House Reshtarc

Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors Fourth Fleet


Please note that the information contained here is somewhat dated.  It is undergoing a slow process of being updated and merged, but I wanted to get something out to help reestablish our presence in the fandom community as portrayed within the Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors (KLAW) Fourth Fleet.


The History document was written in the mid-late 1990's while the Alliance document was written in the late 1990's-2001.  Both works were created by the two previous Line Lords of House Reshtarc.  I assumed the position of Line Lord in late 2004 so this updating process has been in the works since then, but it will be some time yet before this project is considered anywhere near done.  I ask readers to be patient and to check back from time to time.  As significant updating is done I will redo the website as warranted for public viewing.  I am also hoping to have the time to dress up the site into something more proper for our noble house.


Please also note that this domain, "", will be the official host of the House Reshtarc website for the forseeable future.  It is also the domain for the chapter of KLAW I preside over, IKV Hand of Kahless.  As I own and manage the domain and its contents myself, it seems the most reasonable choice at the time.  Should the home of House Reshtarc move somewhere else, it will be noted here.


Be advised that I am sure there are still some inconsistencies between the two documents where the same material is covered.  I am working to clear up these situations to make for a better final document.


Thank you.


Paul Stacy

Captain K'orvette zantai Reshtarc

Line Lord, House Reshtarc

Commanding Officer, Imperial Klingon Vessel Hand of Kahless