquartered at Berdak Primus, within the Starfortress Monastery of K’t’lok. The House spews out a constant litany on the racial superiority of the Imperial, and the destruction of the fusion. They broadcast daily from the Berdak System throughout the Mempa Sector, and although the messages were at first taken as the ramblings of a madman, many within the sector are beginning to take the preaching seriously. Small groups of cultists have formed within all the houses of the Alliance.

K’t’lok and his followers control the weapons factories at Fortans III and Berdak Secundus, and can field an sizeable fleet. The ground forces of the House however are considered to be laughable by the two marine houses of the Alliance. The neo-religious zeal of the marines leads them to follow simple combat strategies, usually a headlong charge into the enemy. They are considered archaic and undependable, although fearless in the face of the enemy.

Admiral K’t’lok is truly a madman, as are his followers. His rise to power after the fall took everyone by surprise. The last command he held was as Commandant of the Rura Penthe Penal Colony, but he was dismissed for obvious reasons. K’t’lok leads the house like a religious cult, with himself as messiah. His inner circle runs the day to day operations of his house. The five Klingons at the top all hold the rank of “Priest”, while the ship captains of his naval forces and marine leaders are called “Crusaders”. The Inner Circle spreads K’t’lok’s words throughout the Mempa Sector. He views all the other house lords as devils sent by Fek’lhr to persecute him and test his resolve.


The House of K’Baal: The Builders.

Admiral K’joH zantai-Reshtarc leads this house, as he was the close friend and confidant of Lord K’Paal, as well as a co-conspirator during Operation Smokescreen. He was away from the Mempa Sector, overseeing the moving of House K’Paal, back into the Mempa Sector from its self-imposed exile, when the terrorist attack began. He has continued to keep the name of his close friend as his houses’ name in honor and tribute to a fallen comrade.

House K’Baal controls a well-supplied fleet and marine force. It also runs the weapons plants at Sestus Minor and Kelrik, and the Sestus Shipyard and Starfortress DoroH at Sestus II. The shipyards were already under construction before the meeting that formed the alliance.

The house has made the vow that the Sestus Shipyards will surpass even the might of the Mempa Shipyards within two years, a pledge it does not make lightly. The house still contains a large number of technicians and scientists, more than any other house, and possesses the materials to succeed.

K’joH was well regarded within the old house, and at one point was the commanding officer of the Reshtarc Flagship, IKV Stormbringer, and later the commander of the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force (REF). As the senior surviving officer of K’Paal’s inner circle, he was chosen to lead the house that brought six lords to the Iron Throne: K’Baal, Korek, K’NoraK, K’Veth, K’Paal and Marrik. His support comes primarily from the old REF Fleet that he has commanded for the last three years. He is a more than capable leader when push comes to shove, but his career has suffered from the appearance that he was merely K’Paal’s shadow.


The House of MaS’ich: Marine Juggernaut.

Led by Brigadier MaS’ich zantai-Reshtarc, this house is the most powerful marine force within the Alliance. Following the death of Lord Marrik, most of the senior marine commander’s threw their lot in with MaS’ich, along with many ship commanders who knew him to be a strong leader, and one of the last of the old Reshtarc leaders. His forces secured the majority of former Reshtarc holdings within the Vosta Sector, which he leads with an iron hand, much in the traditional way of the Reshtarc.

Based at Strikebase Warblade on Kodus III, House MaS’ich controls weapon production plants on the planets of Lisper’s World and Rodarat II, heavy industry in the Narendra System, and a large refining plant on the heavily polluted world of Keraxis. The House Fleet is based out of Starfortress MaS’togh, located in the Balas System. The House Marine force contains some of the most feared and respected units to survive the fall of the Reshtarc. Most notably is the power armor-equipped Shadow Legion. In all, the house controls four legions of marines.

House MaS’ich also maintains the responsibility for operating the Mempa Warrior Academy on Belial and the Vosta Marine Fighter Academy on Kodus II.

MaS’ich has garnered the majority of his support from his association with the inner circle of the Reshtarc Line. He has held a wide range of positions within the old House Marines, and is one of the last remaining boqdu (Line Advisor) of the Reshtarc. He is, however, the only house lord of the Alliance that still holds a position within the Klingon Defense Force, a split of loyalties as far as the others are concerned.


The House of Toragar: The Wildcard.

Brigadier Toragar leads the smallest house within the Alliance. It really only controls the Ankor System.

A longtime rival to Brigadier MaS’ich, he tended to attract a number of marine leaders and ship commanders who were much wilder than those of the old highly disciplined Reshtarc. Although the house can only field a small number of ships and troops, the fact that they are all condensed within the Ankor System make it the most heavily defended single system within the Alliance.

The house controls heavy industry, numerous duranium mines, and a massive refining base within the Ankor System.

Toragar was once the childhood friend of MaS’ich, and is mated with his sister. They have come to blows over the years, and have maintained a rivalry that dates back to their time together at the academy. Toragar is one of the more outspoken house lords, and he constantly accuses the others of scheming to destroy his house.

The House of Honor: The Dreamers.

Not so much a house but rather a loose confederacy of semi-independent and privateer Reshtarc. They claim to be the only true Reshtarc Line, and that the others are pretenders to the throne. They posses no power within the Alliance, and choose to remain outside its Byzantine politics.

They form a rough collection of some ten ships and a few regiments of marines. They remain in control of two important bases though, Strikebase Glory and the ruins of Praxis. The continued mining of Praxis provides the House with monies for goods and services to keep their ships and marines repaired and supplied.

A large council of ship captains and marine regimental commanders’ runs the house, and they continue to dream of a day when the Reshtarc will be returned to their former glory.






It was seen by many that this arrangement would not be able to last forever, but would require a massive force to act as a catalyst for change. This catalyst finally came in 2381.

Line Leadership: 2376-2381

Tenth Dynasty (K’orvette Dynasty): 2381 - Present

K’orvette zantai-Reshtarc, Twenty First Lord, Tenth Dynasty: Some years before, during the time of Marrik, Commander Kintaro Reshtarc had incurred a debt of honor to MalaH Ghol’jub and had mostly disappeared from sight for some five years over the leadership of the council in regards to Gowron vs. Martok and which would be supported. After his debt had been paid, Kintaro sough revenge against Marrik Reshtarc, whom he held responsible for his plight. Unable to attack him directly due to his death in the Mempa attack, he sought vengeance in other ways. In a bold move, Kintaro utilized a Bird of Prey to attack MaS'ich’s compound in the Vosta Sector. MaS'ich was heir apparent to Marrik and had often served close to Marrik through the years. MaS'ich was also one of the faction leaders of the Mempa Alliance.

Seeing this as an opportunity some faction leaders, as well as others within the family, began making moves to attempt to take over the family once and for all. Among them was Captain K’orvette sutai Reshtarc, Vice-Legion Commander of the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors Fourth Fleet and Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet warship IKV Hand of Kahless. K’orvette faced several opponents in personal combat and ultimately emerged victorious.

K’orvette was among some of the least-expected contenders for the position. Born not only outside of the family but of unknown lineage, his future diverged greatly from anything considered likely in light of his humble beginnings in Lineless Youth House 124. After entering military service aboard the IKV DaH’HoS as Engineer and later Chief Engineer he became the Fourth Fleet Operations officer and a member of House H’Nter. The family membership lasted for a couple years until conflict began between the H’Nter and Reshtarc. In a clash between arrogance and stubbornness (the labels being interchangeable in the eyes of many), K’orvette’s efforts to unite these families were quickly dashed and he found himself out of the H’Nter ranks due to his refusal to stand with Admiral Khur zantai H’Nter against Captain K’Paal sutai Reshtarc.

K’Paal saw K’orvette’s preference to stand on the side of what he viewed as right over blind family loyalty and took him into the Reshtarc line. He was soon made Director of the family’s merchant fleet and an adviser to K’Paal. When K’Paal appeared to be overcome with madness, K’orvette sided with Marrik’s efforts to unseat K’Paal and led a contingent of Naval and Marine forces into the fray, emerging victorious. Marrik rewarded K’orvette by allowing him to keep his existing positions and also making him Director of the ReCAL Special Projects office as well as Military Governor of the Morsid system. This body’s work was and still is shrouded in tight secrecy and security. His work there continues to be under close guard with no known breaches in security. In fleet service, he moved to the IKV Hand of Kahless and virtually immediately became Commanding Officer. Some years later he reached the office of Vice Legion Commander for Fourth Fleet.

K’orvette was immediately confronted with a civil war erupting within the family when he assumed the office of Line Lord. Some of the leaders of the Mempa Alliance factions attempted to band together to depose K’orvette, joined by the IKV Grethor’s Revenge. It was not learned until the end of the final confrontation that the crew of that ship had been seized by their counterparts in the “mirror” universe first discovered by a Federation starship a century ago. The members from this dimension were able to regain control long enough to destroy the ship at the dimension rift used to cross over, sealing it and the fate of those who attempted insurrection. Discredited, the rebellious forces stood down and surrendered.

During and after the insurrection, K’orvette presses on with his efforts to continue rebuilding the family’s industrial and military might beyond where it was before the Mempa attack but to heights never before reached by the Reshtarc.

Line Leadership: 2381-Present


Important Reshtarc Personalities

The following is a list of Reshtarc Line members who, through their actions or abilities, aided the Reshtarc Line in its growth as a House of the Empire. This list is by no means complete nor is it intended to be.

The Reshtarc Line is made up of a diverse cross section of Klingons and Kuve. They all add to the power and glory of Line Reshtarc. While most are dead some still live. The Reshtarc Line in its growth has also made its share of enemies some of the more notable ones have also found their niche in house Reshtarc as have the allies and supporters of the Line.

House Reshtarc did not grow in power without dynamic leadership and solid support from the rank and file. While many cast their doubts about the future of the Line all they need do is read these pages and know that the Reshtarc line will survive. The blood lines, which are the common denominator within the House, insure this.

Admiral K'Revik zantai-Reshtarc: K'Revik was adopted into the line in 2033 following his graduation from the academy. His first duty station was the Reshtarc Cruiser " Fire Blade". K'Revik rose quickly to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was the Weapons Officer during the battle of the Irrani Expanse in 2041 where his superb targeting skills won him the attention of Line Lord K'natH. K'Revik was promoted to commander following that battle and made First Officer of the "Fire Blade".

2044 marked his rise to fame within the Line. He assumed command of a new cruiser "Solemn Rage" and spent a year patrolling the Klingon frontier as part of the Imperial Navy. In 2045 he was called back to the Homeworld and told to chart the newly acquired Mempa Sector.

During his expedition K'Revik discovered the planet Behacor Prime and was the first Reshtarc to set foot on the future Throne World of House Reshtarc.

In 2046, after a promotion to Captain, he took part in two battles with House Mortak, destroying four vessels. K'Revik was then dispatched to help House H'Nter in battle against the Grezt, an alien race discovered in newly discovered system.

K'Revik was promoted to Admiral in 2048 and oversaw the final construction of Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility. The station also served as his Head quarters as well as a research and development platform.

K'Revik was killed in 2053 while engaging House Mortak forces which were trying to steal Kelric Reshtarc’s research material on warp drive. K'Revik, although outnumbered 3 to 1, was able to put up a spirited defense which enabled the base to upload all the valuable material to the secret outpost on Behacor Prime.

Captain Kren sutai-Reshtarc: Kren was the son of Admiral K'natH and the Captain of the Solemn Rage from 2049-2053. Kren died in battle during the House Mortak raid. Kren was able to destroy two of the six Mortak vessels as well as damage a third before the Solemn Rage and the Sisters Vengeance were destroyed. Kren was oldest of K'natH's three sons and the next in line to lead House Reshtarc. K'natH was born on the Homeworld in 2028.

Lieutenant Commander Kevar vestai-Reshtarc: K'natH's second son who died in an Honor Duel in 2056. Kevar served on the cruiser Silent Slayer throughout his career. Kevar was considered to be a very capable officer as well as a drinker. Kevar was born in 2032 on the Homeworld.

Lieutenant Commander Kevar wrote several epic songs the most famous of which detailed the defense of Behacor Prime Orbital Facility. Kevar was known for his considerable ability to handle drink. In 2056 this ability failed him and he challenged his captain to an Honor Duel. Kevar died when his opponents d'k tagh found his heart.

Captain K'Tos sutai-Reshtarc: K'Tos slew Kevar in 2056 in an Honor Duel. K'Tos went on to a successful career commanding the Silent Slayer.

K'Tos was known for his prowess with females which he often bragged about. This prowess lead to the honor duel in 2056 when he attempted to secure liaison with a lover of Kevar.

K'Tos lost an eye in a bar brawl with a Mortak captain in 2061 while on rest and recuperation in 2061. Following that incident he served with distinction in battle against House Mortak, where he destroyed three vessels including the Captain which had cut his eye out.

K'Tos died in battle in 2077 when a damaged disruptor on his vessel overloaded and caused a massive energy feedback which destroyed the Silent Slayer, killing everyone aboard.

Kelric epetai-Reshtarc: Kelric is the father of Klingon modern warp physics. He was born in 1997 on the Homeworld, where he attended the Klinzhai Academy for Dynamic Physics. Kelric suffered from T'aget Disease, a disorder of the musculature system, which prevented him from joining the military.

Kelric developed many theories which stated that it was possible to surpass the speed of light and in 2032 was proved correct when he built the first anticurve rider engine. Kelric was brought into the line in 2009 following the support and backing given to him by a young Line Lord named K'vek.

Kelric continued his work at a lab on the Homeworld until 2050 where he transferred his research and staff to Behacor Prime and the new research station. Kelric continued to develop his theories on warp travel and was able to develop a sound theory on the use of dilithium crystals to promote faster travel.

Kelric was unable to finish his work as he was killed in 2053 by the Mortak attack on the research station. His years of work were saved by his quick thinking as he was able to upload all his notes and work to the computer core on the planet.

Kelric was made Epetai following his death in 2053 as reward for his years of service to the Line and to the Empire . Today he is still honored and many physics professors credit him with doing more to expand Klingon influence than any single person except Kahless.

A model of his first anticurve rider engine is on display on the Homeworld at the Klinzhai Academy.

Bareth Reshtarc: Bareth designed the plans for the Mempa Shipyards in 2061. He was the chief architect and part of the design team, which included the brilliant Reshtarc engineer Commander Kress.

Bareth also designed the Reshtarc Fortress/Palace on Behacor Prime. Bareth was a very stern yet gifted Klingon architect. Bareth is credited with designing the Imperial Arch which is used in many buildings and structures within the Empire.

Bareth lived to the age of eighty-six and served as chief architect of House Reshtarc under three Line Lords. Bareth died in 2076 when an earthquake struck and collapsed a structure he was building.

Commander Kress vestai-Reshtarc: Kress was the Chief Engineer at Behacor Prime Orbital Facility. His main area of expertise was space engineering and construction. In 2061 he was placed on the design team with Bareth and helped make Bareth's ideas practical.

In 2064 following the construction he was promoted to Yard Captain, a position he held until he retired from active duty in 2071. He was recalled to duty at the age of fifty-three and commanded a reserve vessel during the Kelranni War. Kress died in 2090 on Behacor Prime at the age of sixty-six and was posthumously awarded the Reshtarc Service Medal. Kress is also known for the design of the new plasma gamma welder, which he developed to provide a stronger cohesive bond during the construction of the Mempa Shipyards.

Captain K'Hesan sutai-Reshtarc: K'Hesan entered the Jazihl War in 2113 as a midshipman and left as a Captain and squadron commander. K'Hesan started off as a helmsman aboard the Cruiser Vagh. He fought in the fierce battle at Omicron Nostra. When the cruiser was severely damaged and sent back for repairs he was transferred and promoted.

His new duty station was aboard the Imperial Naval destroyer Kespek's Tears, where he became a weapons officer. In 2217 his captain was killed in a battle near Epsilon Minor. K'Hesan took command and destroyed two Jazihl heavy cruisers and brought Kespek's Tears limping back.

The Empire, suffering from a shortage of captains, immediately promoted the young Lieutenant to Captain and gave him a new cruiser, #759. K'Hesan promptly ordered the yard to paint the vessel jet black with red highlights: two colors the Jazihl feared for religious reasons. He named the vessel Jazihl Killer.

For three years he hunted Jazihl warships with a fury and success rate that amazed the Imperial Navy. K'Hesan is credited with destroying twenty-six Jazihl vessels of which fifteen were cruisers, five were destroyers, and six were heavy cruisers.

The Imperial Navy impressed with his success gave him a newly formed squadron to command. K'Hesan ordered that all four of the vessels be painted in the same color scheme with minor variations. The squadron was called the Jazihl Slayers and for the remaining two years of the war terrorized the Jazihl fleet.

The slayers hounded and destroyed fifty two enemy vessels and took part in twenty-four separate actions. The Jazihl Slayers were made independent in 2120 following the battle at Gamma Eriadon, a fact which pleased K'Hesan to no end, and left him free to pursue the enemy wherever and whenever he wished. K'Hesan perfected the Raider tactics used so successfully by the Empire.

In 2123 K'Hesan was invited to the High Council on the Homeworld and was personally decorated. Captain K'Hesan became the most decorated Reshtarc in Line history.

Captain Kaslek sutai-Reshtarc: One of seven brothers killed in the Jazihl war. Kaslek was a member of the initial relief force sent to aid House Solazarn in 2112 by Line Lord K'natH zantai-Reshtarc.

Kaslek took part in the first Reshtarc battle with the Jazihl, he lead the Reshtarc attack from his cruiser Boiling Blood . The cruiser was hit twenty seven times by Jazihl warships. The ships life support began to fail and the warp drive was completely knocked out. The vessels top speed was 3/4 impulse, Kaslek ordered all unnecessary power be rerouted to weapons, which included life support.

Ordering his crew to wear environmental suits, he turned and attacked the Jazihl armada. The Boiling Blood fired every bit of ordinance it had including plasma torpedoes as the Jazihl closed to finish him. The Jazihl lost eight ships to Kaslek's furious assault.

The Jazihl fired ten more times knocking out the remaining power, the vessel began to drift helplessly. The Jazihl, interested in this ship, sent two hundred troops in a boarding party. Kaslek and four of his brothers remained on the bridge and awaited the inevitable. The boarding party made it to the bridge and for thirty minutes Kaslek and his brothers held them off with disruptor pistols.

Finally, wounded, their disruptors spent, Kaslek detonated the ship after launching the emergency logs. The resulting explosion knocked out two more Jazihl ships and damaged a third.

The Boiling Blood's logs were recovered following the battle and were played in the Imperial inspirational theater of every vessel in the fleet. The defense of the Boiling Blood is still studied at the Imperial War Academy to this day and is referred to as Kaslek's Defense.

Kaslek lost two more brothers later on in the Ten Year War and the family was rewarded for their sacrifice by Line Lord K'VeHk with a new cruiser named after their son. The cruiser whose name is still in use was called Kaslek's Fury.

Captain Kaslek was responsible for the destruction of ten Jazihl warships and 2,900 Jazihl navy and marines killed. The Solazarn honored Kaslek as well by placing a statue of him in their hall of heroes.

Lieutenant Karn tai-Reshtarc: Vaunted weapons officer of the IKV Jazihl Crusher, he directed the weapons fire which destroyed eight Jazihl warships at Gamma Eriadon. Karn later went on to command a Scout in the Romulan War and was killed while leading a boarding party. His disruptor malfunctioned and exploded, killing him instantly in 2157.

Krestex of the Kelranni: Krestex was the personal security guard and transporter chief of K'VeHk Reshtarc. Krestex reportedly killed twenty-seven suicide troops, ripping the heads off two when they attacked the Admiral during the Planetary assault of Celdun 7, a Jazihl world.

Krestex was given command of the Kelranni Terror Troops following this incredible act. He led the Terror Troops throughout the Jazihl War and, upon its end, was made Governor of the Kelranni home world.

Kuve though he was, Krestex was a honored name in House Reshtarc and was awarded a statue next to K'vek's in the hall of heroes. Krestex is revered by both the Kelranni and Reshtarc Line as a fierce warrior and loyal subject.

In 2371 K'Paal sent 1,500 Kelranni from the Krestex regiment to aid in the purging of the Lorenssith houses of fusions. The Kelranni unit lived quite admirably up to their namesake.

A'hgah sutai-Mortak: A'hgah was responsible for the death of K'natH following a heated debate in the High Council. A'hgah committed the crime of murder, however he too was killed when K'natH refused to die. A'hgah led the Mortak Line for six years. The Mortak Line was made to pay for their many transgressions against the Reshtarc. In 2060 Krolt destroyed the House, ending the blood feud.

K'Nev sutai-Reshtarc: The Captain of the Destroyer Klin Descent. K'Nev fought in the Kelranni Wars. He made first contact with the clan Kel in 2081. K'Nev was ordered to destroy the other four clans which had surrendered. He shared in the initial contact and ceremony which the Kel and became an official member of the Reshtarc Line.

K'Nev left Beta Kel in 2082 and served with the Imperial Navy for two years as a instructor at the Imperial War Academy. In 2083 he was recalled to Beta Kel to take over the Governorship of the Five Kel worlds. In 2086 he petitioned Line Lord K'Maal to raise a Kelranni Regiment. The Regiment was to be the first of five and was called the Terror Troops. K'Nev became very attached to the Kelranni because of their fighting prowess and great strength.

In 2090 he left Beta Kel and returned home to Behacor Prime to finish out his life. In 2093 he committed Hegh'bat.

Kerloff sutai-Reshtarc/Lorenssith: Kerloff attended the Klinzhai academy and graduated with Honors in 2155. His first duty station was aboard the Reshtarc cruiser IKC Mournblade as a Chief Helmsman. Kerloff distinguished himself in several battles with the Renik Pirates. In 2158 he was made Chief Weapons Officer aboard the Reshtarc vessel IKC Maelstrom and served in that role until 2160 when he was made Executive Officer aboard the IKV Stormbringer in 2163.

K'Avaht sutai-Reshtarc was so impressed with Kerloff that he was adopted into K'Avaht's Household within the Line. In 2165 K'Avaht offered the command of the IKC Vengeance to Commander Kerloff. This also marked the beginning of the Romulan War. During the first two years of war Kerloff destroyed three Romulan scouts, two cruisers and he captured three Romulan vessels.

In 2167, following the death K'Avaht, he was promoted to Captain and given four Reshtarc Squadrons to command. The squadrons destroyed a further thirty-six Romulan vessels and captured ten. Kerloff added five more scouts, five more cruisers, and captured another three vessels for prize.

In 2170 K'AleH formally allowed Kerloff to seek petition from the High Council to form his own line. In 2175 the Lorenssith formed the first alliance which lasted until 2286 when fusions entered the Lorenssith Line.

The Black Fang: The most infamous assassins in the Empire. Black Fang members forswore honor in return for total latitude in dealing with the dishonorable. The Black Fang were responsible for the deaths of many Reshtarc opponents and enemies. Contrary to popular belief, the Black Fang are not an extension of the Line Lord.

K'AleH was the only Line Lord who ever had any official dealings with the Black Fang. He was rumored to have been the head of this infamous order as well as the Yellow Talon. Whether he was or not will never be known for following K'AleH's death the Tongs were destroyed. K'AleH used the Black Fang to kill K'vek.

Recently their has been rumors of the return of the Tong under a new name, the Iw'rA or Blood Order. K'Paal is rumored to be the head of this organization as well. Once again information is sketchy for no Imperial Security or Imperial Intelligence operatives have ever penetrated these organizations. If the Tongs have returned then one might expect to see the mortality rate rise among Reshtarc enemies.

Black Adder: The assassin whose attempt on the Sho'saI Lord failed in 2183. Black Adder was known to the Reshtarc as Mestic tai-Reshtarc, a marine and Special Operations Officer who had been trained by Imperial Security to be a assassin.

Mestic had attempted to poison K'awek epetai-Sho'saI. When that failed he tried a more direct attempt but was killed by Sho'saI guards. The Sho'saI had been warned by Imperial Security that an attempt was going to be made by the Reshtarc.

The failed attempt lead to a war between House Sho'saI and House Reshtarc which was won by the Reshtarc in 2192.

Admiral K'jeHk zantai-Reshtarc: Planned the counter attack against House Sho'saI and House Drexa. K'jeHk was a brilliant strategist and commander. K'jeHk eventually became the first Reshtarc Thought Admiral.

He was also involved in the initial planning of the attacks against the Drexa in 2213. K'jeHk moved to the Imperial Navy where he worked with the High Command in planning the Four Years War against the Federation. In 2222 he was killed for the failure of that war along with four other Thought Admirals. Recent discoveries made by Imperial Security have unearthed a treasure trove of information that proves at least two Houses gave vital information to the Federation in return for certain considerations.

The Black Blade Squadron: The most decorated Imperial squadron during the four years war. The squadron was composed of four heavy cruisers and one battleship. The vessels were: Stormbringer, Maelstrom, Mournblade, Feh'Klrs Knife, and the Battleship Black Razor.

The vessels were responsible for destroying forty-six Federation warships and sixty-five federation merchant vessels. Killing over 11,000 Federation personnel and destroying three federation outposts. This squadron comprised completely of Reshtarc vessel and crews was a prime target for the Federation and is mentioned in many official histories of the conflict.

K'Lias sutai-Reshtarc commanded the IKV Stormbringer during its service in the war. The Stormbringer has been the stepping stone for many Line Lords.

K'Dar Reshtarc: A Reshtarc scientist and member of the Council of Science and Medicine. K'Dar was a member of the research team which located and eventually isolated the bacteria responsible for the plague in 2239. K'Dar helped to develop the anti-bacteria which was used to fight the plague in 2241. K'Dar used his skills to determine the causes of Trazerian Syndrome and developed a successful program designed to fight the effects and causes of this debilitating disease.

Captain Kvalt and Major M'ahg Reshtarc: Two brothers who fought in the Kinshaya conflict. Kvalt was the captain of the Light Cruiser Last Breath. M'ahg was the marine contingent commander on that vessel.

The two brothers successfully boarded a Kinshaya vessel and learned much about the Kinshaya technology as well as capturing a living specimen for study. The brothers died in battle against the Kinshaya when K'Lias squadron was destroyed near the Hellion Expanse.

The information gleaned from their mission was partially responsible for halting and driving back the Kinshaya. The brothers were identical twins and were born and raised on Behacor Prime. The brothers have been honored with a statue in their home village on the Reshtarc Throne world.

Kavok vestai-Reshtarc: Reshtarc Commander who commanded the IKV Killer Instinct during operation Deep Strike in 2265. Kavok successfully destroyed seven Federation vessels and captured the Federation destroyer USS Rome during a two year raiding tour of Federation space from 2265-2267. The Rome was taken to Mempa Shipyards and studied by the Imperial Navy.

Kavok volunteered for a second mission, which would include a deep intrusion into Romulan space. The Killer Instinct was destroyed when its newly installed cloaking device failed, caused by a plasma backflow that detonated before it could be vented.

M'Noth sutai-Reshtarc: Marine Colonel responsible for the security of the Praxis Mining Facility. M'Noth was killed during the covert infiltration by forces opposed to war with the Federation in 2293. Prior to his posting at Praxis, M'Noth was the Marine Force Commander at the Mempa Shipyards.

Following M'Noth's failure to prevent the dissidents from exploding the plasma bomb on Praxis, his family was killed. M'Noth was once a member of the elite Reshtarc Lancers and an accomplished L'Eght beast rider.

Kelzin Reshtarc: Klingon engineer and member of the B'rel Project which developed a scout capable of firing from cloak. Kelzin worked on the project which was begun in 2291 and completed in 2292. Kelzin attended the Imperial Engineering Academy on Qo'noS.

Kelzin was a theorist whose ideas on power distribution were at first considered to be impossible. In 2289 he proved that with sufficient power a vessel could fire from cloak. In 2290 the War Faction began to fund the B'rel Project of which he was a member.

Kelzin's theories and work on modified power consumption was reopened in 2370 and used in designing the Vor’Cha-S. Kelzin was arrested by Imperial Security following the failed assassination attempt and the death of Chang. He was to testify against House Reshtarc but chose to die by the Hegh'bat Ceremony rather than betray his Line.

Kelzin died a respected member of the scientific community as well as the engineering community.

Brigadier MaS'ich zantai-Reshtarc: He fought alongside three different line lords before being granted his own house. He first came to prominence during the reign of Lord K’Paal. His first posting within the line was the Commander of Kelranni Forces, which he held during the later portion of Lord K’Paals, and during all of Lord Marrik’s reign. Although he was a loyalist during Marrik’s Insurrection, he was appointed as Boq’du by Marrik and later joined the House of Marrik.

He served the KDF as both the Legion Marine Force Leader and Legion Tactical Operations Officer for the 4th Imperial Legion, and led the troops of the 8th Imperial Marine Division for a time.

For years of honorable service he was granted his own house and the Ankor System which he held until his death in 2376.

Planets - Bases - Systems

Behacor Prime (Destroyed in 2376): Sometimes referred to by the Reshtarc as the Throne World. Behacor Prime was a planet similar to Qo'noS in its appearance and weather patterns. The planet was discovered in 2045 by Commander K'Revik vestai-Reshtarc. An excerpt from his log details the world:

"The Planet is extremely large, roughly twice that of Qo'noS. Sensor analysis report that temperatures on the surface fluctuate from 95 to 100 degrees near the axial equator. The air is thick, the atmosphere constitutes eighty percent oxygen and twenty percent nitrogen. The surface seems to be sixty percent water and thirty-five percent land mass which are covered with lush tropical forests. Life signs appear to be numerous but no structures of any type can be scanned. The weather patterns appear to be violent in nature with massive air flow and huge sub-tropical storms. The planet is composed of five large continents separated by large expanses of ocean. Several minor landmasses which do not fall into the category of continents have also been scanned........."

K'Revik took an exploration team down to the surface of the largest continent and took samples of its flora and fauna.

The foundations of the First City were begun in 2048 on the first continent near a mountain range. The first building was the fortress which was designed by a young architect Bareth. The city has grown and now houses a population of twenty million of which 500,000 are Reshtarc.

Behacor Prime was home to a wide variety of animals as well as the L'Eght beasts, a dinosaur-like carnivore which inhabits the jungles and plains of all the continents. The planet is rich in both metals and agriculture. The p'lecht tree and its delicious fruit became a delicacy throughout the Empire that could be found only on Behacor Prime. The fruit was harvested in early winter when it blooms and only for two weeks since it died quickly.

The military and structured society of the planet reflected the Reshtarc view of the Empire. The planet was ruled by a Reshtarc Governor appointed by the House Lord. Many of the Klin on Behacor Prime were unlined or in adoption houses. Aliens and non-Klin ware forbidden on Behacor Prime; a tradition which stood since the planet was first colonized by the Reshtarc.

Several key installations could be found on its surface. The planet was defended by a Reshtarc squadron as well as planetary-scaled shields and disruptors. A legion of marines was stationed on the surface as well in latter years.

Behacor Prime was never been invaded by any military force since the Reshtarc first claimed it until the attack of 2376. During the Civil War of 2365, Duras vessels entered the space around Behacor Prime but were destroyed.

The planet served as the home of the House Lord as well as the location of the headquarters for RCAL. Behacor Prime was the ideal world for Klingons with its Qo'noS-like environment.

Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility (Destroyed in 2376): Orbiting the Throne World was the massive space fabrication facility. The Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility ,or BPOFF, was a stunning testament to Klingon engineering.

Construction on the station began in 2045 at the behest of then Line Lord K'natH. The facility was to serve as a secret base for Kelric Reshtarc to work on his warp theories in seclusion. Construction of the first two sections was completed in 2048 and one thousand Klingons were required to properly man the space station.

The facility was attacked in late 2053 by renegade forces of a rival House hoping to steal its secrets . The base was so severely damaged that it had to be rebuilt and in 2059 the facility was rebuilt from scratch . The construction of the new station was completed in 2065. Since then the base has undergone several new additions with the latest completed in 2364. The base required 35,650 Klingons and kuve to run it.

The station had over one thousand labs and processing stations as well as three internal docking bays capable of receiving and even building the new Vor’Cha Attack Cruisers. The base was completely self sufficient and also served as the Mempa Sector Fleet Headquarters.

Mempa Shipyards (Destroyed in 2376): Construction of the first docking clamps and repair facilities began in 2061 under K'Rolt vestai-Reshtarc. The shipyards were located between Behacor Prime and Behacor Minor. The Shipyards were designed by Chief Engineer K'Ress Reshtarc and the Klingon architect Bareth Reshtarc, and were completed in 2064. The original yards included ten slips, five docking clamps, two orbital housing facilities, four metal fabrication facilities and four engine/warp core manufacturing plants.

Many line lords added to the yards with the largest expansion taking place between 2208 and 2210. K'saHr epetai-Reshtarc added fifteen new docking slips and several new fueling and weapons sheds. These additions brought the yards to a total of thirty-one slips and eighteen docking clamps.

Mempa was the largest single shipyard in Imperial space. The yards require over two thousand support vehicles from the tiny K'agh assembly shuttle to the massive K'vos ore freighters to operate at full capacity. The shipyard was capable of building a B'rel class scout in one month and a Vor’Cha Class Attack Cruiser in three months.

The Imperial Navy leased several slips for its own purposes and the Reshtarc employed the rest for Line support and vessel construction. K'Paal had begun to reestablish the military might of the Reshtarc with the new Vor’Cha-S Class Attack Cruiser. The cruiser were built from start to finish at the Mempa shipyards.

Belial 3 Gunnery and Tactical Range: Area of space located in the Belial system roughly four light-years from the Mempa Sector. Ship gunnery and tactical practice area. Located near the Belial Quasar.

Behacor Chemical and Biological Warfare Academy (Destroyed in 2376): Located on Behacor Prime this academy was established to study the use of chemical and biological agents in warfare. The academy was established in 2355 and has been the main source of literature and documentation as well as source studies for the use of chemical and biological elements.

Mempa Engineering Academy (Destroyed in 2376): Located in space within the confines of the Mempa Shipyards. The Mempa Engineering Academy is one of the Empire's finest military and civilian academies. The academy focuses mainly on the design and use of both offensive and defensive weapons and systems, as well as the control systems.

The academy does, however, provide education in all other aspects of engineering. The academy provides hands on training at the shipyards for all its members. The trainees are under the watchful eye of Imperial Naval engineers as well as Reshtarc.

The Academy was established in 2358. The first class graduated in 2362. K'Jev vestai-Reshtarc was a member of the first class as well the highest honor student.

Frontier Outpost 25: Outpost 25 was established in 2174 as a forward base for the invasion of the Romulan Star Empire. The bases location is known to be in the Arbellus cluster a belt of asteroids. Two of the asteroids are the size of small moons and have been hollowed out.

Called outpost 25 and 25a, both have interior docking facilities as well as dilithium refinement and limited repair facilities. The bases are capable of handling K'Vort and K't'inga cruisers but not the larger Vor’Cha Class Attack Cruiser.

The bases currently provide a headquarters for the Lasher Squadron and Imperial Squadron twelve. One Regiment of Marines is billeted on outpost 25a and a security garrison is located on Outpost 25.

Transporters allow the Marine regiment to respond to an attack at either outpost. Each outpost is equipped with ten J-72a planetary defense disruptors and multiple torpedo launchers.

Strikebase Vengeance & Outpost 26: These bases sit in what is now known as the H'Rask Sector, a newly acquired and as yet mostly undeveloped system. The system is currently patrolled and protected by the 6th and 8th Reshtarc Fleets.

Strikebase Vengeance was constructed at the behest of Colonel Marrik sutai-Reshtarc, who at the time was the Commander of the Reshtarc Marines, and also the Legion Marine Force Leader for the Imperial 4th Legion. Colonel Marrik needed a base for his Imperial Forces in the vicinity of the Triangle. A large addition was made to the existing Outpost 26, and given over on lease to the Imperial Marines.

Outpost 26 was constructed in 2119 and is located near the Federation border and the area of space known as The Triangle. Located on the Reshtarc world of Balas/Icedblade. The base is a series of massive bunkers and planetary defense disruptors.

The outpost is the forward staging base for the Reshtarc Marine's 2nd Legion. The base also has two orbital repair facilities which are manned by the Imperial Navy.

Both bases combined feature 40 J-72a Planetary Disruptors and 10 photon cannons, and the planet is ringed by an asteroid field that is held stable by a series of tractor beams, and is further protected by intermixed mines and Kang defense guns.

Frontier Outpost 27: Built following the Kinshaya War, Outpost 27 is close to the Kinshaya Wormhole. The Reshtarc have two squadrons located here, the first is the Sword of Empire and the second is K'Paal's Fist.

The outpost has 1 Legion of Marines as well as a Regiment of Kelranni troops the famed "Kelranni Raiders". The base also provides a sector command Head quarters for the Imperial Navy and Imperial Marines.

Docking and repair facilities were being built during the course of the Dominion War as well the transfer of two ground support squadrons from Behacor Prime. The base underwent a complete overhaul of existing defense hardware. The timetable for completion was originally 2375 but was delayed two years due to the Mempa attack and the resulting chaos.

Frontier Outpost 28: Once bordering Cardassian space, Outpost 28 is the home of Raider Squadron 2. This base is a major supply depot for vessels traveling to and from occupied Cardassian space. Outpost 28's construction commenced in 2325 and was completed in 2328.

Located on Tantalus Six, the base is home to one Legion of Marines and four Ground support squadrons which were dispatched here following the Reva 4 uprising of 2372.

The Naval repair facilities were upgraded to handle the new Battleships as well as the Vor’Cha attack cruisers in 2373. Ten J-72 Planetary Defense cannons have been added to augment the J-68 surface batteries and four Kang class Orbital defense drones have been put into place. Currently the base adds support to Fourth Fleet Operations in this sector.

Beta Kel (Destroyed in 2376): Homeworld of the Kelranni, a warrior race which serve as Kuve in the Reshtarc Line. Beta Kel was finally conquered in 2081 and was formerly allowed its own governorship in 2135. The planet was semi arid with belts of forest near the equator.

The Kelranni once populated four other planets of the system in a clannish form of government however the other four clans were exterminated when they surrendered. The Kelranni from Beta Kel re-populated three of the four remaining worlds.

Beta Kel was home to several of the famous Kelranni Marine Regiments. The Reshtarc began to give the Kelranni older vessels from the reserve fleet to provide for the continued defense of the Kel system.

Beta Kel was also the sector command headquarters for the Klas sector and had one Reshtarc squadron stationed their.

Irrani Expanse: Located in the Mempa sector, the Irrani Expanse is a vast nebula. The Expanse has been the sight of several battles in Reshtarc and Klingon history. Starship sensors are unable to penetrate its outer cortex, however vessels inside the nebula can use their sensors in a limited fashion.

The Irrani Expanse is vigilantly guarded by Reshtarc patrol vessels, and new sensor technology is tested here. The expanse occupies roughly one quarter of the Mempa Sector.

Mempa Warrior Academy: Located at Belial 3, this school features the finest Marine Officer Training available in the Empire. It was built in 2372 by Lord Marrik to create a solid officer corps to lead the newly expanding Reshtarc Marine Force.

The Belial sector was controlled by House Keras after the Mempa attack, but the operation of the Academy was performed by House MaS’ich. The Academy is considered neutral territory and is open to any Marine within the Empire. After the ascension of K’orvette the existing staff was largely retained, except for those who sided against K’orvette in the family’s civil war.

The Academy will be in fair-weather view of the new capital city of the Reshtarc, being built under the direction of the new Line lord K’orvette.

Kodus Fighter Academy: Created on the planet Kodus 3 in 2374, this school is designed to provide basic and advanced pilot training to all Aerospace and Ground Support Fighters. Lord Marrik saw the need for Navy and Marine pilots receive their training side by side, and it is considered one of the most challenging schools within the Empire.

Located next to Strikebase Warblade, it continues to operate as neutral territory, controlled by the survivors of House MaS’ich. It is open to all Navy and Marine pilots within the Empire.

Outpost 29: Captured from the Korobar, this weapons manufacturing plant is responsible for the creation of disruptor weaponry. It is protected by a fleet of warships and a Reshtarc Marine Legion.

Starfortress K’ryton: First built in 2371, in conjunction with Clan Lorenssith and House Ghol’jub, it served as a joint military command and repair base for the Mempa Pact. The pact was dissolved in 2373, however, and the Starfortress was moved to the Irriani Expanse to serve as the homeport for the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force.

The REF went renegade in early 2376 and the base was abandoned until later that year when it was used as the meeting place for the six remaining houses and saw the creation of the Mempa Alliance.

It currently resides in the Belial Sector and served as both the headquarters of House Keras and the Mempa Alliance. When K’orvette became the leader of the Reshtarc it was retained as the seat of power while a new capital is built on Belail Three.

Starfortress Reska: This base was established in 2174 as a forward base for the invasion of the Romulan Star Empire. The bases location was once in the Arbellus cluster, a belt of asteroids. It was moved to the Reska System to protect and to provide a base of operations for the Reska Shipyards, and to serve as the headquarters for House Her’Toq.

The Starfortress is equipped with ten J-72a planetary defense disruptors and multiple torpedo launchers, and is protected by a squadron of ships that belonged to the former House Her‘Toq.

Strikebase Vengeance & Strikebase Glory: These bases sit in what is now known as the H'Rask Sector, a newly acquired and as yet undeveloped system.

Strikebase Vengeance was constructed in 2372 at the behest of Colonel Marrik sutai-Reshtarc, who was at the time was the Commander of the Reshtarc Marines, and also the Legion Marine Force Leader for the Imperial 4th Legion. Colonel Marrik needed a base for his Imperial Forces in the vicinity of the Triangle. A large addition was made to the existing Strikebase Glory, and given over on lease to the Imperial Marines.

Strikebase Glory was constructed in 2119 and is located near the Federation border and the area of space known as The Triangle. Located on the Reshtarc world of Balas/Iceblade. The base is a series of massive bunkers and planetary defense disruptors.

The outpost was once used as the forward staging base for the Reshtarc Marine's 2nd Legion, which is currently the Reshtarc Independent Legion. The base also has two orbital repair facilities, which are manned by the Imperial Navy.

Both bases combined feature 40 J-72a Planetary Disruptors and 10 photon cannons.

The Naval repair facilities were upgraded in 2374 to handle the new Negh’Var battleships as well as the Vor'Cha attack cruisers. J-72a Planetary Defense cannons have been added to augment the J-68 surface batteries and four Kang class Orbital defense drones have been put into place. Currently the base adds support to Fourth Legion Operations in this sector.

After the Mempa attack the base became the headquarters for House Marrik. Although the house existed in name only, the base served as a safe haven for all Reshtarc unwilling to choose sides or join the Alliance. The ships of many Reshtarc Privateers call this base home yet today. After the passing of the Mempa Alliance era and the beginning of the K’orvette leadership, the base was realigned into a training facility with plans in the works for future development.

Starfortress Kalamar: Built following the Kinshaya War, originally called Starfortress 72, it was located close to the Kinshaya Wormhole. It was captured by the followers of House Her’Toq in 2376 and moved to the Kalamar System to provide a stable control base for the operations and defense of the weapons production plants of the Kalamar System.

Starfortress Monastery K’t’lok: The headquarters of House K’t’lok is as strange in appearance as the House itself. The fortress has been remodeled to appear as the Monastery of Kahless on Boreth. It serves as the command center of the House Fleet and Marines, and issues a daily sermon throughout the Mempa Sector. The base, as well as the house, remain a source of concern for the rest of the Reshtarc, but K‘orvette has initiated a program of bringing the members of K‘t‘lok back into the family and Imperial mainstream. The rehabilitation effort for the K’t’lok is expected to be a long process.

Starfortress Dorog: Once bordering Cardassian space, this base was the home of Raider Squadron Two. This base was a major supply depot for vessels traveling to and from occupied Cardassian space. Dorog’s construction commenced in 2325 and was completed in 2328.

The base was moved to the Sestus System in 2376 and serves as the headquarters for House K’Baal, and the command center for the Sestus Shipyards.

Starfortress MaS’togh: Located in the Rodarat System, this base was once the home of Fusion House Korobar, until an invasion by Reshtarc forces in 2376 drove them from the system. After the fall of the Reshtarc, House MaS’ich took control of the base and currently use it as the headquarters for its Naval forces. After the attack on the MaS’ich compound by Kintaro it remains a major Naval base for the family.

Strikebase Warblade: This base is the largest marine base within the Empire. It can house three legions of marines conformably, and in an emergency can hold twice that number.

The base has seen its share of conflict. It has been attacked on four separate occasions. Twice it was successfully defended against attacks by the Drexa in 2351 and 2355, again it was attacked in 2366 by forces of the Juriss, which were repelled. The last attack occurred in 2373 during Marrik’s Insurrection. Lord Marrik himself led the attack that took the base and secured the system for the rebels to use as a jump off point for an invasion of the Mempa Sector. This also marked the first time that an enemy force had conquered the base.

After the death of Lord Marrik, the base garrison backed the only remaining senior marine leader and House MaS’ich. It was renamed Strikebase Warblade after House MaS’ich took control, and serves as the headquarters of House MaS’ich. The loss of MaS’ich created some turmoil among those present here but the end of the family civil war that ensued when K’orvette came to power helped rally them into reorganizing. This reorganization continues and pledges to do its part to help the family rebuild.

Starfortress 70: Little to nothing is known of this base. Lord Marrik created it as the staging and training base for the Blood Order, a highly elite Marine strike force. As well as marine’s base it was intended to provide a secure area to test and evaluate new and alien technology.

The commander of this base was kept secret to the highest levels of the Reshtarc, and its secrets died with the line. The fate of this base, its technologies and the Blood Order, are currently unknown.


YEAR Historical Event or Activity


Kahless the Unforgettable founds the Klingon Empire by uniting the Homeworld, Qo'noS, and killing the tyrant Molor.


The Reshtarc Line is founded after victory over rebel forces. K'vek is given the honor by the Emperor.


Kelric Reshtarc, father of modern Klingon warp theory, develops the Oscillation Driver Engine.


The Battle of the Irrani Expanse. Emperor Kespek is killed by Reshtarc forces who he sought to betray. K'natH becomes leader of the High Council.


Mempa Sector mapped by K'Revik vestai-Reshtarc. Behacor Prime discovered.


Behacor Prime settled by the Reshtarc.


Behacor Prime Orbital Fabrication Facility attacked by House Mortak.


The end of the last Klingon Emperor's reign. From this time on, the Leader of the High Council is the highest Klingon authority.


The Kelranni Wars, Reshtarc forces defeat the warrior race and absorb the Kelranni as kuve into the Line.


The Jazihl Wars or Ten Years War begins. House Reshtarc sends a squadron to aid the Solazarn who have encountered the Jazihl.


K'Nesk zantai-Reshtarc killed by the Jazihl, when his vessel is attacked.


Battle of Gamma Eriadon. Two hundred Klingon warships under Adm. B'Ragh zantai-Solazarn defeat the Jazihl navy. This battle marks the turning point in the war.


The Ten Years War ends in a Klingon victory.


The Reshtarc destroy House Kalamar.


Romulan War: The Empire goes to war with the Romulans.


House Lorenssith founded by Kerloff sutai Reshtarc


Reshtarc defeat combined forces of House Sho'saI and Drexa at the Battle of Calibos.


K'saHr epetai Reshtarc made Leader of the High Council.


K'saHr is poisoned by a Drexa assassin.


First "official" contact between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.


Plague strikes down 2 in every 6 Imperial Klingons.


Chancellor orders the Fusion Project. House Reshtarc and others oppose this project but are out voted.


Leader of the High Council Krell Pallara is killed by the plague. The council becomes divided no new Chancellor is elected.


Kinshaya wars begin. The Empire turns its attention to the new threat.


Battle of Andoma 4 Line Lord K'Lias sutai-Reshtarc is killed.


The Kinshaya invasion is repulsed and Klingon expansion coreward slows then stops.


Commander Kor meets Captain Kirk on Organia. The Organians impose the Organian peace treaty on both the Empire and Federation.


A brief alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire is struck.


Gorkon becomes the Leader of the High Council. The first since 2239.


The T'Ong is launched the last of a fleet of deep penetration vessels.


The alliance Between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire collapses.


Praxis explodes, causing severe damage to the Homeworld of Qo'noS. Klingons launch peace initiative. Talks are encouraging until Gorkon is assassinated. The Khitomer Conference becomes a major turning point in galactic policies between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.


The war faction begins to dismantle the Klingon military, mothballing the majority of vessels.


Romulans attack Narendra 3. Enterprise C answers the distress signal. The Enterprise is destroyed in the battle.


The Battle of Kaldin'Sa is fought between the Cardassian Empire and Klingon Empire. Begins eighteen years of border skirmishes.


Khitomer massacre. 4,000 Klingons are slaughtered by the Romulans.


Alliance treaty between the Klingons and Federation is signed.


The T'Ong is found in Federation space.


K'Mpec is poisoned, and Gowron is made the next Leader of the High Council. Duras is Killed by Worf.


Civil War: The Duras sisters aided by Romulans attempts to take the Empire by force and are defeated by the Forces loyal to Gowron.


A clone of Kahless is made ceremonial Emperor.


K'Paal overthrows K'Veth in a Bloody Coup in which 3,000 Reshtarc supporters of K'Veth are killed.


Gowron invades Cardassia, believing the government has been usurped by the Founders.


The Klingon Empire withdrawals from the Khitomer Accords ending twenty years of peace. The Reva 4 uprising is put down by the Warblade squadron under the command of K'Paal. The Mempa alliance is signed, Houses Reshtarc, Ghol'jub, and Lorenssith ally. Later, Cardassia joins the Dominion and Empire resigns alliance with the Federation. Dominion War begins.

Jazihl Conflict: K'Paal joH orders Reshtarc Forces against Jahzil and Kinshaya forces near Kinshaya wormhole.


Marrik’s Insurrection: K'Paal goes mad, begins to execute loyal officers, and disobeys Imperial Commands. Marrik is ordered by High Council to overthrow K'Paal. After a long fight Marrik becomes the 20th Line lord of the Reshtarc.

K’Paal, hours after his discommendation, is killed in a freak shuttle accident.

Dominion War causalities mount, Empire declares emergency ship production. Reshtarc Expeditionary Force, under command of Capt. K’joH sutai-Reshtarc, take's the Grell and Hardor Systems from the IKS during the Triangle Campaign.


Sweeping changes occur within the line. A number of new boq'du are named and several officers in key positions are replaced, as Marrik joH solidifies his hold on the line.

Imperial Decree. The Emperor orders all ship production be dedicated to the Empire for the next two years.

Lorenssith Civil War. Due to a civil war raging in the H’renn System, Marrik joH sends troops to garrison the surrounding systems in an effort to contain the Lorenssith. He also makes the Reshtarc Expeditionary Force available to the Empire, should it be needed.

Kayos epetai-Lorenssith asks Marrik joH to abstain from the combat and give the Lorenssith time to solve their own problems. Marrik joH grants one month, but sends troops to protect Reshtarc Holdings in a strictly defensive posture. Lorenssith eventually removed from Mempa Alliance and Star base K’ryton moved back into Mempa Sector.

Imperial Recognition. Both the Emperor Kahless and the High Council officially recognize Marrik joH as the Line lord of the Reshtarc. Marrik joH is also granted the title of Lord Protector of the Mempa Sector. He is the first line lord to be officially recognized in this capacity by the Emperor.

Marrik joH retires from military service to oversee Reshtarc interests full time. His former commands, the IMV Genestealer and the position of Legion Marine Force Leader for the 4th Legion, are passed to his hand picked successor, Colonel MaS'ich sutai-Reshtarc.

Mempa Alliance dissolved by Marrik joH, after Ghol’jub females begin mating with fusions at behest of Ghol’jub Line lord MalaH.


The Imperial 8th Division "Disciples of Annihilation", a Reshtarc led marine force, enters the Triangle again and captures a rogue planet. The mission features several key Reshtarc including Col. MaS’ich, wrestling champion Dn'tah and Major M'Tov.

Dominion War. Marrik joH sends the 5th and 10th Legions to the Cardassian Border to join in the fighting against the Dominion.

IMV Genestealer stolen by two wayward Reshtarc Marines, WO. Morrok and Sgt. Meq’Tok. The ship was the former command of Marrik joH, and under current command of Colonel MaS'ich. Although damaging the ship severely, the two managed to disrupt Dominion shipping in the Triangle and save General Martok’s life.


Dominion War Ends. The war ends and Gowron is killed. General Martok is named Chancellor.

Reshtarc Attack. The mighty fleet of the Reshtarc, attacks and conquers the Rodarat and Ankor systems. Lord Marrik receives backing of high council members. A line war with the Drexa nearly erupts, Chancellor Martok intercedes, and both sides withdraw.

Marrik Assassinated by a terrorist attack in the Mempa system. Factions that form from the surviving family form the Mempa Alliance to rule the Reshtarc.


2381 Vosta Sector attack destroys the MaS'ich ruling

compound, resulting in chaos and threatening a civil

War in the family. Several parties vie for power.

K’orvette Reshtarc comes to power in personal

combat with others seeking the throne. He is

Immediately confronted with and is victorious in a

civil war that breaks out within the family for control.





Type Name Location Size Notes

Legion 1 Sons of Marrik Behacor System

Armd. Reg Marriks Maulers 5000 300 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg Armored Fist 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg 1st Armored 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg 2nd Armored 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg 3rd Armored 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg 4th Armored 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg 5th Armored 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 1 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 2 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 3 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 4 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Shadow Legion 5 5000 Power Assault Armor

Kelranni Rgt. Doom Angels 5000 Heavy Assault Regiment

Kelranni Rgt. Dark Angels 5000 Heavy Assault Regiment

Kelranni Rgt. Death Angels 5000 Heavy Assault Regiment

Cavalry Reshtarc Lancers 3500 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 1st Reshtarc 3500 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 2nd Reshtarc 3500 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 3rd Reshtarc 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 4th Reshtarc 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 5th Reshtarc 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 6th Reshtarc 3000 Power Assault Armor

Squadron 7th Ground Support 200 24 B'rel TAC

Squadron Lone Sharks 200 24 B'rel TAC

Squadron Sky Hawks 200 24 Dagger TAC

Tac Air Grp 4th Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Tac Air Grp 3rd Tac Air Group 650 72 Dagger Tac

Tac Air Grp 5th Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

T.D. Bat. 1st Tank Destroyer 500 28 F'Las Tank Destroyers

T.D. Bat. Armor Eaters 500 28 F'Las Tank Destroyers

Anti-Air Bat. 1st Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Anti-Air Bat. 2nd Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Engineers 1st Engineer Bat. 500

Engineers 3rd Engineer Bat. 500

C N B 3rd C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological

C N B 4th C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological

Ecm,Eccm 1st ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Legion 2 Emperors Children Strikebase Vengeance

Aircav MTovs Manglers 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Aircav mayqels Marauders 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Aircav 9th Reshtarc 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Aircav 10th Reshtarc 3000 Air Assault Infantry

Kelranni Rgt. Wild Hunt 5000 Air Assault Regiment

Heavy Regiment 1st. Black Talon 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 2nd. Black Talon 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 3rd. Black Talon 3000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment 4th. Black Talon 3000 Power Assault Armor

Legion 3 World Eaters Lispers System

IArmd. Reg K'Nesks Armor 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 11th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Inf. Regiment 12th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 13th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 14th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 15th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Squadron 6th Ground Support 200 24 Dagger TAC

Squadron Air Artillery 200 24 B'rel TAC

T.D. Bat. 2nd Tank Destroyer 500 28 F'Las Tank Destroyers

Engineers 13th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 4 Dark Emperors Tantalus System

Armd. Reg Fire Eaters 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 16th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 17th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 18th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 19th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Squadron 8th Ground Support 200 24 B'rel TAC

Anti-Air Bat. 5th Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm 4th ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 5th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 5 Black Legion Cardassian Border

Armd. Reg Death Head Reg. 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 20th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 21st Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 22nd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 23rd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Squadron 9th Ground Support 200 24 B'rel TAC

Ecm,Eccm 7th ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 7th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 6 Feh'klrs Fist Belial System

Cavalry Belial 2 Lancers 3500 Cavalry L'Eght Beast

Inf. Regiment 24th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 25th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 26th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 27th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Kelranni Rgt. Krestex 5000 Heavy Assault

Ecm,Eccm 6th ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Squadron Lone Wolves 200 24 B'rel TAC

Engineers 12th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 7 World Burners Outpost 26

Air Cav 68th Reshtarc 4000 Air Assault Inf.

Inf. Regimnet 69th Reshtarc 3000 Assault Infantry

Armd. Reg Masters of Pain Reg. 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Armd. Reg Steel Skin Reg. 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 72nd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 73rd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 1st Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Engineers 8th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 8 Glory Hounds Outpost 25

Garrison 74th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Air Cav 75rd Reshtarc 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Inf. Regiment 76th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 77th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 78th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 79th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 8th Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Engineers 9th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 9 Slice Wolves Kel System

Garrison 28th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 29th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 30th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 31st Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Inf. Regiment 32nd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 33rd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 34th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 35th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Kelranni Rgt. Eye of Terror 5000 Heavy Assault

Kelranni Rgt.. Hand of Terror 5000 Heavy Assault

Kelranni Rgt. Claws of Terror 5000 Heavy Assault

Squadron Sky Sharks 200 24 B'rel TAC

Engineers 10th Engineer Bat. 500


Legion 10 Dead Guard Outposr 27

Armd. Reg Blood Targs 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Inf. Regiment 36th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 37th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 38th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 39th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Squadron 4th Ground Support 200 24 Dagger TAC

Squadron 5th Ground Support 200 24 Dagger TAC

Tac Air Grp 6th Tac Air Group 650 72 Dagger Tac

Kelranni Rgt. Kelranni Raiders 3500 Light Assault Regiment

T.D. Bat. Mobile Death 500 28 F'Las Tank Destroyers

Anti-Air Bat. 3rd Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm 2nd ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 2nd Engineer Bat. 500

C N B 1st C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological


Legion 11 Doom Lords Kodus System

Armd. Reg Slashers 3500 150 K'Raken Tanks

Garrison 30th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 31st Reshtarc 3500 Cavalry L'Eght Beast

Inf. Regiment 36th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 37th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 38th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Inf. Regiment 39th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 2nd Tac Air Group 650 72 Dagger Tac

Squadron Wild Cards 200 24 B'rel TAC

Ecm,Eccm 5th ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 6th Engineer Bat. 500

Legion 12 War Mongers Archius System

Garrison 40th Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 41st Reshtarc 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 42nd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Garrison 43rd Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Garrison 44th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Garrison 45th Reshtarc 3000 Infantry

Tac Air Grp 7th Tac Air Group 650 72 B'rel Tac

Anti-Air Bat. 4th Air Defense 500 40 quad disruptors

Ecm,Eccm 3rd ECM Battalion 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers 4th Engineer Bat. 500

C N B 2nd C N B Battalion 500 Chem, Nuke, Biological

Independant Units

Blood Order 1st SOF Starfortress 70 1000 Special Operations Force

Garrison 46th Reshtarc Balas 3500 Infantry

Garrison 47th Reshtarc Tantalus 2 3500 Infantry

Garrison 48th Reshtarc Krelik 3500 Infantry

Garrison 49th Reshtarc Nimorg 3500 Infantry

Garrison 50th Reshtarc Kryton Repair Station 3500 Infantry

Garrison 51st Reshtarc Kalamar 3500 Infantry

Garrison 52nd Reshtarc Morska 3500 Infantry

Garrison 53rd Reshtarc Ruan 2 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Garrison 54th Reshtarc Resaka Naral 3500 Infantry

Garrison 55nd Reshtarc Sestus 2 3500 Infantry

Garrison 56th Reshtarc Sestus 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 57th Reshtarc Praxis 3500 Infantry

Garrison 58th Reshtarc Mempa Shipyards 3500 Infantry

Garrison 59th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Cavalry L'Eght Beast

Garrison 60th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 61st Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Air Assault Inf.

Garrison 62nd Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 63rd Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 64th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Infantry

Garrison 65th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 66th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Assault Infantry

Garrison 67th Reshtarc Imperial Marines 3500 Assault Infantry




Reshtarc Naval Units

Vessel Type Vessel Name Assigned To Service Time Vessel Type

1st Fleet , Mempa Sector

Negh'Var IRB Emperor’s Eye Mempa Sector 2 years Battleship

Negh'Var IRB Marrik’s Mauler Mempa Sector 1 year Battleship

Negh'Var IRB K'Paal’s Sacrifice Mempa Sector 1 year Battleship

Negh'Var IRB K'Baal’s Legacy Mempa Sector 1 year Battleship

Negh'Var IRB Death Blade Mempa Sector 2 years Battleship

Negh'Var IRB Foehammer Mempa Sector 3 year Battleship

Negh'Var IRB Hammer of Fate Mempa Sector 3 year Battleship

Negh'Var IRB Imperial Destroyer Mempa Sector 4 years Battleship

Vor'cha-S IRC Devastator Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Boiling Blood Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Hellion Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Endless Game Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Heart of Glory Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Sword of Empire Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Kelranni Terror Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Klingon’s Talons Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC K'Maal's Secret Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Dark Heart Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Venoms Kiss Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Grave Digger Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Warface Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Ugly Targ Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Ugly Grishnar Mempa Sector 1 year Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Blood Oath Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Cold Death Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Kevar Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC First Kill Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'vek's Oath Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Jazihl Crusher Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'natH Imperial Marines 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC First Kill Mempa Sector 1 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Belial 3 Mempa Sector 1 year Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Blood Seeker Mempa Sector 1 year Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'irpec Mempa Sector 1 year Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Last Breath Mempa Sector 1 year Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Vigilant Mempa Sector 1 year Cruiser

K'termny RD5 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD6 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD7 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD8 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD10 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD15 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD18 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD23 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

K'termny RD27 Escort Duty 11 years Destroyer

B'rel IRS Bloodthirster Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Da'hk Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Emperor’s Hand Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Fallen Warrior Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Glorious Reach Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Grishnar Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Hand of Doom Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Harsh Terms Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Kruge's Glory Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Kvang Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Last Impression Mempa Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Pa'hK Mempa Sector 1 year Scout


2nd Fleet , Hecta Sector

Vor'cha-S IRC Cold Blade Hecta Sector 3 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Deathurge Hecta Sector 3 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Black Adder Hecta Sector 4 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Desolation Hecta Sector 4 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Emperor's Hand Hecta Sector 5 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Killer Instinct Mocta Sector 3 years Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Admiral K'Revik Hecta Sector 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Dooms Ascent Hecta Sector 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Blood Hecta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Praxis Hecta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Fang Hecta Sector 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Hecta Hecta Sector 1 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IRS Silent Killer Hecta Sector 2 years Scout

B'rel IRS Silernt Stalker Hecta Sector 2 years Scout

B'rel IRS Storm Shadow Hecta Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Swift Storm Hecta Sector 6 years Scout

B'rel IRS Warhammer Hecta Sector 4 years Scout

B'rel IRS Wraith Hecta Sector 2 years Scout

3rd Fleet , Mocta Sector

Vor'cha-S IRC Feh'klr's Rage Mocta Sector 4 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Kaslek's Fury Mocta Sector 4 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Iron Heart Mocta Sector 5 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Plague Mempa Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Revenge Mempa Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Right of Vengeance Mempa Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Assassin Mocta Sector 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Avenger Mocta Sector 4 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Black Fist Mocta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Slayer Mocta Sector 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'Baal Mocta Sector 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'Dar Mocta Sector 7 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IRS Defiant Guardian Mocta Sector 6 years Scout

B'rel IRS Challenger Mocta Sector 5 year Scout

B'rel IRS Cavalier Mocta Sector 4 years Scout

B'rel IRS Crusader Mocta Sector 1 years Scout

B'rel IRS Wind Dagger Mocta Sector 1 year Scout

B'rel IRS Venom Dagger Mocta Sector 4 years Scout

4th Fleet , Vosta Sector

Vor'cha-S IRC Vicious Vosta Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Yellow Talon Vosta Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Black Fang Vosta Sector 6 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Keltic’s Legacy Vosta Sector 6 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Dissident Aggressor Vosta Sector 4 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Kang Vosta Sector 3 year Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Dominator Vosta Sector 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Fire Blade Vosta Sector 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Kespek's Tears Vosta Sector 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Shining Dagger Vosta Sector 6 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Nokia Vosta Sector 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Sentinel Vosta Sector 5 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IRS K'ersk Vosta Sector 5 years Scout

B'rel IRS Sudden Death Vosta Sector 4 years Scout

B'rel IRS Dance of Death Vosta Sector 4 years Scout

B'rel B Evil Son Vosta Sector 3 years Scout

B'rel B Dripping Blade Vosta Sector 5 years Scout

B'rel B 18 Vosta Sector 5 years Scout


5th Fleet , Decta Sector

Vor'cha-S IRC Khitomer Decta Sector 3 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Mempa Decta Sector 3 year Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Mournblade Decta Sector 5 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Kommel Decta Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Korris Decta Sector 2 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Reshtarc's Reach Decta Sector 7 years Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Imperial Ascent Decta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Kahless’ Honor Decta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Kaslek’s Brother Decta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Slasher Decta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Krang Decta Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Killer’s Might Decta Sector 3 year Heavy Cruiser

B'rel B 43 Decta Sector 2 years Scout

B'rel B 51 Decta Sector 5 year Scout

B'rel B 52 Decta Sector 7 years Scout

B'rel B 53 Decta Sector 5 years Scout

B'rel B 54 Decta Sector 3 year Scout

B'rel B 55 Decta Sector 3 year Scout


6th Fleet , Guntak Sector

Vor'cha-S IRC Storm Shadow Guntak Sector 1 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Reshtarc Glory Guntak Sector 1 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC K'valt Guntak Sector 1 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Behacor 1 Decta Sector 5 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC K'Dar Mocta Sector 7 years Attack Cruiser

Vor'cha-S IRC Jazihl Killer Hecta Sector 4 years Attack Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Klin Descent Guntak Sector 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Krestex Guntak Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Last Breath Guntak Sector 4 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Le'vek Guntak Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'Tos Guntak Sector 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Praxis Guntak Sector 6 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel B 59 Guntak Sector 3 year Scout

B'rel B 60 Guntak Sector 3 year Scout

B'rel B 61 Guntak Sector 3 year Scout

B'rel B 62 Guntak Sector 3 year Scout

B'rel B 63 Guntak Sector 3 year Scout

B'rel B 64 Guntak Sector 3 year Scout




7th Fleet , Raider 1 Squadron

K'Vort IRC World Eater Raider 1 Squadron 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC For Honors Sake Raider 1 Squadron 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Grashnak Raider 1 Squadron 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Hunter Raider 1 Squadron 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC River of Blood Raider 1 Squadron 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Sister's Vengeance Raider 1 Squadron 7 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Reshtarc Honor Raider 1 Squadron 6 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Revolution Raider 1 Squadron 1 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IRS Archeron Raider 1 Squadron 1 years Scout

B'rel IRS Dominator Raider 1 Squadron 4 years Scout

B'rel B 56 Raider 1 Squadron 3 year Scout

B'rel B 65 Raider 1 Squadron 2 years Scout

B'rel B 66 Raider 1 Squadron 2 years Scout

B'rel B 67 Raider 1 Squadron 3 year Scout


8th Fleet , Raider 2 Squadron

K'Vort IRC Swift Sword Raider 2 Squadron 7 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC War Dog Raider 2 Squadron 4 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Slayer Raider 2 Squadron 6 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Vagh Raider 2 Squadron 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Val'Kil Raider 2 Squadron 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Victory Raider 2 Squadron 4 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Armus Raider 2 Squadron 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC B'ra'Gha Raider 2 Squadron 3 year Heavy Cruiser

B'rel IRS Smasher Raider 2 Squadron 6 years Scout

B'rel B 68 Raider 2 Squadron 2 years Scout

B'rel B 69 Raider 2 Squadron 2 years Scout

B'rel B 70 Raider 2 Squadron 2 years Scout

B'rel B 77 Raider 2 Squadron 2 years Scout

9th Fleet , Raider 3 Squadron

K'Vort IRC Fiery Dominion Reshtarc Marines 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Finial Account Reshtarc Marines 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Finial Rage Reshtarc Marines 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Venomous Reshtarc Marines 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Eternal War Reshtarc Marines 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Blade Reshtarc Marines 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Darvek Reshtarc Marines 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Talon Reshtarc Marines 4 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel B 71 Reshtarc Marines 2 years Scout

B'rel B 72 Reshtarc Marines 2 years Scout

B'rel B 73 Reshtarc Marines 2 years Scout

B'rel B 74 Reshtarc Marines 2 years Scout

B'rel B 75 Reshtarc Marines 2 years Scout

B'rel B 76 Reshtarc Marines 2 years Scout


10th Fleet, Raider 4 Squadron

K'Vort IRC Hesperus Raider 4 Squadron 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC K'VeHk Raider 4 Squadron 7 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC M'ahg Raider 4 Squadron 6 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Prang Raider 4 Squadron 4 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Slicer Raider 4 Squadron 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Talon Raider 4 Squadron 4 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Utter Desolation Raider 4 Squadron 1 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel B 57 Raider 4 Squadron 3 year Scout

B'rel B 58 Raider 4 Squadron 3 year Scout

B'rel IRS Past Glory Raider 4 Squadron 5 years Scout

B'rel IRS Raging Storm Raider 4 Squadron 1 years Scout

B'rel IRS Reshtarc Vigilance Raider 4 Squadron 1 years Scout




Reshtarc Planetary Holdings

Planet Name System Name Sector Class Moons/Notes

Behacor Prime Behacor system Mempa M 2 moons/Throne world

Behacor Minor Behacor system Mempa M 1 moon/Heavy Industry

B 1 Behacor system Mempa J Ship yards

B 2 Behacor system Mempa H Ship yards

Beta Kel Kelranni system Mempa M 4 moons/Repair yard

Kel 2 Kelranni system Mempa M Weapons Production

Kel 3 Kelranni system Mempa M 2 moons

Alpha Kel Kelranni system Mempa M 1 moon/Dilithium

Kel 4 Kelranni system Mempa M Refining Base

Cathis Cathis system Hecta M 6 moons/Marine Base

Pallis IV Pallis system Hecta M Dilithium

Pallis III Pallis system Hecta J 3 moons

Pallis II Pallis system Hecta I

Pallis Pallis system Hecta K 7 moons

Belial III Belial system Mempa M Training Base

Belial II Belial system Mempa A

Belial Belial system Mempa C 1 moon

Archius Major Archius system Mempa M Weapons Production

Archius Minor Archius system Mempa M Weapons Production

Khelan Khelan system Mempa M 8 moons/Dilithium

Hesperus Hesperus system Hecta M Heavy Metals

H'Roth I H'Roth system Guntak J 1 moon/Heavy Metals

Icedblade H'Roth system Guntak M Asteroid Belt/Marine Base/Repair Yard

H'Roth V H'Roth system Guntak J 4 moons

H'Roth VI H'Roth system Guntak N 2 moons

H'Roth VII H'Roth system Guntak M

Celdun VII Celdun system Hecta M 5 moons/Weapons Production

Celdun VI Celdun system Hecta H 3 moons

Celdun V Celdun system Hecta I 1 moon

Celdun IV Celdun system Hecta H 4 moons

Celdun III Celdun system Hecta A

Celdun II Celdun system Hecta M Heavy Industry

Celdun Celdun system Hecta B 3 moons

Arbellus Cluster Arbellus system Mocta Outpost 25

Balas Balas system Vosta M Outpost 29

Balas Cor Balas system Vosta L

Tantalus VI Tantalus system Mocta M 1 moon/Outpost 28

Tantalus V Tantalus system Mocta C

Tantalus IV Tantalus system Mocta D 2 moons

Tantalus III Tantalus system Mocta H

Tantalus II Tantalus system Mocta M 2 moons/Heavy Metals

Tantalus Tantalus system Mocta L

Krelik Krelik system Mempa M 1 moon/Weapons Production

Krelik III Krelik system Mempa H

Krelik II Krelik system Mempa L

Nimorg Nimorg system Decta M 2 moons/Outpost 27

Nimorg Theta Nimorg system Decta M 1 moon/Heavy Industry

Nimorg Alpha Nimorg system Decta G

Tau Theta Tau system Mempa H 3 moons

Tau Nakron Tau system Mempa L

Lispers world Neranda system Vosta M 1 moon

Neranda IV Neranda system Vosta H

Neranda Minor Neranda system Vosta G 12moons

Neranda Major Neranda system Vosta M

Kalamar Kalamar system Mempa M 12moons/Weapons Production

Kalamar sirus Kalamar system Mempa G

Kalamar Omicron Kalamar system Mempa I

Morska Morska system Vosta M 5 moons/Comunication Post

Ruan II Ruan system Mocta M 3 moons/Heavy Industry

Ruan Ruan system Mocta C

Resaka Noral Resaka system Mocta M Comunication Post

Resaka Epsilon Resaka system Mocta B 3 moons

Kodus Kodus system Vosta M 2 moons/Heavy Metals

Kodus II Kodus system Vosta L

Kodus III Kodus system Vosta M 6 moons/Marine Base

Sestus II Sestus system Mocta M Forward Base

Sestus Minor Sestus system Mocta M 4 moons/Weapons Production

Setus Sestus system Mocta M 9 moons

Praxis Qo'noS system Qo'noS Moon/Dilithium

Irrani Expanse Mempa system Star Base

Hellion Expanse Hecta system Nebula

Belial Quasar Belial Ceti Mempa Quasar

Rodarat Prime Rodarat system Vosta M 4 Moons/Heavy Metals

Rodarat II Rodarat system Vosta G 2 Moons/Heavy Metals

Rodarat III Rodarat system Vosta M 1 Moon/Weapons Production



House MaSich Holdings


Planet Name System Name Sector Class Moons/Notes

Ankor I Ankor system Vosta B 6 Moons/Dilithium

Ankor II Ankor system Vosta B 2 Moons/Dilithium

Ankor Secundus Ankor system Vosta M Refining Base

Ankor Primus Ankor system Vosta M 7 Moons/Heavy Industry

Ankor V Ankor system Vosta I Dilithium

Marine Forces:

Type Name Location Size Notes

Heavy Regiment Ankor Legion 1 Ankor Primus 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Ankor Legion II Ankor Primus 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Ankor Legion III Ankor Secundus 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Ankor Legion IV Ankor Ankor 1, II 5000 Power Assault Armor

Heavy Regiment Ankor Legion V Ankor Secundus 5000 Power Assault Armor

Kelranni Rgt. Ankor Doomslayers Ankor V 5,000 Heavy Assault Regiment

Tac Air Grp Ankor Tac Air Group Ankor Primus 650 72 Dagger Tac

Ecm,Eccm Ankor ECM Battalion Ankor Primus 500 Elec. Jamming

Engineers Ankor Engineer Bat. Ankor Secundus 500


Vessel Type Vessel Name Assigned To Service Time Vessel Type

K'Vort IKV Genestealer II Ankor System 6 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Flamelord Ankor System 2 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Dispayre Ankor System 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Animal Ankor System 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Twisted Fates Ankor System 3 year Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IKV Kron Ankor System 5 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Utter Desolation Ankor System 1 years Heavy Cruiser

K'Vort IRC Ripper Ankor System 1 years Heavy Cruiser

B'rel-M IKV K'Hosk's Whip Ankor System 7 years Scout

B'rel-M IKV MadnessTouch Ankor System 4 years Scout

B'rel-M IKV Mouth of Madness Ankor System 8 years Scout

B'rel-M IKV Shattered World Ankor System 2 years Scout

B'rel-M IKV Assassins Ruin Ankor System 2 years Scout

Speed Bird IKV Kronos Run Ankor System 3 years Speed Scout

Transport IMV Hand of Annihilation Ankor System 1 year Troop Transport

Transport IMV Apoclypse Ankor System 1 year Troop Transport

Transport ICV Warzone Ankor System 1 year Cargo Transport

Transport ICV World Burner Ankor System 1 year Cargo Transport

Transport ICV Dirt Eater Ankor System 1 year Cargo Transport